Walking Naked and getting cock

Most of my postings deal with my youth and though this helps men understand developing girls minds and moods towards sex, well, my attitude in particular, I thought what about me having a good fuck within the last two weeks, that way guys, you know I am still hot and active.
Actually I am only saying this because I have been naughty closer to home and have set up a meeting with a friend of my husband, who spent a few days with us last year, and I was left disappointed, duu to him having a small penis and not actually penetrating me.
He arrives on the 4th of July so he will have another chance and I promise to have some evidence for you guys to see and perhaps have a wank with us, but that is another photographic/video story in a few weeks time.
No this posting is about my best friend, whom I refuse to name, a man she works with and has a huge desire to have her and I, the dirty girl who loves to watch live sex, and enjoy it of course.
I shall name my girlfriend Amber, as it seems to be the favourite name for American whores, so Amber she is.
Her stalker, for want of a better term we shall call John, as I have always found Johns are the quickest to show you their penises, but then again readers, perhaps he is a John, and I am giving you clues.
Ambers job is a receptionist at a large training facility, and John is one of the lecturers, both are married and we suspect John and his wife are swingers, a little sideline John has invited me to join.
Like a lot of company inhouse romances, although I hasten to add, this really does not fall under this category, as she is aware of his desire to have an illicit liason, her feelings were not reciprocated, she was cool on him.
For my part anything that smells of raw sex, gets my juices flowing, so when John and I had coffee and Amber came into the discussion, I knew first hand just how powerful his desire to possess her was.
Of course as we chatted he started to show an interest in me, would I like to go for a walk down one of the many quiet waysides within the grounds, he openly asked, to which I replied, 'Amber first, then we shall see', the smile on his face said it all, I was offering a shot at my pussy if he succeeded to screw my best friend.
When Amber arrived John excused himself and went off to the toilet, 'What did he want?' asked Amber, 'He wants to service you with his 25cm cock' I said straight-faced.
She laughed quietly adding nervously, for me to keep my voice down in case someone overheard me.
'How do you know he has 25cm' she asked as the penny dropped, to which I just raised my coffee and winked. 'You're keen now its 25cm' I said, as my coffee cup touched the table. 'We're both married' she said in a hushed strained voice, 'It might be OK for him but I cant, sorry' she said with a note of finality, but something in her voice said something else.
I have know Amber most of my life and she like me in our youth loved cock, she in particulat loved them big, bigger the better, but since she married 15 years ago she seemed to receed into herself, unlike me with my understanding husband, I am free to jump onto any cock that takes my liking.
So her hint of inquisitiveness as to his cock size hinted her juices were still smoldering and I thought there and then she needed to be put to the test and I would f***e an opertunity on both of them.
When John returned to the table Amber remained silent, so I plucked up the courage and said, ' Listen you two, the weather this weekend is going to be fab, so hows about we three going over to Stendörrens Naturreservat, a nature reserve and weather station, not far from where they both worked.
Amber and I used to go there when we were girls and swim naked and drink wine, flash men and watch men in the bushes watching and photographng teenage girls cavort naked, and some have a wank as they watched.
The thing was we would be away from the world, hidden and free, so if you wanted something to happen this was an ideal spot.
Amber appeared lost in thought, holding her coffee cup to her lips with both hands, I said diectly to her, 'you on for it?', 'what? she replied, 'Stendörren, this Saturday, the weather brilliant, you know, sunbathing drinking wine etc, etc,' Suddenly her eyes lit up, ' Sure count me in' she enthused, and I looked sidelong at John and winked, as if to say, here is your opertunity.
As we drove back home later that evening I dont know if Amber fully realised that John had been invited, if she did the sly cow was masking it well, but she had seemed to perk up at the thought.
Arriving home I sent John an email warning him to steer clear of Amber and try to avoid contact in case anything gave her an excuse to opt out, we needed her there on that day.
On arrival at Stendörren we unloaded out bags and waited on John, it was then I found out she did not register that he was coming along and had just started to protest when John pulled-up alongside our car.
She fell silent, she had no option now, she had to go along with the day, a day I thought she would not have much chance in protecting her modisty, especially once to wine was poured down her throat, boy I was excited.
Glancing down a Johns crotch I could see he was also excited, suddenly my imagined 25cm could be close to reality, looking at Amber I noted she too had been looking down at him.
We started our long hike to find an ideal spot to park our bums, across the numerous wooden bridges and footpaths, tracing the coastline until we found an ideal spot with a little sandy beach, hidden from view and surrounded by trees.
Spreading our towels and arranging our picnik items, we poured the first of many wines, the intention to relax and sunbathe and let both the wine and sun warm the girls and loosen Ambers marital delusions.
I started the ball rolling by striping off topless and sat there pointing my breasts brazenly at John, showing no shame as my nipples stuck out a good half inch, and proudly jiggled them asking John what his thoughts were for a pair of tits in their forties.
It broke the ice as we all laughed and relaxed and both John and I waited for Amber to drop her top before moving on to the next stage, so for the time being it was to pour more wine and sunbathe.
I siezed to opertunity when Amber lay face down to tan her back, I reached over to apply some protective lotion and unsnapped her top, throwing both straps out to the side, now all she had to do was move and set her tits free.
We did not have long to wait as she reached around with her plastic glass in hand and asked for a refill.
As she turned and reached up her right breast hung free in full view of Johns gaze, at last he was now seeing something that was only in his dreams, prior to today.
Realising what she had done seemed to bring back the Amber of old, as she scooped up the top and tossed it some 3 meters away into the bags, suddenly she was sitting facing John and jiggling her tits and asking if he liked hers too.
Amber was starting to show the signs of alcohol consumption and we were only here for just under an hour, somehow I got the impression she was going to be pulling her bikini bottoms down and asking Jonh to service her.
She aksed John to re-apply the oil to her back and she was moaning ever so lightly as his hand glided across her warmed skin.
He watched me as he massaged and I nodded in silence to edge his hand lower into her trunks, which he did without any objections from her, and I noted somewhat with a pang of jealousy, his fingers working freely between her ass cheeks and inner thighs.
It was plain for all to see this was mission accomplished, Amber was now in the throes leading up to full intercourse.
As girls we had witnessed each other having sex, so watching her with John was not a problem as far as she was concerned, in fact I susoected she knew I would like a fuck from him after she had been satisfied, so when sha asked me to make sure to coast was clear of anyone watching, I knew she wanted to start ASAP
So after refilling my plastic tumbler with wine I went for a quick recce of the area, not wanting to go to far, as I wanted to watch as well as join-in.
I walked up towards the wooded part, some 15 m behind the cove where Amber and John were now probably fucking in, so I made into the trees hoping to catch a glimpes of them in action from a voyeurs point of view.
As I pushed through the undergrowth, my naked breasts were getting scratched and suddenly I was in an opening looking down on the copulating couple and boy, were they fucking with such noise and movement, I guess three years of building frustrations were out in the open and something told me these two would be having this for a long time to come.
However, that was not the main interest at that moment in time, I could hear them before I saw them, no, what caught my eye was the guy, also watching them or us, it was his cock, sticking out way in front and his hand beating on it as he relieved himself to events unfolding befor his eyes.
Turning around he found me standing naked, holding a glass of wine and a smile on my face.
'Enjoying yourself' I asked, licking my lips and walking towards him until I stood beside him, looking down on Amber and John now fucking in our full view.
I pushed in front of him, feeling his cock slide across my flesh until it rested in my crack between my buttocks.
I reached behind and smiled at the girth which my fingers were finding hard to circumnavigate, and easing myself forward, guided him inside me, feeling my inner vagina open and spread and envelope this monster cock like a human condom.
He was hitting my cervix at the entrance to my womb and still he had cock to spare, fuck was he big.
I had dropped my wine as I bent forward, my knees buckling as he hammered home his huge penis, this guy was made to fuck woman and I was pinned onto the end of his cock like a puppet, powerless and just waiting for him to cum inside me.
Suddenly I was on my knees with my face being f***ed into the ground, my ass was up in the air and he was crouching as he pounded into me.
I could still hear Amber as she was fucked, making all the right noises and I on the other hand grunting like a stuffed pig, not comfortable, but getting fucked just the same.
He pulled out, leaving me with a sudden empty feeling, so close to orgasm and now nothing, 'Please dont', I begged, 'Fuck me, dont stop' I groveled, feeling him press his knob hard into my ass opening.
Panic spread as I feared he would rip my ass wide open with the cock, but he was just doing his own thing and not paying attention to my whimpering pleas.
OK I thought, you know the drill so I started to squeeze hard, as if I wanted a shit, opening up volentarily to ease him inside, suddenly it was all warm and wet and as he went into the orgasmic throes, I breathed easily knowing my asshole was not going to be assaulted especially without lubication by this monster.
When he finished I waited a moment then rose, looking around he was gone. I was alone and feeling between my legs there was no sperm to wipe clean, besides my bottoms were way back down the track where I had removed them prior to discovering monster cock.
As I walked I soon discovered where the sperm was, it was up my asshole, where he had pumped it in as I squeezed to accomodate him.
Arriving back into the little cove I was still naked and went straight into the water and swam nude, sticking my finger into my asshole and scooping out what I could.
Amber and John, still naked joined me in the water, John came in behind me and taking hold of my hips pressed his body tight against me.
'Do you mind?' I asked Amber, she smiled and swam away as John put his cock up me and started humping.
Having been primed such a short time before I was eager to cum and I was not disappointed as I convulsed like a fish out of water, I wondered if monster cock was watching me take my second serving.
Needless to say John came inside me so I had two servings of sperm, seperated by a thin membrane, looking for my eggs I guess, but for me it was another memorable day and another story for men to savour and wank to as they relive my sexual exploits.
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3 years ago
Mmmm can I help you out?..
4 years ago
You have becum a great story teller I had to jack off again to finish your stroy thanks
4 years ago
yes you are very good thx
4 years ago
another fantastic story leaving me hard and aching to feel ur insides with my thick pole
4 years ago
Excellent story. You certainly know how to get a guy very hard with your words.
4 years ago
well another great tale.had mw horny from start to finish.thank you.x