My day entertaining the masses on the Canaries

That's the problem with being on the beach, you're either nude or semi-nude, and the sun warms your body, raising your temperature and your libido, yes I fuck on beaches, in fact I would go as far as to say, most of my erect meat was devoured on beaches throughout the world, I am a Beach Slut and I am wet just thinking about it.
I was in the Canaries last week, hence my conspicuous absence here in xHamster, but true to fashion, I write here today about my orgy on the sand, that would make 'Dish of Trishes', gang-bang, pale into insignificance. (
We all took the mini bus down to the south for the day, as watching the gays butt fuck each other the previous two, became boring, I was in the mood for some action, and told my husband so, 'I want to get some big cock in me', he smiled and nodded in acknowledgement, he loved it when I went on a sexual high, he knew I was capable of anything in this mood, so he said he knew of a place where men roamed, looking for women being fucked, joining-in and taking them as they were in heat and susceptible to extra marital indulgence.
I awoke that morning and gave myself a quickie, my dreams were of men stroking me, never penetrating me, so I was in full flow, the sheet was damp and my cunt swollen.
I got into the van just wearing a thin cotton print, I was nude under it, but did not care, as you can only see that with light behind me, shining between my thighs and showing my taut outline, being shaved helps with the illusion, as no dark patches are visible, but my hard nipples were sticking out, and as one young man approached us, I purposely made no effort to conceal my heightened sexual state, drawing my wet tongue across my moistened lips, and staring back with an equally challenging open-mouthed orifice for his hardening cock to enter.
As my husband drove we left the windows down and let the warm air fan my nakedness, 'Why dont you have a quickie', he teased, I laughed, retorting that I already had, when he was showering, 'I had half a wet dream, last night darling', he looked at me, encouraging me to go on, I smiled warmly as the dream unfolded and made me ache for a man, 'Yes I was nude on the towel, surrounded by men just wanking and waiting their turn', I tapered off as we started to overtake a truck, I looked at my husband and he me, 'Go on babe, show him'.
I tugged at the top of my cotton beach print, and it fell away, revealing my naked body, I was entering a heightened sexual state as the drivers cab approached, so I raised my legs and planted my feet on the dash, knees falling apart, I started to masturbate just as we drew level.
Our van and his truck were the only vehicles visible and as I looked at the driver through my hooded eyes, I saw his reaction as he looked down on this golden skinned, nude beauty, masturbating unashamedly, nothing hidden from view, even my probing fingers could be seen to enter my pussy, and I purposely raised my ass from the seat, to afford him the view of a lifetime.
He stared and as we surged ahead, I rather angrily barked at my husband, 'Slow down, keep pace, I'm gonna cum', and as if to emphasize my last statement, I furiously finger fucked myself, half turning towards the open window, so the trucker could see my self deprivation, our eyes locked on each other, this was some serious finger fucking, but I was determined this man should see me explode.
My husband had seen enough and accelerated again, getting ahead of the truck, but before I could chastise him, he indicated and pulled to a complete stop, the trucker following suit, this was one offer he was not going to pass up on, and he half ran to the van, undoing his pants in the process.
I could see him in the rear mirror as he fumbled with his pants, I looked at my husband, 'Are you sure you want me to', I asked him, the door opened and this fat little Spaniard reached in and grasped my inner thigh, spinning me ninety degrees and throwing my open legs over his shoulder, we were fucking within seconds, as my ass hung over the seat edge, my cunt being gratified and pounded, as my husband quietly lit a cigarette, and puffed in unison to the fat Spaniard grunts.
'Estar sucio', he moaned, well I think it was that, as my Spanish is rusty, but whatever it was he pounded my cunt like there was no tomorrow, only stopping after a long drawn out moan, as he deposited his semen deep inside me.
My husband took a deep draw on his cigarette, 'Did you cum old chap', he said somewhat mockingly, the trucker shrugged his heavy shoulders as he wiggled his semi erect cock, which was still embedded inside me, as if milking the last drop of sensuous feeling from fucking a white woman.
When he did plop out of my, he released the surge of semen filling my tight cunt, and stood there with a birds-eye view of his efforts flowing down the crack of my ass cheeks and drop onto the asphalt, where it bubbled and baked in the Spanish sun.
'Gracias', that much I did know, but to my surprise and my husbands amusement, he used his flaccid penis to slap my cunt, then gobbed onto it, as if using his spit to cleanse me.
My husband roared with laughter while I remained with my legs over this little mans shoulders, 'Well you asked for it honey', and as I half turned to him to muster my complaint, I could feel the warmth of his pee as he urinated on my cunt, now that definitely cleaned the area, and he marched off tucking his cock inside his pants.
As he left he sounded his horn, as if in his triumphant conquest of a fair damsel, I could not see him. I was too busy washing his bodily fluids from my water bottle, being abused in such a base fashion, appealed to my basic desires, my angst was nothing more than a cover for my husbands feelings, 'Lets go', I ordered, my husband looked at me with eyebrows raised, 'You want to continue', he asked curiously, I shot a steely look back at him, 'I am only getting into the mood', and as if to emphasize my basic urge, I patted my pussy, 'I want more cock babe, lots of it'.
We arrived at the beach, at first it appeared deserted to my eyes as I scanned it for prospects, and slowly, one by one small groups of men wandered, singularly, or in twos, all appearing to be looking for something, as they searched, and when found, gathered en-mass, all looking at the same thing, then it became clearer, they were unashamedly, masturbating, not in the least abashed by his neighbor doing likewise.
'Can you see them Mariel', my husband broke the silence and my train of thought, suddenly I felt a surge of neediness, I was bringing a younger desirableness, a willingness to participate to a place where no one knew me, I threw the van door ajar and let the warm wind from the sea open and expose my nakedness to a man sitting close by, I felt free like never before, and decided there and then, this was a day to go down in infamy, in my books anyhow, and as if to emphasize my eagerness, I touched my pussy and slid my long fingers between my still wet lips, and stroked myself in his full view, God this felt so good.
We walked onto the sand, it was hot, even in my sandals, and as we made our way towards a group of mostly older fat men, I could see they were stroking themselves, they were staring intently at a couple on the ground, I knew they were fucking, and my heart pounded, they had not seen my yet, and as I fantasized about taking them with me, I turned back to the older man who saw me touch myself intimately, he was following, he wanted me, and I smiled at the thought, what a fucking day this was going to be.
'Do you want to go right up and watch', my husband asked me, 'Not really', I replied, the copulating couple were older and she was obese, these poor bastards were in desperation jacking off to her, I thought. 'No lets just walk past and find our own spot', I replied, already espying a small vegetative shielding, 'Lets go there', I suggested, my female dulcet tones carrying in the warm wind to the ears of the men watching, some turned to see my lithe exposed body in its nakedness, as I made no effort to hold down my beach print, as it parted in the wind, we walked on, and I noticed a few of the men had started walking with us, 'Just as well I am with you', said my husband, 'Why', I pondered, smiling with the knowledge as to why, 'They would **** you', I stopped and studied his face, 'Then take a fucking walk darling', I felt a primeval surge in the pit of my stomach, as basic as my surging need, I threw my towel down on the sand, and turned to a larger group of men not too far behind us.
We spread our towels and sat down, myself still wearing my print, but I was about to remove it and reveal to my voyeurs, my womanly charms, surely better than most had seen to date I prayed, and as I thought, most of the men had also sat down, some not far from us, some within talking distance, which was close enough to reach out and touch.
I smiled to each face that I came in contact with, 'Show pleasantness', my husband had warned, 'The locals know what this beach is all about and the women who come here, dont come for the sun only, it's a sex beach darling, and they know why your here'.
I stood up and undid my beach print, it flew open and then down onto the sand, I was as naked as the day I was born, and I stood, parading my nakedness, reveling in the attention and the stir I was causing, then I sat down beside my husband, 'Oil me up darling', I said openly, 'Rub me over'.
I opened my legs, notice a man had wandered within two feet of where I lay, he was as hard as a rock and was jacking off to my pussy, my husband was massaging the oil into my skin, he had noticed the little moans escaping my lips every now and then, men wanking to my nudity in full view, was debauchery at its wickedness.
I felt my husbands fingers touch my labia, and I groaned a little louder, this time drawing my knees up, my eyes were closed as he slid a finger inside em and started to masturbate me.
I moaned even louder, moving my hips in unison with his thrusts, I opened my eyes in time to see my wanker at my feet shoot a hot stream of cum onto me, it landed on my inner thigh, but before I could wipe it clean another man knelt beside us and started to massage this strangers ball contents into me, he was pushing the semen into my pussy, my husbands fingers having been usurped by the sperm laden fingers of the men around us.
Vice like grips grasped my slim ankles, my legs were raised high and crudely and widely apart, my hands were pinioned by my sides as they took turns in fucking me, not just my pussy, but my mouth also, which ached to the thrusts of constant cock, my jaws hurt because they were held open to accommodate the never ending stream of hot fleshy rods, pumping a never ending stream of semen down my throat, the mess between my legs and crotch, bore the accumulation of semen pumped into me and driven out by the piston like thrusts of men eager to displace the previous mans efforts, but strangely to say, I felt an overwhelming desire to continue, as orgasm were flowing like the waves, they were making me cum to their tune, even when I was turned over to lie face down and have my anus filled to the rim with their love.
As quickly as it had started it stopped, soon all the men had left us to wash in the sea, 'How many', I asked my husband, he smiled, 'Mariel as many as were on the beach today, baby you fucked all of them', 'But how many', I asked again, he shrugged, 'More than 30', was all he said, and went back to where our soiled towels lay.

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5 months ago
how much of this story was true?
2 years ago
fuck!! great story mariel. hope one day i can fuck all your holes
2 years ago
Thanks for your health concern, but this site is about putting cocks into cunts, not condoms, besides, some guys like to have a wank over a dirty thought, a nude photo or video clip, just take it in the spirit in which its given.
I am sure if we met and I gave you the opportunity, forgetting your condom might not be such a big issue
2 years ago
the canaries you
2 years ago
Unprotected sex with more than 30 strangers??? Get an HIV-test!
2 years ago
2 years ago
Incredible story mariel I can never seem to.get enough of ur debauchery!
2 years ago
love it got my cock throbbing thinking about you being pleasured over and over, such a turn on would have loved to have been there and joined in
2 years ago
yet another great adventure thank you