Suzanne with her new black dildo

My last story was about when I walked in on Suzanne fingering herself and thinking of BBC. Due to her new fascination with black cock I decided to make a purchase for her. I checked online and found a nice black realistic dildo modeled after a porn star. When I got it in the mail it was a lot bigger than I thought it would be, but I was sure that she would love it.
That night I had Suzanne take a shower and told her I had a big surprise for her. When she came out of the shower I had her lay on the bed and I tied up her arms and legs. I then went to retrieve her “surprise”. I had put it in hot water to make sure it was nice and warm and as realistic as possible.
I came back into the bedroom with the dildo sticking out of my pants. Our eyes met and when she saw the black dick sticking out of my pants her eyes got big and she said, “Is that for me? I can’t want to taste it and feel it inside me.” I walked over to the side of the bed and Suzanne slide her mouth around it and started sucking and licking it like it was a real cock. She even went so far as to lick down the shaft and tongue the balls. I reached down and started to play with her right nipple…pulling on it and rubbing it between my fingers. I could tell she was liking it by the way her hips were moving.
I pulled the dildo out of her mouth and in a gruff voice asked her if she wanted my black cock in her white pussy. Suzanne replied “Yes, please fuck my white pussy. Make me your black cock whore.” I climbed between her legs and ran a finger over her pussy. I was amazed at how wet she was…her pussy was flowing out and running down over her ass. I rubbed the head of the dildo over her pussy a few times and very slowly started to slide it in her. Suzanne started to moan and said, “Yes, slide that black cock in my white pussy. Give me that black cock…I want you to fuck me hard.”
I slid inside her about half way and when I pulled out the dildo was totally covered in her juices. I then grabbed her hips and slid inside her as hard and as fast as I could. She let out a scream of pleasure. I started to fuck her as hard and as fast as I could. Suzanne was lifting her hips off the bed to meet my thrusts. She asked to be untied so she could see my black cock going in her pussy.
I untied her and she looked down at the black cock and said, “ummm…I love the look and feel of that black cock inside me. Make me your whore. Fuck me hard and make me cum.” She didn’t take her eyes off of it and I reached around with my right hand and slowly worked my middle finger in her asshole. I thrust my finger in and out of her asshole to match the rhythm of the dildo. Suzanne was going crazy. She had her legs now wrapped around me and she was pulling on both her nipples as hard as she could.
I again said in a gruff voice, “Cum for me. Show me how much you like having a big black cock in your tight little pink pussy.” With that Suzanne looked right into my eyes and screamed she was cumming and begged me to fuck her harder. I was shoving the black dildo all the way inside her.
After Suzanne was finished cumming I worked the dildo out of my pants and pulled out my cock. Her asshole was already loosened up a bit and was covered with her cum, so I slowly slide my cock in her ass. She let out another moan and pulled her knees back, allowing me to fully slide inside her ass. I reached down and started to slide the dildo in and out of her pussy to again match my thrusts. She was again going crazy, loving her pussy and asshole fucked at the same time. I was getting close to cumming as her tight asshole always felt so wonderful. I pulled the dildo out and moved it towards her face…she immediately started to suck and lick her cum off it. That was all I could take. I filled her tight ass with my cum and she pulled me close and started to kiss me. I could taste her pussy on her mouth and tongue. I asked Suzanne how she liked her new toy and she replied “I love it! I will be spending hours fucking it and I might even try it out on my asshole. Are you OK with that?” I told her that what made her happy, made me happy.
As we laid together on the bed she slowly slide the dildo between her legs again and started to fuck herself. She looked into my eyes and said that she would have to give me a big surprise too and that I would enjoy it as much as she was enjoying hers.

Here's a link to show her fucking herself with the dildo

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