Walking in on Suzanne masturating and got a big sh

I’ve been with Suzanne for years. She’s about 5’10”, reddish hair and blue eyes. She has b cup tits and keeps the area around her pussy lips totally smooth. She has long legs and sexy toes, which she loves to have sucked and licked. Suzanne has always hinted that she was a little kinky. I got just a small glimpse one day when I opened our guest bedroom door after taking a nap. Suzanne was totally naked laying on the floor with her ankles tied to the corners of the bed. Her left hand was pulling so hard on her right nipple I was surprised it didn’t come off, and her right hand was between her legs rubbing her clit as fast as she could. The best part was that she didn’t notice me coming in the room. I slowly came up behind her and could hear her talking as she rubbed her clit. “yah, lick that clit…make me yours.” I was surprised to see her in this position, but curious to know what she was thinking. I stopped short of where I knew she would become aware of me so I could better hear her. “Oh, baby, keep licking my clit.” The next part took me by surprise. “Slide that big black cock in my pussy…let me watch my pussy swallow it all the way.” Suzanne then moved her left hand down to her pussy and started to finger herself with two fingers. I slowly backed away as I didn’t want her to find out I was in the room. I closed the door almost completed, but allowed a bit so I could still watch the show.
Due to the distance I wasn’t able to hear all she was saying, but I made out, “oh God…your black cock is going to make me cum!”. Her toes started to curl and her body tensed up in the way that I new she was about to cum. I wanted until I saw her body start to convulse and walked into the room just as she finished cuming. Her head spun around and she got red faced and started to form some kind of excuse. I told her to stay quiet and not move. I stripped myself down and slid between her legs. I could see her cum oozing out of her smooth pussy and I started to lick it all up. Suzanne’s left pussy lip is very large and she loves it pulled and sucked on, so I gave her what I knew she wanted. I looked up and noticed she was now using both hands to pull on her nipples.
I told her to close her eyes and think of herself being taken advantage of. She immediately started to grind her hips, pushing her so wet pussy into my face. I wanted until she started to tense up and then I stopped licking. She screamed out for me to continue, but I said in a gruff voice that I wanted to feel her white pussy on my cock and that I loved white pussy. She looked shocked and then a lust came over her eyes and she responded with, “That’s right, fuck my white pussy. Make my white pussy yours!” I climbed on top of her and easily slide in her wet pussy. She was fucking me back as fast as she could with her ankles still tied to the bed. I looked into her eyes and told her how tight her pink white pussy was on my cock, and that her white pussy now belonged to me. This must have been the right words as her eyes rolled back into hear head and she started to scream that she was cumming. Her entire body was convulsing like she was having a epileptic fit. As soon as she was done I told her I wanted to cum all over her pretty white face and mouth. She begged me to shot my hot cum on her. This was about as much as I could take. I pulled out and when my cock got close to her face she opened her mouth just as my hot cum started to fly. I shot one of my biggest all over her face, her tongue and even some in her hair. She drank it all while repeated that she love my cum.
Afterword she acted a little embarrassed as if she had let some deep dark secret out. I told her how hot it was to see her tied to the bed. She joked that she could tell as my cock was getting hard again and was clearing visible through my shorts. She laid me down on the couch and pulled my shorts down, exposing my hard member. She started to slowly lick the tip and told me to close my eyes and pretend that it was her best friend that was sucking me off. She knew that I found her best friend hot as she had DD sized tits . I closed my eyes and thought of her friend sucking my cock with her big tits handing down…it only took a few minutes of her warm mouth and talented tongue to bring me over the edge. I shot wave after wave of cum into her mouth. To Suzanne’s credit she was able to drink almost all of it. After I was done she said, “Wow, that was almost as much as before. I guess we both have our fantasy’s.”

Here's a picture of her tied to the bed...she loved to be tied up and used.


My next story will be about the new black dildo I surprised her with. I even have some pictures of her using it….
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7 months ago
7 months ago
Nicely written story and LOVED the photos. I for one really love watching women masturbate and love sucking their toes while in missionary position.. Would love to see more of her lovely legs and feet in hose

7 months ago
We have had many, many more encounters that I'll be posting soon.
7 months ago
hot story thanks for sharing x
7 months ago
it is good to serprise a horny woman:)
I bet you two enjoyed many mote sexual encounters like that