Asian Slut part 1

Rhodora. was a Filipina, 24 years old and raised in Canada. She is a thin build but curvy enough that she looked smoking hot in jeans. She works in a hospital as a medical records clerk. Recently she just broke up with her white boyfriend of 3 years.
Tre is black, 25 and very well built due to all the time he loves to spend at the gym. Tre also works as the same hospital as Rhodora. He has often seen Rho. in and around work and had been smitten by how beautiful she was. She never seemed to notice him, probably because he knew she had a boyfriend who picked her up after work sometimes.
Anyways, one day his department required some files from hers and the regular girl who usually picked up the files was sick. They asked Tre if he could go pick up the files. Once there he noticed that Rho. was the clerk he was going to deal with. His heart started to beat faster, how lucky he thought.
"Hi" he said.
"Hey what's up? it's Tre right?"
She knew his name, nice. "Yeah thats right"
"Wheres Tina today?"
"sick" Tre said. "Too bad, anyways its good to see somebody else other than her all the time" she laughed
"Give me a few seconds I've got all the files here, just double checking them."
"I usually see you after work getting picked up but recently I've seen you at the bus stop all the time now, is everything ok?" he asked just to make conversation.
"Meh, I broke up with my boyfriend about a month ago, I'm afraid you're always going to see me there for awhile" she laughed.
Tre thought to himself he would probably never get another chance, so he asked. "I know this is really short notice and I'm out of options, my good friend is getting married down in Detroit this weekend and I don't have a date, I was wondering if you would accompany me, I mean I'm gonna be there for 2 days and I'll pick you up and we'll drive there and I'll even pay for your own room, just want to have a pretty girl as my date, thats all" . Rho thought about it for a second and thought what the hell. she needed to get out after her break up and he was cute anyways.
Tre picked her up after work on Friday, she was wearing a light green sundress which went down to just above her knees, which also revealed some really great looking legs. Along the way down to Detroit they got to talking and talked about everything, they really seemed to connect. During the drive he thought she wasn't wearing a bra, he could hardly make out her nipple poking through the material but dared not to take closer view, he had just made friends with her and didnt want to ruin any chances later. At the gas stop half way down, she said she needed to use the wash room, on her walk down there was a slight breeze, at one point when the breeze caught her dress and blew it up a bit, he thought he glimpsed a shot of her ass. no panties he thought he felt himself getting hard. he fought hard to control himself the rest of the trip with pictures of Rho's gorgeous body running through his mind.
In Detroit, they pulled up to the hotel where he had made reservations for them. she said she didn't mind sharing the same room as long as they were 2 single beds. unfortunately, the clerk said they were fully booked and the only rooms available were rooms with queen sized beds. no problem he said, I'll just sl**p on the sofa.
When they got up to the room, they decided to go out for some late dinner. "Ok let me just get some ice for my water and bring it back to the room" he said " and I'll meet you downstairs, you have a key right?" . Tre got the ice and went back to the room, he thought Rho had gone downstairs to wait for him so he decided he needed to use the bathroom before he went down. He walked into the washroom and there in front of the mirror was Rho. fully naked, How beautiful, She had pink long nipples and they were standing taut, her pussy was shaved except for a little landing strip right above. He immediately became hard. " Immmm soso sorry Rho" he stammered. "I thought you had gone downstairs already". Rho, startled pulled her dress back up covering herself. Turning red she said she wanted to change before going out. After a brief moment of awkwardness, Tre thought to take advantage of the moment. "But I gotta say, you're one beautiful woman Rho. To make it even so we dont feel awkward for the rest of the night, I'll show you what I got too" he laughed. He proceeded to unbuckle his belt, she noticed how large the bulge had become, he pulled this drawers off and stood there, her mouth dropped and stood there staring, it must have been at least 9 inches long and looked very thick. Rho walked over, all the awkwardness had already gone. "Wow! I've never been with a black guy before, and I think that's all about to change". she held his cock in her hand, it barely cover 1/3 of his cock and she couldnt touch her fingertips with her hand around the thickness. Tre quickly snapped out the mesmerizing experience and grabbed Rho. He kissed her deeply and she returned the favour, " I want you" she said, "I want you too" said Tre. she could feel his black cock poking her. He quickly turned her around and bent her over the sink, he got down on his knees, what a beautiful ass, and she had a space between them that perfectly framed her pussy from behind. he grabbed her ass cheeks and proceeded to knead them and kiss them, he pulled them apart briefly and he stuck his tongue between her pussylips, he pulled her lips out a bit and she gasped from the pleasure, he tasted her juices coming out and thought how totally beautiful this moment was. he licked up and down her clean shaven slit and every once and awhile he would pull on her lips. she got up and fondled his thick black cock. she thought she wouldn't be able to handle his size, she could barely get the head around her lips, she gently used her teeth to barely scrap his head. he felt this and thought how fucking good it felt. she became more brave and started to take more of his cock deeper. she felt it hit the back of her throat and fought the urge to gag, she controlled it and found she could take more of him. she opened her eyes and saw that she had took the whole thing, his balls were slapping against her chin. Tre was going nuts, he held her head against his balls and wanted to savour the feeling. she pulled out a bit and then did it again. this went on for a few minutes. He then got her up and walked over to the bed. He layed her down on the bed and he lied down beside her, he kissed her again this time they started frenching, his hand played with her nipple as he gently pulled and kneaded them, she gasped. " I love having my nipples played with" she said. Tre kissed his way down to her breast, he started using his tongue and swirled circles around her pink nipples. he could feel her nipples getting harder and harder. he slowly made his way down her stomach and then between her legs again but this time from the front. he noticed how wet she was and took a deep breath, how he loved how a woman smelt during sex. he tongued her pussylips and tasted again, he slowly parted her lips with each ensuing lick, he soon had his tongue deep inside her again. he made his way up her pussy and reached her exposed clit, he flicked his tongue tip over her clit and she grabbed his head. "Ohhhh Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck" Rho panted, keep doing that. His hands were fondling her breasts while he ate her out. he could feel her coming and she bucked and grabbed him while she came with his head between her legs. He moved up to her again. with her juice on her lips he began kissing her again, she enjoyed her taste and took him deeper into a kiss. " I want you inside me" she whispered. She opened her legs wider so he could enter her missionary position. When she felt the tip of his thick black cock enter her she gasped. "Baby you're soooo tight! " he whispered into her ear as he too had to gasp because it felt so good. He slowly started moving his hips slowly and inch by inch entered her sweet pussy. He got halfway when she felt full already, she looked down and enjoyed the view, his ebony cock entering her pussy and leaving her in ecstasy. she was mesmerized by the view, it was beautiful the way his blackness entered her and then pulled out and then back in, she noticed how with each stroke of his thick black cock it distended her inner pussy lips out and then in again and so forth. She moaned in ectasy for what seem liked forever, with each minute going by she became multi orgasmic. She had never come so much before, but then again she had never been fucked by a black guy before. Tre then took her legs at her knees and pinned them to the bed, he got a good view of her gaped pussy waiting for his throbbing black cock to penetrate again. He started slowly again but slowly built up speed, Rho almost became uncontrollable with her eyes rolling back while she came again and again, Tre just kept fucking the shit out of her." I wanna finish you off" he whispered into her ear, can I come inside you. Rho didn't care, "ok" she said, "but I want you to fuck me doggystyle". With that he flipped her on her knees. "ok baby, head down, ass up" he ordered. What a fucking beautiful view he thought, and lowered his lips to her exposed ass and pussy again. This time he stuck his tongue in her ass, again a gasp. he reamed her good but she begged him to fuck her again. This time it was his turn to look. He took the tip of his black cock and slowly started to penetrate her quivering pussy lips from behind, slowly at first, admiring his blackness, his thickness and the contrast against her pinkness. He got halfway when he pulled out again and watched her lips distend outwards, again he did it and this time went a little deeper. She sensed he wasn't giving her all of his cock, next time he tried to only put half of his cock in she pushed harder from behind and took all of his bigness in one push. Rho gasped " right there baby!" she whimpered, "fuck me harder ". Tre didnt have to be told twice, he started fucking her in rhythm, grinding into her and deeper with every stroke. She lost her breath at one point and got off her hands, when she did Tre leaned forward to catch her lips with his, with is black cock deep inside her from behind he kissed her passionately, all the while both his hands were kneading and pulling her taut nipples. She could take no more. she writhed while she came hard in his cock. He pushed her head back down and started fucking her harder and harder. Finally he felt his pulsating cock cumming deep inside her, he came alot, cum started to ooze out of the sides of her pussy and his black cock, for each stroke more cum came out. He collapsed on top of her. They both lay there with is cock still inside her for a few minutes. Afterwards, they both got up and freshened up a bit before leaving for a really late dinner at this point.
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4 years ago
I loved the story.
4 years ago
this a true story? Lol I can relate. Good read too.