Plenty of fish slut 2

My second meeting from Plenty of fish was a women called Toria from k**derminster. She is 44. Small at 5'2 a decent body. Blonde hair and blue eyes. She is a real nice kind of women who came across as butter wouldnt melt in her mouth.

She is attractive and knew somehow was going to have to work on bring out her naughty side. It took me 3 weeks to get her phone number and another 3 weeks to convince her to meet me. I knew I had to get her to trust me. I asked to meet her one day in the week she agreed to Wednesday. We met not far from where she worked we went to a pub and ordered food. We spoke and I tried to relax her. She left after an hour and I was sure she wouldnt want to meet again. I spoke to her later that day and she said she was nervous. I said about doing it again so we met up on Friday to. She did seem a lot more relaxed but still didnt feel she was ready for a kiss or anything more. When we spoke that night I thought I would lay all my cards on the table. I told her I had booked a hotel room Friday and Saturday night a few miles away and I wanted her to join me too. It took a week of yes no mabyes from her. In the end she said yes.

I met her at mid-day and went to the room. The room was just a double bed. I said I had booked two singles but she said not to worry. We went to the bar and had a few drinks and got talking about her job in the hospital and her f****y. She was wearing jeans and a tshirt. She looked okay but nothing special. I told her we were going shopping.

We got to the town and knew I had to get her dressed sexy so watched her try on some dresses I brought hera skimpy red dress size 8. And some matching underware thongs and bras. When we got back I told her to put them on. Wow she looked amazing. We went back down to the bar and chatted. We spoke about relationships and admited she had never met a black guy and her f****y was fairly old school about it so she hadnt told them. She said she was looking for a full time relationship and said she would have to tell her f****y about me as she had strong feelings for me.

It was about 6pm and had just finished eating we went back to the room. I sat on the bed and she sat next to me so I kissed her. She enjoyed it. I stood up and took my shirt off and unbuttoned my jeans. She looked shocked I told her I was falling for her and really wanted this she hesitated. I took my jeans off and pulled my boxers off. I stood there naked with her just lookingat me and said is that the only reason you brought me here. I looked her in the eye and said no I just have a feeling we are meant to be. With that she said she loved me and next thing my cock was in her hand. I said I loved her too. She was wanking me off and I told her to suck it. She did but was very rusty catching it with her teeth a few times. I started helping her out of her clothes and got her tits out a nice 34c and big nipples. I pulled her thong down and she had a blonde hairy pussy. I didnt go down on her because of this. I fingered her and she was soaking. I told her to lie back and I rubbed my cock on her clit. I could see she was loving it. I squeezed the tip of my cock in her pussy and she let out a deep moan. She said to take it slow. I did for a while and hold her to get on all fours. I grabbed her long blonde hair and fucked her hard. I started biting her neck whilst I was fucking her andleft her with a big love bite. I was ready to cum and she already had so I just pounded her deep and hard I droped my load in her pussy. We lay on the bed and kissed for a while. It was nearly 9pm so I told her we would go to the bar. She cleaned up and got dressed and went back down stairs. I didnt have sex with her again that night.

In the morning she was getting horny but I knew I had to shave that hairy beaver first I told her to shower with me. I took my ravor and shaving foam. She laughed and said you having a shave. I laughed and said no you are...I covered her pussy with foam and began shaving until it was perfectly smooth. I licked her cunt and she melted in my mouth instantly I picked her up and fucked her against the wall. I was ready to cum so got her on her knees and spunked in her face. Wewent out and had a nice day and dinner came back at about 11pm and she was getting a bit sad that we would split the next morning I told her she could meet me any time or I could meet her. I was even willing to meet her f****y and k**s. I got her to strip to nothing and I got my dick out for her I f***ed her head on my cock and chocked her a few times. I bent her over on all fours and put a finger in her arse I wanted to give that ago too. She loved it when I put my cock in and even sucked it clean when I had finished.

In the morning we said our goodbyes and I promised to text her when I got home. Lets just say I forgot and moved onto my next sim card as didnt want the hassle from her or the one before. Oh and also blocked them on pof too.
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