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This is my first of a few stories I have from meeting women from a site called plenty of fish. I am Marc from Birmingham UK. I am a black male and been single about 6 months. I have a 8.5 inch penis and a good body.

I started chatting to a women called Zoe from Bromsgrove. She is 38. Nice body black hair. And has 3 boys. We flirted a bit before she asked for my number.

We text for a week or so and we had already swapped naughty texts and a few dirty phone calls. I asked if I could take her out over the weekend. She agreed if she could get a babysitter.

Zoe managed to get her ex to have the k**s and we had arranged to meet at a pub close to hers on Friday. At the last minute she text saying her ex couldnt have the k**s. I thought she was having second thoughts so told her not to worry about it and was going to move onto the next women. Later that night she tried calling me I didnt answer and she text saying she had a babysitter for tommorow. I agreed.

I met zoe at 8pm and she looked great she had a tight white dress on and heels. I managed to pinch her bottem a few times. We had a few drinks and a good laugh.

At about 11pm she insisted she had to go so I offered her a lift home as she had a few wines. But before we left the car park I tried my luck. I went in for a kiss and she kissed me back so I put my hand on her leg and slowly moved up under her dress. She didnt stop me and my hand was on her knickers feeling the heat from her pussy she was very wet. I pulled her knickers to one side and slide a finger in shestarted moaning straight away. I put in a 2nd and carried on soon she had cum all over my fingers I pulled out my fingers and put them straight in her mouth to clean. I pulled my hard cock out and she went straight down and started sucking. I was forcing her head right down to the base and could feel myself ready to cum. I blew deep down her throat but she took it like a pro and swallowed it all.

It was now nearly 12 and I told her I wasnt finished and she said she would get rid of the babysitter and I could come back in.she lived about 5 minutes away. I pulled up and she pointed to a shop and told me to park outside and wait for her call.

I waited for about 10 minutes before my phone rang. She said to come over. She greeted me at the door with a kiss and we fell into her house on the sofa.I sat down and she went staight to her knees and undid my fly and pulled out my cock and started sucking it. It wasnt long before I helped her out of her dress and left her in her matching thong and bra. I swaped positions with her and buried my face in her wet pussy. I had 2 fingers in her and was licking her clit. She was moaning and shacking in pleasure. She soon climaxed and as soon as she did I pulled her off the sofa undid her bra and pulled her thong off. I undressed and fucked her doggy she was a real screamer.

She got off and started riding me I knew I was going to fuck her arse so reached around and stuck a finger in her. She screamed but enjoyed it. I lay her on the floor and slid my cock in her ass she was in pain but I carried on it wasnt long before I was smashing it and she was screaming we both cum Iblew cum up her ass. We just lay there catching our breath. We both went upstaires and had a shower where I played with her body. She had a lovley shaven pussy with big lips and nice boobs about 34d.

After the shower we went into her room and shut the door we were both naked it wasnt long before I told her to sit on my face. I licked her well used pussy as she sucked my dick. She took her turn and jumped on my cock starting slow then fucking hard. Her bed was squeaking she cum and I cum inside her. We both fell asl**p soon after.

I was woken up by the sound of the door opening and 3 k**s running in then stoping at the foot of the bed in shock. Zoe sat up covering her tits with the blanket. She asked them to wait down staires. She put on a dressing gown and went down after about 20minutes she came back up with a coffee. I asked if the k**s were okay she said she explained we were dating and it was okay. I didnt fuck her again I put my clothes on and left. She tried to call and text a few times but I never answered.

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