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Notes: Just like the first part, everything in this story is true. I'm writing this ten years after the fact, but have a pretty clear memory of certain events.

After my first encounter with the Russian I was hooked, I seriously couldn't get her out of my head, and at that age I was even hornier than I am now. I would jerk off right before going to sl**p thinking about her, and then wake up the next morning and have to get more cum out for her before standing up. We chatted a lot online, had some really hot cyber sex. She sent me some really hot pictures and told me all of the dirty things she wanted me to do to her, some of which I don't think I'd ever even heard of before. She had maybe the nicest ass I'd ever seen, so perky, and after I asked she made it clear I could do whatever I wanted with it, just like the rest of her body.

My cock was throbbing out of my pants day and night for nearly two weeks. We'd pass each other on campus and exchange dirty looks but we hardly even had time to talk and because of some behavioral problems her parents had recently put her on a pretty tight leash. She told me during this time they had also found her computer with a screen open talking to me (they later matched my screen name to my face, along with finding a conversation describing exactly how I'd been inside her and how much she'd loved it) and so she'd been cut from that and barred from seeing her friends.

But they traveled a lot.

Two weeks or so after our first fuck they went of out town and had to find someone else to take their daughter home. She told her them that she was riding home from school with a friends' parents and instead rode home with me to her empty house. I remember watching her ass while following her upstairs to her room, my dick had been hard since halfway through the car ride and was oozing precum onto my through my boxers and it felt cold on my leg. She walked towards the edge of her bed and turned around but didn't say anything. I kissed her deeply, and before I could even grab at her clothes she was pulling her panties off from under her skirt, seated on the bed, her pussy was soaked. I got my clothes off and a condom on, fast, and started fucking her deep--standing over her and holding her down by her shoulders, I didn't waste any time at all easing in, she was dripping wet--I just pounded away. Before three minutes were over she said to stop; "oh shit I think I'm starting my period..." I looked down at my latex wrapped cock, and sure enough there were tiny specks of red. She ran away to deal with it (I remember having no idea how, or what she was doing) and I ripped the rubber off...My cock had almost been ready to explode inside her a minute ago and I was almost glad she stopped me and saved me from cumming too quickly.

When she came back in I was sitting on the bed holding my throbbing dick--I don't remember the details, but within seconds she was on her knees on the floor in font of me while I was standing and pumping her face and throat full of my cock. I slide totally effortlessly down her throat, she never gagged at all taking my 7-8" all the way until her lips were on my stomach. I grabbed her head and fucked it, really putting my ass into it--pounding her face. Her make-up ran. I released a HUGE cumshot into her mouth and throat and never saw any of it at all, she swallowed every drop without any thought or hesitation. It was easily the hottest thing I'd ever experienced.

I wiped my cock off on some pink PJ pants that were laying on her floor. She put on a tee shirt and some panties and cleaned up in the bathroom and started to put on a movie. I stood to meet her in a doorway to the adjacent bedroom where the TV was and stopped her cold saying we needed to take care of my dick again (in my mind, I already knew what I wanted) and asked if I could just fuck her and she replied that she didn't wanna make a mess. I asked her to suck it again and she didn't want to...I stood there holding her for a second and then was nervous to say four words words that I'll never forget: "there's always your ass..."

She smiled, excited, I couldn't believe her reaction--it was like something she really hadn't considered but wanted to do more than anything. "Hold on," she said and went straight to the bathroom. I never never exactly what she did in the bathroom, but when she came out a few minutes later she laid down on her back next to me on the couch and wrapped her arms around her thighs, holding her legs in the air. I could see some lotion on her asshole, it was so clean and smooth--she had told me earlier that week that she'd gotten everything waxed for me. She told me I wasn't allow to use a condom in her ass. I stand above her and place my cock on her asshole, then slowly start to push, then back off, then push again; all the while I'm looking straight into her eyes. Soon she opens up and welcomes my cock in, and it's amazing. I'll never forget how warm it felt that time. Soon I'm coming in and out faster and faster, I'm moving my fingers over her clit harder and faster and she's in heaven. Soon my cock's at least six inches inside her and I explode, deep. She runs off to the bathroom and has an incredible after glow when she comes out.
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