blackmailed in a shop

Pyaremohan: Madam, these stains were surely not there when I unpacked the dresses for you?

Me: I … I… I mean how would I know? (I tried to remain as cool as possible)

Mr. Pyaremohan was checking the stains on the babydoll nighty very closely. He was trying to figure out what it was and in the process started sniffing it just like a dog! What a shame! The shopkeeper was in effect sniffing my vaginal juices on that fabric.

Pyaremohan: Uhu! Madam! Surely these are fresh… I find the same stain on this panty also! This you… I mean… you just tried this Madam!

He for once looked directly at my sari-covered choot and then looked up at me questionably obviously trying to suggest that the stains were my pussy juices and nothing else! Naturally I had to protest, but was feeling terribly awkward inside.

Me: No, no. How can that be? Let me see!

The shopkeeper handed me the panty (a part of the 5-piece nighty set) I just tried.

What a scene!

I was inspecting my own panty and it was visibly spotted with my vaginal juices.

Pyaremohan: Madam, I am sorry to say… but these are your… I mean err… you probably was not fully aware that you were WET…

Me: Err… what? I mean…

My face started getting in shame – afterall he was just a shopkeeper and was a complete stranger to me. I felt like a stupid asshole standing in front of him caught red handed still trying to inspect the panty!

Pyaremohan: Madam, let me be very clear. You saw that I had reservations about the trial, but you and your relatives insisted and hence I agreed. I cannot sell these used products. I mean… You… you have to buy the whole lot.

He uttered the last few words very discreetly and in a steel cold voice. My heart was pounding and my hands and feet were already cold like an ice cube!

Pyaremohan: Madam, you will have to take this Babydoll nighty along with this 5-piece set and just see… the skirt of this 3-piece nighty also have those stains… the marks are so fresh! (He sniffed again) You have to take all these 3 sets Madam.

I got so nervous that I was not even getting the strength to talk with the shopkeeper. First and foremost thing was I had no money with me. If I were to buy these, I had to take help of either Mama-ji or Radheshyam Uncle. And then, of course I would have to confess to those males that while I was trying these dresses my pussy juice spoilt the fabric.

How could I tell that! Issssssh! What a shame!

Moreover, I was pretty much certain that the episode would not stop there – the inquisitiveness that I had seen in Mama-ji – he would surely question me thoroughly about how the skirt and the babydoll nighty got those stains even if he gets convinced with the panty part!

I could realize then and there that it would be a very cumbersome and embarrassing experience for me to reply Mama-ji; hence immediately I dropped that idea of informing him for buying these nightdresses.

But… then what was the alternative?

I had no clue! Beads of perspiration were already crowning my forehead and my palms also started to sweat. I was having my usual dry lips, but this time purely due to nervousness.

Pyaremohan: Madam, shall I pack them all and inform your…

Me: No, no. You need not inform them.

Pyaremohan: You will then pay separately Madam?

Me: Err… I mean…

Pyaremohan: It will amount to umm… the Baby doll is 450/-, the 3-piece is 650/-, and the 5-piece is 900/-…. umm… totalling to 2000/- Madam.

Me: What? T-w-o t-h-o-u-s-a-n-d!

Pyaremohan: Come on Madam! After all these are imported items directly coming from foreign countries!

Me: But… but that’s… that’s too expensive!

Pyaremohan: But Madam you have to take them… I can’t keep these “stained” items in my stock!

I saw that there was no other way but to tell the truth to this man.

Me: Pyaremohan Sahab, I mean… err… actually I do not have money with me and … and its not that I can pay later because I do not stay here. Please consider my case!

Pyaremohan: Madam how can I consider Rs. 2000? Yes if it was a 100-200 rupees I definitely would have considered because afterall you are my customer, but 2000/-… No way I can consider Madam!

I was literally in a catch 22 situation and felt so helpless! I requested again.

Me: Please Pyaremohan Sahab! I am like your s****r. Can you not con….

Pyaremohan: Madam, no sentimental strings here! I am a businessman. I cannot sell these. (again he lifted the panty to show me the stain) Either you or your relative must pay.

Me: But I have nothing with me and I cannot tell them. P-l-e-a-s-e try to understand my condition. I… I can do one thing… I will money order you as soon as I get back home.
Pyaremohan: He he Madam… no such cock and bull story will do. You need to pay here. Don’t waste my time. (His voice was very stern this time)

I tried to persuade him for some more time, but in vain as he was quite adamant on his point and finally I surrendered.

Pyaremohan: Madam, look, this is not a restaurant that if you cannot pay the bill, you can clean and wash crockery and repay me. I need reimbursement for my Rs. 2000/-.

The situation was going towards a hopeless end and to plead to like that to a shopkeeper was even more awkward for me and therefore I desperately wanted to get out of it.

Me: I told you already… I mean I have nothing with me. Then… I mean tell me if I can … I mean if I can do any favor for you so that this money is compensated.

Pyaremohan: What favor?

Me: Tell me straight what you want me to do to pay damages for that 2000/-. I have never been in such a clumsy situation in any shop ever!

Pyaremohan: Madam see that’s not my problem and I don’t want to hear what you have done in other shops. (He was evidently getting rude to me) You have spoiled these and you have to pay.

Me: Okay, okay. Tell me naa what you want from me?

I was trying to get straight to the shopkeeper.

Pyaremohan: Umm… let me think… Okay! Yeah! There is .. there is one way… but… you don’t … Ummm! Can you do it?

Me: (my face as if glowed up seeing a ray of hope) What? Sure! I can do it! Tell me!

Pyaremohan: See Madam I am telling you frankly… we had planned a couple of ads for our products on cable TV and had fixed a model for Rs. 5000/- to act in that. Now… if you can do it, I will surely save 2500/-… actually I have booked her for two ads. But… …umm…

Not knowing any details I just jumped on the proposal as that Rs. 2000/ was playing heavily on my mind.

Me: Err… No problem Pyaremohan Sahab. I will do it.

Pyaremohan: That’s okay, but…

Naturally I was getting impatient.

Me: What’s the problem now?

Pyaremohan: Madam, see there are two problems. Since this was planned for next week, I do not have the male model right now and… umm…

Me: And what?

Pyaremohan: Well Madam, the director is … I mean very ill tempered and rude… so…err… I was thinking whether you would be… I mean whether you would be able to tolerate him or…

Me: In recent times I am tolerating many strange things, which I never dreamt of tolerating! So, you better not think on that.
“A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?”

Pyaremohan: (smiling) Okay, okay. Err… Then Madam I think you should not waste time as your Mama-ji and Uncle would be waiting.

Me: You need to hurry up. You are still sitting with those nighties!

Pyaremohan: Oh! Sure Madam! Give me just a minute’s time so that I can inform the director to arrange for a shoot.

Me: Okay.

Mr. Pyaremohan disappeared in a flash and in fact was back also within a couple of minutes.

Pyaremohan: Madam, with much effort I have persuaded Mr. Mangeskar. He is the director. As I told you he is pretty ill tempered and does not speak a decent language. So please…

Me: Okay, okay.

At that point of time I was honestly in a hurry to get into the midst of action rather than thinking about any other aspect.

Pyaremohan: Come along! And just remember to say that you have acted previously, otherwise Mr. Mangeskar will pack up immediately.

I nodded and followed the shopkeeper. As I followed him through the hallway I quickly d****d my pallu once again properly since I was going in front of an unknown male. We reached the end of the corridor behind the toilet where there was a room whose door was open.

Pyaremohan: Come Madam. Mr. Mangeskar, she is the one I was talking about.

The room was fairly big, but Mr. Mangeskar did not look impressive at all – very thin, middle-aged person with prominent rough beard on his face who was wearing a red T-shirt and three quarter pants covering till his knees.

Mr. Mangeskar looked directly at me for some moments and I felt so very odd standing like while he inspected my figure – very openly.

Mr. Mangeskar: Hmm… What’s your name?

Me: Anee…I mean Anita.

Mr. Mangeskar: Age?

I had never encountered such a clumsy situation (at least at grownup age) with a totally stranger asking me my age as the very second question!

Me: Twenty… I mean. 28.

Mr. Mangeskar: And what are your stats? (He asked me looking at my taut sari-covered breasts)

Me: Err… what?

I could not get him at first go.

Mr. Mangeskar: What sort of actress is this Mr. Pyaremohan?

His voice was cold and stern and clearly reflected that he was irritated by my fumbling.

Pyaremohan: Arre she has traveled some distance… give her some time to breathe! Madam, tell him your vital statistics? I have her breast size… its 34.

My ears immediately started to get heated and I could well realize that my throat was drying up! I lowered my eyelids by reflex action in natural feminine shame.

Mr. Mangeskar: Come one! What’s your name….. O! Anita!

Me: Twenty… I mean .. err… 28 and… and 36. I mean 34-28-36. (I had to gather all my mental strength to tell that)

Mr. Mangeskar: Hmm… you look pretty full! Now listen I needed a younger model for this ad, but since Pyaremohan-ji requested, I will go ahead with you. Where else have you acted?

Me: Umm… in drum… I mean in dramas.

Mr. Mangeskar: Dramas! That means on stage only?

Pyaremohan: No, no. She acted in a few small ads also. She is quite familiar with this type. Tell him Madam. Tell him.

The shopkeeper was trying his best to cover me up.

Me: Yes, yes. I acted in err… 2-3 ads.

Mr. Mangeskar: What product?

I was puzzled and looked blankly to Mr. Pyaremohan who was again ready to “save” me!

Pyaremohan: Soaps… soaps you know and….

Mr. Mangeskar: And?

Pyaremohan: And… umm… undergarments…. undergarments!

My lips automatically parted to protest, but I had to control myself as per the demand of the situation. That nitwit shopkeeper! Could he not say anything else other than that!

U-n-d-e-r-g-a-r-m-e-n-t-s! Hai daiya!

Mr. Mangeskar: (now looking at my eyes) Okay that’s good to know. What did you have to do in the soap ad?

This question was indeed directed to me and I had to reply something.

Me: I… I acted in that… I mean I soaped my body.

I was really getting very nervous replying to this man. His voice was cold as steel and questions too direct for a housewife like me!

Mr. Mangeskar: Hmm. Hmm. Whole body or only your hands and shoulders?

I licked my lips once because I could realize I was getting cornered. My face was all red and my body very stiff.

Me: Haa… haa… I mean hands and sho… sho… shoulders only.

Mr. Mangeskar: No showers?

Me: (I was trying to remember the soap ads that I see on TV and construct my replies) Yes, yes… shower was there.

Mr. Mangeskar: Okay, so you soaped yourself standing under the shower and they canned you? Right?

Me: Yes, yes. (I replied without much thinking trying to end the conversation)

Mr. Mangeskar: That’s good, because you have a similar situation here also! By the way, are you aware of what you need to do here?

Pyaremohan: Yes, yes, Madam is aware, but actually I did not get the time to detail her.

Mr. Mangeskar: Huh! You seem to be always so busy Pyaremohan-ji! Anyway, I will brief you Anita. See, as you know this is a chaddi- baniyan ad, the presentation has to be spicy. We must create an urge in male customers to buy this Parineeta Store brand and for that the ad has to be designed and presented in a titillating way, you know!

I was already on the “low” hearing that it was a chaddi-baniyan (=vest and brief) ad. I thanked my fortune and smiled to myself that it was not a female undergarment ad!

Pyaremohan: If you can do it a bit quickly… her…

Mr. Mangeskar: (looking at the shopkeeper very strongly) Then hire someone else and leave me! Sala kaha kaha se chale aate hain! I have my own pace and you both must abide by that! Clear?

I tried to rescue the shopkeeper who was in fact saying to speed up only for me knowing that Mama-ji and Uncle were waiting downstairs.

Me: Okay, okay. Please don’t be angry…

Mr. Mangeskar: Hmm.. Yes, as I was saying, what I plan for is a **** sequence where you are the heroine and you are being harassed. The hero comes and rescues you. The hero will be dressed in chaddi and baniyan, which would signify he-man-ship and advertise for this brand. Clear?

I nodded, but was wondering what the director actually meant by “**** sequence” though I was somewhat assured when he used the word “harassed”. I thought I dare not ask a question and get a scolding and decided to follow the instructions of the director to get over this episode as quickly as possible.
“A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?”

Mr. Mangeskar: You wear this and get ready quickly.

Saying that he handed over a lungi to Mr. Pyaremohan and then turned towards me.

Mr. Mangeskar: Anita, let me detail you the scene – you are a housewife and he is a servant. Okay?

He? Mr. Pyaremohan? A servant with such an obese figure? I could not just control a smile hearing this.

Mr. Mangeskar: I chose him as the servant because his body will amuse most people you know.

Me: True. (I was still smiling)

Mr. Mangeskar: You will be taking a bath in that toilet (he indicated to the attached bath) and your servant would act like a peeing Tom. Okay?

I nodded though naturally was getting apprehensive about the “bath”.

Mr. Mangeskar: He naturally gets excited seeing you and ultimately breaks inside the toilet and attacks you. Okay? You flee to this room and some hustle and bustle between you and Pyaremohan-ji would take place on that sofa. Okay? Then the hero enters the scene fights the bad man and rescues you with a happy ending. That’s all? Clear?

Me: Ye… yes, but who is the hero?

Mr. Mangeskar: (with a shy smile) Me of course!

Me: W-h-a-t?

Mr. Mangeskar: That would create the humorous part naaa… He is so fat and I am so thin… apart from that comical angle, the message would also be delivered that even a frail man like me turns a He-man if he wears this brand of chaddi and baniyan.

Me: Hmm…

I appreciated the whole idea of this director in my mind though was extremely nervous about what I actually need to deliver.

Mr. Mangeskar: Here goes your costume Anita! (he handed me over a white petticoat and a white blouse).

Pyaremohan: You can change in the toilet Madam.

Me: No sa… I mean no sari?

Mr. Mangeskar: Come on! Are you new to acting? How can you wear a sari while taking a bath?

I did not argue any more and hurried inside the toilet, but several questions started to bother me now as I closed the toilet door.
- this blouse looks so transparent and also white in color, what would happen to it when it gets wet?
- what will happen when Mr. Pyaremohan breaks into the toilet? What he will try to do to me?
- what “hustle and bustle” did the director mean that would take place on the sofa?

Instead of bothering too much on that, I thought that I had to be very cautious not to unnecessarily expose or allow too much of touching and grabbing during the shoot.

After I got into my shooting costume, I got out of the toilet. I was clad in a white blouse and petticoat only. No sari. Though I felt hesitant, but thankfully the blouse was adequately covering my breasts though naturally my mammaries remained protruded quite indecently converging male attentions

Mr. Mangeskar: Bah! You look perfect Anita.

The director was looking at my jutting out fully developed tits, which looked quite handsomely appealing not being covered by a sari.

Mr. Mangeskar: You have a good eye Pyaremohan-ji, he he he! She has an excellent figure even after marriage.

Pyaremohan: Thanks Mr. Mangeskar!

Mr. Mangeskar: Anita, I hope you are wearing your inners…

Even a blind man could see that I was wearing a bra, such was the transparency of that white blouse and obviously I was wearing a panty!

I just nodded.

Mr. Mangeskar: And under your petticoat?

Me: Yes obviously!

I obviously sounded extremely shameless!

Mr. Mangeskar: Fine. Let me clear this to you both that I want absolutely natural expressions on your faces when you act. So forget all other things and concentrate only on the shoot. Okay?

The director was ready with a movie camera! Mr. Pyaremohan looked horrible clad only in the lungi. His bare chest and belly looked so odd!

Mr. Mangeskar: Anita, I will position myself within the toilet. You will open the shower and stand below it. Okay?

I nodded and followed him into the bathroom. I stood under the shower and the director was very close to me with his camera. Mr. Pyaremohan closed the door and remained outside of the toilet. Naturally I was feeling rather tight with this unknown male in this small toilet.

Mr. Mangeskar: Don’t be stiff Anita! Relax… Imagine that you are alone – as if you are in your home toilet. Ignore my presence….

I tried to relax, but obviously was unsuccessful.

Mr. Mangeskar: Let me tell you what you need to do after opening the shower. You start washing your face first, then rinse your hands and then come to your breasts. Okay Anita?

Me: O… okay.

Mr. Mangeskar: Open the shower.

I switched on the shower and water started falling on my body. Thankfully the water flow was not very heavy, but the coldness of the water made me shiver and I felt so, so odd getting wet with a man standing on my nose! I started wiping my face first.

Mr. Mangeskar: Do it gently so that I can take a good view of your face.

Though I washed my face, I could jolly well feel that the water trickled through my hands and elbows onto my breasts and were soaking my blouse and bra.

Mr. Mangeskar: Great….now your hands….slowly!

I followed his instruction and now as I stretched my hands water was pouring directly on my mammaries and I was getting fully wet now. As I was looking down I could see my white brassiere getting very prominent through the blouse and I quickly tried to cover myself by angling my elbow.

Mr. Mangeskar: Okay, Anita, now rub your breasts slowly with both hands.

As I took my hands to my tight boob flesh, my face was getting flushed in embarrassment. I started rubbing my own breasts as the shower water continued to soak me. My cleavage was now prominently visible to the director, as my blouse had slipped down a bit being wet and heavy. Thank God! I could not see his eyes as he was looking into the camera, otherwise it would have been very, very embarrassing for me.

Mr. Mangeskar: Anita, now do one thing… just to make things look hot… squeeze your breasts gently…

Honestly I was getting excited doing this action. I kept my both palms right over my conical breasts and started squeezing them!

Mr. Mangeskar: No, no… not like that! Do it from below… I mean cup your breasts from below and then squeeze… Just like a male does it, are you getting me?

I nodded while taking the shower. I took my palms below my breasts and then cupped my flesh and started squeezing my big balls. I immediately could feel my nipples getting very hard and were standing up as they sensed my fingers on them. The shower obviously was helping me do this shameless and bold act quite easily! My lips started getting parted and I slowly was gyrating my hips to complete the whole action.

Mr. Mangeskar: Good Anita… Now a little more variation… since you are not using a soap… just squeeze and release your breasts for cleaning… I know that’s not the process but you need to make the servant attracted too! So…squeeze and release… squeeze and release…

Honestly this continuously flowing water on my body was doing miracles! I was so quickly getting excited and was slowly getting horny doing this squeeze! I obeyed the director and gripped my both boobs with my outstretched palms and was releasing them after a full crush. My bl**d had already started boiling inside me and I had started enjoying my shower with closed eyes.
“A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?”

By this time, I was almost fully wet and water had adequately sipped inside my petticoat also making my ass and thighs fully wet.

Mr. Mangeskar: Wow! Your facial expressions are just too good! Very well done Anita! Now get into the next move… circle your finger on your navel. This is just the warmup for your peeping servant you know! Ha ha ha…

With my eyes closed, I dropped my hands from my tits to my navel area. I started poking my belly button with the middle finger of my right hand. This went on for some more moments and since I did not get further instruction from the director, I opened my eyes. He was busy capping me and as I looked down my body I noticed my petticoat clinging to my well formed thighs very indecently and the shape and size of my thighs were clearly exposed and naturally I tried to adjust my petticoat with my free hand.

Mr. Mangeskar: Hey! What are you doing? (I immediately took away my hand off my petticoat) You are on camera Anita… Maintain your position as I say and do not do anything extra.

I nodded and was compelled to alarmingly expose my well-formed thighs through my wet petticoat.

Mr. Mangeskar: Anita, your servant is watching you. So you must do something sexy to excite him… May be…you just bend a bit and rub your thighs over your petticoat.

With my wet blouse and petticoat clinging to my skin, I thought I was exposing enough. My white blouse being fully soaked was practically nonexistent and the exact position of my brassiere inside was completely visible. Did I need to do more?

I obviously did not have the guts to question the director and hence bent a bit and started rubbing my thighs with both hands and in the process my cleavage appeared very prominently over my wet blouse and also exposing the upper portions of my bulging boobs.

Mr. Mangeskar: Bend a bit more Anita… camera is unable to get a full view.

I had to bend further – now practically a couple of inches of my deep cleavage were visible to the director and as I momentarily looked down my breasts, my fleshy wet milk tanks looked awesomely exposed in that posture. I clenched my teeth in shame and waited for the director to call “Cut”.

Mr. Mangeskar: okay… okay! Cut!

My body was instantaneously upright.

Mr. Mangeskar: Very nice work Anita!

I smiled foolishly. I quickly moved out of the shower, but since I had been standing below that shower for so long, I was virtually soaked to the skin. Water was trickling down my face, throat and whole body.

Mr. Mangeskar: Anita, now we will go ahead with the next sequence, after which your servant will get inside. Okay?

I nodded.

As Mr. Mangeskar took out his eyes from the camera viewfinder, I noted that his eyes were roaming openly on my juicy body curves – it was indeed a gala sight – a voluptuous woman like me standing within two feet of him in a completely awash state clad in a white blouse and petticoat.

Mr. Mangeskar: Pyaremohan-ji, I mean the servant, will try to embrace you and you have to act as if you are trying to escape, but make sure that you both stay under the shower for some time struggling so as to make the scene a bit tempting. Am I clear?

I nodded. Though my skin was wet and cold, my inside was as if ignited in this shower water and the self boob squeeze that I just did!

Mr. Mangeskar: Pyaremohan-ji, are you ready?

Pyaremohan: Yes, yes!

Mr. Mangeskar: Fine. Lets do the last sequence of your bath Anita. I want to capture your rear portion in camera. So just turn slowly away from me so that your back faces the camera. Okay?

I nodded again taking a deep breath. I could feel the familiar itch inside my panty! I moved below the shower again and the director shouted indicating camera was rolling. I turned slowly under the shower so that my backside was towards Mr. Mangeskar and took my hands behind and begun rubbing my very prominent ass.

Mr. Mangeskar: Place your hands on your ass globes Anita…. One on each… Y-e-s… like that… slowly… You have a gorgeous gaand yaar! Carry on!

I ignored the slang as I could realize he was also pretty excited filming me. I moved my palms in circular motion on my buttocks and could clearly make out that my panty was pretty evident through my wet petticoat.

Was my panty visible to the director? Hai daiya! As I pressed my ass with my hands, I could clearly trace the outline of my panty! My God!

Mr. Mangeskar: Good! Now jiggle and sway your ass a bit Anita! Actually this will act as the climax for your servant’s entry inside. When Pyaremohan-ji enters you must cry out loudly and very naturally… okay?

As per the director’s instruction, I started to sway and jiggle my heavy ass very shamelessly. Automatically my eyes got closed in utter shyness and nervousness with the very thought that I was doing all this in front of a male! It must have been some sight for the director to see a well-developed woman like me swaying her big tight ass in front of him.

Just then…

Just then Mr. Pyaremohan broke inside the bathroom! I was still swinging my heavy buttocks and he almost crashed on me! I immediately cried out, which was of course very spontaneous rather than acting! He was clad only in his lungi and held my right arm and dragged me towards him. I bumped on his body and naturally tried to guard my breasts from pressing on him with my elbows.

Mr. Mangeskar: Cut! Cut! (We separated from each other) Anita… Anita, you must look surprised and frightened – it must look normal – someone has entered your bathroom, but you seem to… I want that staggered look in your eyes. You behave as if you forget to react and stand like a statue. Okay? Your servant would take that advantage and embrace you. Am I clear?

I nodded along with Mr. Pyaremohan who again went back to the toilet door from where the retake would take place. Mr. Mangeskar looked into the camera and said “Action”.

Mr. Pyaremohan entered again towards me in one brisk action and I tried to express what the director told me with my eyes widely open and a loud scream. Mr. Pyaremohan took hold my right hand and dragged me towards him. I tried to behave that I was very surprised and “forgot to react.” Mr. Pyaremohan used that opportunity fully to quickly pull me onto him and straightway embraced me. My whole wet body pressed on his fat half naked figure.

Firecrackers seemed to burst inside my body as I touched Mr.
Pyaremohan. My bl**d started gushing inside my vessels as I felt his long arms embracing my soaked back. His warm palms felt so good on my wet blouse-covered midriff!

Mr. Mangeskar: Pyaremohan-ji, you now try to kiss her and Anita, you now come to your senses and try to retaliate. Okay?

No sooner had the director completed his words, I felt Mr. Pyaremohan trying to kiss me directly on my lips!

The scoundrel! What audacity!

I felt his wet lips on my cheeks and nose and once on my lips too! Naturally by reflex action, I exhibited a very strong repulsive blow and tried to get him out of my body, but he was much stronger than me and embraced me more tightly. All this time I had been protecting my big breasts from touching his chest with my elbows, but the way he was trying to touch my lips, I had to use my hands to protect me. And…

And as soon as I lifted my hands to stop his face from touching mine, he hugged me more closely and my big firm breasts got pressed very directly to his chest.

I shrieked out!

Mr. Pyaremohan was obviously much excited getting the full feel of my well-developed mammaries and embraced me more tightly. I was naturally getting into a hopeless situation. Being unable to kiss me directly, he began to lick my wet cheeks and honestly the feel of his hot tongue on my slippery cheeks started making me significantly weak.
“A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?”

Mr. Mangeskar: Pyaremohan-ji, now you drag Anita under the shower and then do what is natural… like try to grab her breast and ass… Anita, you continue to struggle but make sure that you do not go out of the shower. That’s the laxman-rekha for you in this shot. Clear?

“…do what is natural…” – these words as if unlocked the flood gate for Mr. Pyaremohan and he really started behaving as if he was in the mood to m***** me! He dragged me under the shower and I again started getting wet and taking the advantage of this very hot situation, he hugged me very tightly and forcibly moved my elbows off my breasts and pressed me to his body. I was getting weaker naturally as my breasts directly got pressed onto his chest and he was also scuffing and scratching my waist with his fingers; moreover, the shower water falling on my body made the whole situation more complex for me.

Mr. Mangeskar: That’s great Pyaremohan-ji! Carry on!

There was no need for any encouragement for this man and he was now more or less hugging me like my husband! My big boobs getting pressed fully on his chest and his flabby abdomen pushing my belly area. His hands had started measuring every part of my body and I felt his palms rested on my pumpkin ass. I could hardly struggle to get free because he was constantly keeping his lips very close to my face brushing every now and then my cheeks, nose, chin, and my lips too! Mr. Pyaremohan grabbed my ass very tightly, which made me gasp for air! And as I parted my lips, that man, like an eagle, invaded my tender lips.

Me: Aaaaaaaah!

Though I quickly moved my lips, but he was able to suck my lower lips for a couple of seconds. As I looked at him, he was smiling very wickedly as if trying to say “how long will you avoid me?”

Mr. Pyaremohan was giving me ass squeezes in a very different way, as in recent times I have had a number of these while in the ashram. This man was grabbing my ass flesh very firmly and was not releasing the flesh from under his palms for quite some time! This in effect was making me almost breathless the way he was extending the hold on my buttock flesh. His fingers dug in deep into my spongy ass cheeks penetrating my wet petticoat and panty. Surely I was extremely excited delivering this shot.

Mr. Mangeskar: Cut! Good job Pyaremohan-ji and Anita… I have taken good close ups of… of Anita’s gaand under siege! He he… Well, next I will take a few close up shots of your faces only! Anita you will just move your head to and fro avoiding Pyaremohan-ji’s lips, who is trying to kiss you. I will get this later in slow motion and will definitely be a great shot with the shower water falling on your face. Clear?

I was breathing very heavily now and my wet blouse had slid down significantly down my breasts and had exposed me very indecently. I had to stand in that outrageously sexy outfit in front of Mr. Pyaremohan. Mr. Pyaremohan moved his hands from my buttocks in the upward direction and held me at my waist for this shot. As he converged his face on mine, I started moving my head back and forth and he was obviously trying his best to smooch my lips! I could feel his deep warm breaths on my wet face and I was indeed getting weaker and weaker now due to this constant fondling! This went on for few seconds till the director shouted, “Cut”!

Mr. Mangeskar: Very well done! Okay… now let me explain what is to be done next. Anita, you will give one big jerk and Pyaremohan-ji, you will fall on the floor. Anita, you flee to the adjacent room and put the towel kept on the sofa as a cover for your breasts. Clear? I will also move out following you Anita with the camera.

I obeyed as was instructed and ran to the room and took the towel there and covered my breasts.

Mr. Mangeskar: Pyaremohan-ji, this shot is fully yours. You will now hasten through the toilet, bouncing the toilet door, and will try to catch Anita. In the process you will stumble and your lungi will fall open. You quickly restore it and come near this sofa and stop. Simple?

Mr. Pyaremohan nodded.

The shock of my lifetime was waiting for me as the shot started. Mr. Pyaremohan bounced the toilet door loudly and while running out tripped and fell on the floor and as he got up, his lungi fall open.

Me: Heiiiiiiiiiii!

I could not control my exclamation as I saw Mr. Pyaremohan was stark naked inside – as his lungi fall on the floor he stood absolutely naked in front of us! Most astonishingly, he was not wearing any underwear or brief!

My eyes obviously got attracted towards his erect lund and the thick black hairy bush above it. Mr. Pyaremohan’s lund was dangling in the air very awkwardly and he quickly stroked his lund once before wrapping it inside his lungi! I noticed his lund was already quite erect – obviously the effect of fondling me for so long.

Mr. Mangeskar: Good Pyaremohan-ji… this will produce a very good humor. Ha ha ha…

How could they show such male nudity in the ad? I could not resist myself from asking.

Me: But Mr. Mangeskar… I mean.. err… how can you show that in the ad?

Mr. Mangeskar: Show what?

Me: I mean.. he was err… he was not wearing anything beneath….

Mr. Mangeskar: Arre Anita, have you gone out of your head or what? Obviously I will camouflage that part where his lund is exposed.

Me: (still surprised) O!

Mr. Mangeskar: Well, the advancement of technology will help me do that! He he… Anyway, lets get along with our next shot. Anita, as Pyaremohan-ji approaches you, you start running round this sofa and he will chase you. You cry “Help! Help!” and run for three rounds and then Pyaremohan-ji grabs you and pushes you onto the sofa. Am I clear about the shot?

We both nodded. I was feeling rather at ease standing with the towel on my wet blouse in front of these two males; I at least remained somewhat covered!

But, not for long!

I started running as soon as the director said “Action” and Mr. Pyaremohan keeping a distance followed me. My heavy boobs started juggling very sexily below the towel as I ran and I tried to cover that with my hands. I completed the three laps continuously crying for help and finally Mr. Pyaremohan grabbed my hand and pushed me f***efully onto the sofa. The sofa was wide enough to accommodate my whole body and as I fall on the sofa there was a deep vibration due to my body weight.

Mr. Mangeskar: Cut! Very nice! Anita, you need to get down from the sofa once and give an exclusive shot. Actually I want to capture your rear from close up when you are running. I noticed that you were looking very attractive as you ran and I just want to capture that in frame. Okay?

I did not know what to say or how to react? Should I feel proud to such a comment?

Mr. Mangeskar: So what you do is you do not go in a circular fashion, but just come down running towards me from a point I tell you and then turn back and run back to that point. Hope that’s not a big ask?

Me: No…

Mr. Mangeskar: Pyaremohan-ji… if you can.

Mr. Pyaremohan quickly went towards a door, which led to another room, which was also fairly big.

Mr. Mangeskar: Anita, can you see that furniture down that corner?

Me: Yes.

Mr. Mangeskar: Okay, you go there and come running down to me. Since the distance is substantial you can freely run here.

I tried to estimate the distance and it was not less that 30-35 feet. The adjacent room too was unusually large. I nodded and started walking towards the farthest in the other room. Though I was feeling quite odd to run in this wet outfit in front of two males, but the whole shooting sequence was exciting me somewhat.

Mr. Mangeskar: Anita, keep the towel aside as I want your natural running posture, otherwise you will have to continuously hold the towel while running. That will actually kill the essence of this scene.

Me: O… okay.

I hesitatingly kept the towel on an adjacent chair.

Mr. Mangeskar: Action!

I started running and as I increased my pacing, I immediately realized that my big and heavy breasts were jumping up and down very awkwardly inside my wet blouse and honestly there was nothing I could do to stop it. My full-sized mammaries were swaying sideways as well as vertically as I ran towards the director. The director was standing midway and as I started running was pacing himself backwards with his camera.

As I reached the end point in the room, he indicated me to turn back and run to the other room again. I did that and this time he was capturing close shots of my swaying gaand inside my wet petticoat as I ran away from him.

Mr. Mangeskar: Great! Do this once more!

I again started my run towards the director and this time I realized I was getting short of breath. I hardly do an exercise now-a-days and was not finding it very hard to run like this. I was breathing heavily and my firm breasts were swaying very, very sexily as I sprinted towards Mr. Mangeskar.

Mr. Mangeskar: Okay! Great Anita! Great!

Me: Uffff! (Puff! Puff!))

As I stood in front of him, I was panting significantly. I was a bit surprised when I noticed that that the director still had his eyes on the camera lens!

Me: What more are you filming now? I am here!

Mr. Mangeskar: He he… Anita… continuity… If I suddenly stop the shot after your run is over and in the next scene you are seen absolutely normal, will that not look very odd? That’s why I am recording shots of your breasts when you are out of breath. Do you understand baby?

Me: Oh!

I tried to hide my breasts with my arms.

Mr. Mangeskar: Come on Anita! Its over… Anyway, I must say that you looked awesome when you were running! Very sec… I mean very striking!

I smiled shamelessly not realizing exactly what he meant.

Mr. Mangeskar: O-k-a-y! Now we are heading towards the actual **** attempt and here Anita you have a big role to play. I want absolute natural expressions. Okay? Ummm… By the way, have you … I mean have you ever been ****d?

Me: What? (I almost yelled at him)

Mr. Mangeskar: Oho… I mean were you ever teased or harassed by any male?

Me: NO. Never.

I replied very strongly as I went towards the sofa to lie down there for the next shot.

Mr. Mangeskar: Okay, okay. What I mean is I want the same fearful expressions as well as expressions of excitement as your servant touches your body closely. Getting me naaa?

I lowered my eyes and nodded. Some shame still persisted in me!

Mr. Mangeskar: Fine. Pyaremohan-ji, you are a servant and you have got the malkin of the house in a compromised position. So I want that expression on your face. You are in a commanding position now. Okay? At the same time I want dialogues now. Anita, you will be talking to stop him, pleading, commanding, whatever you like and Pyaremohan-ji, you should be replying with rude language being the servant. Clear?

Pyaremohan: Okay… Well, what will I… I mean what will I do now?

Mr. Mangeskar: Lo karlo baat! Ye bhi kya bolna padega! Have you not scene any **** scene in movies?

Pyaremohan: Yes, yes!

Mr. Mangeskar: Then? Do that… … Bas! Anita, get that towel on your breasts… continuity… you now!

My heart started beating louder hearing this. What did the director plan for? But before I could ask anything, he made the camera rolling and Mr. Pyaremohan was over my body in a flash. He attacked me from one side and grabbed my shoulder and kept me pinned on the soft surface of the sofa. Though he was quite obese, but he was remarkably swift! He threw off the towel from my breasts and looked hungrily at them.

Pyaremohan: Uff! Kya maal hai!

Me: Just shut and leave me! You brute!

We started delivering dialogues as if he was the servant and I was the malkin, but honestly I started feeling rather uncomfortable being fully aware that this man was wearing nothing under his lungi. He already had given me the feel of his erect pole inside his lungi brushing it once or twice over my smooth thighs. I cried out “help” “help” and he was trying to peel off my blouse!

Me: Eiii, what are doing? Stop!

Pyaremohan: Chop Sali! Ajj mauka mila hai! Will not stop till I fuck you!

Mr. Pyaremohan for the first time now touched my mammaries. He grabbed my left boob f***efully and kneaded it firmly. I cried out in pain and excitement and tried to stop him, but he caught my arms with his other hand. He repeated the action and this time he kneaded my breast a bit softly and also tried to cover my whole left breast with his palm so that I also enjoy that action. Of course I was not influenced and continued to struggle and tried to free my hands. But he turned out to be cleverer!

He held my arms more tightly and immediately started feeling my naked breast area above my blouse. Getting the feel of his warm hand directly over my naked upper breasts indeed made my life very difficult. I clenched my lips tightly and tried to evade the feeling, but that bastard within a flash moved his hand off my upper breast and twisted my left nipple. Since my blouse and bra were both soaking wet, it must have been very easy for him to trace my nipple impression. Automatically my eyes got closed and I cried out in pain and happiness!

Me: AAAAaaaa…..aaaaaa…. Uhhhhhh……

Sensing that it was the appropriate opportunity, Mr. Pyaremohan released my hands and without a second’s delay, pulled my blouse very strongly off my body as a result of which my wet blouse tore off in two parts near the area of the hooks.

I could not believe my own eyes!

At once my brassiere was exposed to him and as I looked down I was shocked to note that my breasts were almost 50% out of my tiny wet bra and could be clearly seen like daylight!

Mr. Mangeskar: Cut! Cut! But don’t move! Anita! Just be in your position. Bilkul hilna mat!

I remained stiff, but was very much eager to cover my breasts first. I saw the director coming near me and he positioned the camera right on top of my head and was recording. Since initially I was too eager to pay off that two thousand rupees, the fact did not strike me much that I would be filmed, but now seeing the way this director was canning my exposed body with a movie camera, I was a bit alert. Still I was not really shaken by this fact probably because I was ONLY habituated with a camera that “clicks”, but this one was surely different and hence it did not honestly bother me much!

After adequately recording my half-exposed tits, he took his head out of the viewfinder of the camera.

Mr. Mangeskar: Anita, I can read what you want to say from the way you are frowning. Tell me how many times you have seen a villain tearing apart heroine’s blouse in films?

Me: That… that’s okay… but no more… I mean…

Mr. Mangeskar: Arre! Come on Anita! Don’t I know where to stop? You leave that to me naaa.

Me: No.. no… please… I can’t be … I mean … I can’t be in my bra like this… (I covered my breasts with my arms again)

I had to be extremely shameless verbally to make the director understand. Mr. Pyaremohan was siting silently by my side.

Mr. Mangeskar: Anita, my dear, tell me how can you shoot a **** scene with the heroine d****d fully? Na na…. … tell me!

Me: But how can I be like this in front of … you people… !!!

Mr. Mangeskar: Who told you to think like that? Just imagine you are all alone in this room and a ghost is trying to **** you! Ha ha ha…

Me: I am not joking Mr. Mangeskar… I mean how do people act like this? I am feeling… feeling awful!

Mr. Mangeskar: Anita! You are behaving like a newcomer. Okay, I agree that you have not acted in such a sequel, but you are familiar with the rules naa! Even after knowing that this is an attempted **** scene, if you say that I want to remain fully dressed … then I (shrugging heavily) really have nothing to say!

I really got heated up by this comment!

Me: What do you mean? Have I not taken off my sari? Have I not got fully wet in the shower? I even ran that distance in wet clothes for… I don’t know what for! What more do you want?

Mr. Mangeskar: But my dear you should also consider that I did not take any screen tests of you and straightway got you into the acting zone– just on Pyaremohan-ji’s recommendations! That does not happen anywhere!

Me: What has that to do with what I am saying?

Mr. Mangeskar: Arre…what sort of duffer is this! Had I taken your screen test, I would have stripped you to your knickers to assess your figure… that’s the standard practice in this line and you know that very well! A-n-i-t-a, you are behaving… as if you are acting for the first time! Huh!

Me: But… but then how long would I have to be like this… I mean…
I was still covering my twin globes with my folded arms.

Mr. Mangeskar: Hey Pyaremohan-ji… I cannot shoot like this! If she has a problem, lets quit! Sala! Waqt barbaad karne chale aate hain!

Pyaremohan: Arre… please don’t get upset Mr. Mangeskar… I think… I mean Madam seems to be a bit uncomfortable err… wearing only the bra on her upper portion… but… but she never said she will not act… I mean.. Madam… am I right?

The shopkeeper again was trying to guard me and I myself could also well realize that my whole effort till such time would be a sheer waste if I stay stubborn and argued further. Hence I had to change my gear spoke in a softer tone.

Me: Yes.. err.. I mean that’s what I meant… I just wanted to convey my… I mean I just wanted to convey you my discomfort while acting in this condition.

Pyaremohan: Yes, yes Madam. I can understand. Mr. Mangeskar, if you treat this case a bit compassionately. She is not very professional you know.

Mr. Mangeskar: Hmm. Okay, but it’s not an uncommon syndrome you know. Only last month I had such a case while shooting with a newcomer girl. Uff! She was such a nakhrewali! There was a shot where she was sad as the hero was outstation and she was walking on the beach alone. She was wearing a top and a miniskirt you know and naturally as the wind remains stiff on the beach, her skirt was time and again flying up and she started objecting that her panty was visible.

The director paused for a second and noted our reactions.

Mr. Mangeskar: But the whole objective of the scene was different! I wanted to show that she was so sad and engrossed in her lover’s thoughts that she was unaware of what was happening as she walked. So there are so many angles and food for thought when a scene is captured… but these newcomers have only once track mind!

Pyaremohan: Then?

Mr. Mangeskar: Aur kya? I explained her the demand of that scene and she understood, but by that time we lost significant time. The funniest part is that – that same girl within a week’s time gave shots for me bathing in the waterfall without wearing an inner… just as Mandakini did in Ram Teri Ganga Maili. Ha ha ha…

Pyaremohan: Really!

Mr. Mangeskar: Yes… so you know Anita, it’s all in the mind. Mind game you know! If you concentrate on the acting part ONLY, you will really not notice how many people are present in the set or how much your clothes are covering you etc. etc. You should only have the objective to deliver 100%. Isn’t it?

I had no other option but to nod my head after this explanation.

Mr. Mangeskar: Yes, if it was a full-fledged bed scene then I could understand your hesitations as there you need to treat the male actor just like your husband or boyfriend may be because there the male actor will kiss you for prolonged period of time and will touch your body intimately and not only that in bed scenes now-a-days we prefer to have the heroine in western outfits… can you… tell you tell why Anita?

Me: Uhu… (I nodded negatively)

Mr. Mangeskar: Actually the flavor is lost… I intend to show love on screen, but what I end up with is something different! If the actress is wearing a sari, the whole concentration is on pulling off the sari, opening the hooks of the blouse, untying the petticoat knot… you know. So you know in reality the lovemaking part gets delayed.

He paused for a second again and was in the mood to explain things!

Mr. Mangeskar: But on the contrary if my heroine is wearing a skirt and a top, she looks smarter and I can maker her look hot also by varying the length of her skirt or the tightness of her top. Much simpler you know and most importantly its more comfortable for the heroine also!

Me: How? (I almost reacted very spontaneously as I was listening to him quite attentively)

Mr. Mangeskar: Anita, just imagine you are the heroine and you are doing a steamy bed scene for me.

I was not at all prepared for a reply and immediately swallowed my own breath and looked down.

Mr. Mangeskar: Suppose in the first case you are wearing a traditional dress and the hero while making love to you first drops your pallu off your breasts, then unwraps your sari off your waist and you have to also adjust your body significantly so that he can unwrap the sari completely, then he comes back and starts opening your blouse hooks, and then he again goes down to open the knot of your petticoat… don’t you feel the whole effort would make you more embarrassed and discomfit for a prolonged period of time? And… and the lovemaking also takes a back seat all this time?

He paused a little taking a deep breath.

Mr. Mangeskar: But had you been wearing a western outfit, the whole concentration could easily be kept on lovemaking simply because your outfit would just act as a second skin! As the hero would kiss you, he could just pull up your top near the hem and caress your belly. Again he only has to slid his hand downwards just a little to pull up your skirt to caress your legs. So everything goes in one smooth motion.

Pyaremohan: Hmm.. you have a point!

Mr. Mangeskar: I have a lot of points…. Just imagine how odd it would look if in that love scene the hero presses your breasts over your blouse… but if you are wearing a top, the hero can easily slid his hand inside your top from below and produce a better effect. Do you agree Anita?

I nodded with a blushed face. The way the director was vividly explaining things, I could realize a stir within me and my nipples were responding to his “hot” talks adequately and were almost fully up inside my brassiere!

Mr. Mangeskar: Good! But Anita, once and for all, get this nailed into your head that the demand of the scene must be fulfilled. Am I clear enough?

I obviously did not want to irritate the director any more and promptly agreed.

Me: Yes, yes.

Mr. Mangeskar: Okay then guys, lets get back to business. Now for some intense action as the servant naturally is keen to touch his malkin. Anita, Anita, you will continue to be in your lying posture and exhibit resistance, and Pyaremohan-ji you will now ride Anita’s body. Okay? You balance yourself by placing your knees to her sides and sit near Anita’s belly. Clear?

Pyaremohan: Yes.

Mr. Mangeskar: Fine. Now you both will get involved in some hugging and struggling… as it happens in a **** – Pyaremohan-ji will try to grab your breasts, try to kiss you, and hug you… I mean the things which are natural… and Anita, you just falsely struggle.

Me: O… okay, but please ask him to be… I mean… err… a bit decent.

Mr. Mangeskar: What rubbish! How can a **** be decent?

Me: No, no I am not saying that… I am only … I mean I only have the bra now… err… that’s why…

Mr. Mangeskar: Oh! Okay! Not to worry on that Anita, as you jolly well know that even if I want I cannot portray actual things that happens in a ****. I cannot show a full strip, which actually happens in a ****… isn’t it? So…. so, don’t worry on those. Yes, some things do happen at times… which are by no means unnatural… for example in the struggle Anita, your bra clip pops open or say by chance your nipples get exposed out of your bra… these sort of things do happen in shooting, its not that only in **** scenes, but in other bed scenes also, but… but YOU should not worry on those because that surely gets edited.

I was pretty much scared listening to him and was shocked to note the normalcy of his voice saying all these! My God! I decided to be very much careful about Mr. Pyaremohan’s moves and was of course not at all keen to expose further.

Mr. Mangeskar: Enough bla-bla… lets get back to work! Action!

Mr. Pyaremohan was as usual prompt in his actions! He quickly rode my body by placing his legs to my two sides and I readily realized that he was in a very commanding position now and could practically do anything from this posture! I was quite anxious and my heart started to race seeing him in that posture right over my figure. It was just like having my husband on me though he never sits on my body like this! The first thing he did was to held my hands and raised them above my head.

Me: Hey! Stop! What… what…

I could not even complete my words as I saw him bent fully over my body. His arms were also stretched above my head (pinning my hands) and his naked chest was now pressing on my upturned breasts. Simultaneously I could feel his erect cock brushing in my waist area and without ado I realized a sexual jerk within me. He quickly took his mouth right over me and this time without a miss locked my tender lips within his thick lips. As per the director’s instruction, I tried to protest by throwing my legs in the air so that it looked real. But as Mr. Pyaremohan continued to kiss me more deeply, I was getting weaker and weaker and was rather confused what to do.

Though it was acting, as I got his “touches” directly on my body and as he planted the kiss deep in my lips, I was surely getting heated up and I was almost hugging him instead of a protest! My wet body added to the whole setting and I was undoubtedly getting enormously excited as he moved his tongue deep inside my mouth while he rhythmically pushed my pelvic area with his khada lund. Mr. Pyaremohan had a decent erection, which I could feel from the pokes he was accomplishing on the lower half of my body.

Me: Uuuuuuuu… Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…

I demonstrated the joy of his kissing! With each moment, he was gaining in confidence and I was losing out. Mr. Pyaremohan was now in total control of my lips sucking my saliva very energetically. Concurrently, I could realize he was gradually sliding down positioning his crotch right over my choot! I was certainly getting feebler, both mentally and physically. Still I remembered the director’s instructions and continued to throw my legs in the air to show I was protesting. My petticoat being thoroughly wet was clinging to my feet and I was finding it rather difficult to throw my legs like that.

In the meantime, Mr. Pyaremohan nailed the final pin on me when he took one of his hands from above my head to my mammaries and gave me a tight squeeze. Though my hands were free now, my lips were not, and he continued to suck the last drop of juice from them while caressing my firm bra-covered breasts. I could feel the warmth of his fingers on my exposed boob flesh outside my bra and as if a shiver ran down my spine as I felt a male hand in my intimate body portion!

At last Mr. Pyaremohan released my lips! It seemed he was kissing me for ages and the director also did not interfere anywhere. My condition was pathetic and I was literally panting after such a marathon kiss. Rarely had I been kissed so long even by my husband! But this middle-aged man had more energy than I imagined! He did not give me a second’s respite and raised his body slightly off my body and shifted mildly to his left side and in a flash inserted his hand right inside my bra!

Me: Aaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuu… NO…………. Eiii… what’s this? What are you doing? Aaaaaaaahhhh!

Before I could even protest properly to his action, he slid his palm well inside my bra and cupped my warm tight flesh. Instantaneously an electric stimulation as if passed through my whole body and I writhed in excitement.

Me: Stop… I say stop… pppppllllleeeeeeaaaaassssssseeeeee! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh….. Uuuuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiii!

I shrieked very sexily and openly and spontaneously held his hair and pulled his face towards mine. His lips were again grazing my lips! I think any adult woman would have reacted the same if a male inserted his hand right inside her bra in such a lying posture. He felt my naked breast with his palm and in sheer excitement there were goosebump all over my body.

Pyaremohan: Aaaaaah! Kya mast mamme hai yaar! Uhhh!

Mr. Mangeskar: Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Great going! Anita, struggle… struggle… shout for help!

Me: But… but….

Mr. Mangeskar: Don’t spoil the scene Anita! Do as I say.

The director’s voice was cold and stern. I did not have the courage to protest and succumbed to this m*****ation.

Me: He… help! Help! Som…. Som….someone save me! Aaaaah!

Mr. Pyaremohan was naturally in full flow by that time – getting a chance to abuse a young and voluptuous housewife like me! He continued to keep his hand inside my bra and enjoyed my warm boob flesh as he again started kissing me! His lund seemed to be more stiff now and was pushing my love gate very emphatically over my petticoat. After kissing me for a while and squeezing my breast, he took out his hand from inside my bra and honestly I was much relived because I was getting very weak and was actually losing control over myself in absolute sexual pleasures. My pussy was dripping profoundly now and my already wet panty was getting wetter!

Hardly could I exhaled a deep breath, Mr. Pyaremohan was again on me like an eagle converging on a rabbit. He again invaded my bra and this time made me absolutely speechless as he inserted his hand from below the hem of the bra peeling it completely off my left breast. My left breast was suddenly fully exposed in front of this man and I obviously looked utterly sexy.

Me: Eiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! You… you swine! How dare you do that? You…!

I lost words getting into that bizarre situation with one breast exposed in front of two adult males. Mr. Pyaremohan’s eyes as if popped out of his socket as he ogled at my big naked breast. Without wasting any time, he readily grabbed my naked left mammary and started stroking my exposed nipple and areola with his fingers. I tried to stop him with my hands, but he was much stronger than me and quickly got hold of the situation.

My condition was simply awful! My left breast was now first covered by this man’s palm and then by my bra! I got so annoyed and agitated that my whole body twisted and angled in anger.

Pyaremohan: What will you do now sundari! No one can save you today from my clutches! Ha ha ha… (saying that he gave me a very tight squeeze on my tit)

Me: Arre! Eiiii… Stop! You rascal! Mr… Mr. Mangeskar… stop this brute! Stop him! I can’t aaa… act like this!

Mr. Mangeskar: Cut! Cut! Arre! What happened Anita? Isssh! It was such a superb shot in the making! It looked so real! You both were … simply outstanding!

Mr. Pyaremohan slightly lifted his body off mine so that I could talk properly; his right hand was still grabbing my left breast!

Me: What’s this? You idiot! How dare you do that!

Naturally I was boiling in anger.

Mr. Mangeskar: Anita… Anita… calm down first! (I was still breathing deeply and seeing my angry reaction Mr. Pyaremohan removed his hand off my breast) The build-up is so nice… don’t spoil it! Tell me what’s exactly the problem?

Me: This brut! He just… I mean… you can see for yourself… he… my bra…

My face was red in anger and shyness too!
I lost words getting into that bizarre situation with one breast exposed in front of two adult males. Mr. Pyaremohan’s eyes as if popped out of his socket as he ogled at my big naked breast.

Without wasting any time, he readily grabbed my naked left mammary and started stroking my exposed nipple and areola with his fingers. I tried to stop him with my hands, but he was much stronger than me and quickly got hold of the situation. My condition was simply awful! My left breast was now first covered by this man’s palm and then by my bra! I got so annoyed and agitated that my whole body twisted and angled in anger.

Pyaremohan: What will you do now Sundari! No one can save you today from my clutches! Ha ha ha… (saying that he gave me a very tight squeeze on my tit)

Me: Arre! Eiiii… Stop! You rascal! Mr… Mr. Mangeskar… stop this brute! Stop him! I can’t aaa… act like this!

Mr. Mangeskar: Cut! Cut! Arre! What happened Anita? Isssh! It was such a superb shot in the making! It looked so real! You both were … simply outstanding!

Mr. Pyaremohan slightly lifted his body off mine so that I could talk properly; his right hand was still grabbing my left breast!

Me: What’s this? You idiot! How dare you do that!

Naturally I was boiling in anger.

Mr. Mangeskar: Anita… Anita… calm down first! (I was still breathing deeply and seeing my angry reaction Mr. Pyaremohan removed his hand off my breast) The build-up is so nice… don’t spoil it! Tell me what’s exactly the problem?

Me: This brut! He just… I mean… you can see for yourself… he… my bra…

My face was red in anger and shyness too!

Mr. Mangeskar: Yes, your bra. What happened to it?

Me: This ugly creature … What nonsense is this! He just pulled it… as you can…

Mr. Mangeskar: Anita! Did I n
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