nudism with my son!

hi there,

first of all i'm a divorced mother with a son now 17 years old.
it all started about two years ago, when I found some magazines and some of my panties under his bed when I was cleaning his room.
I didn't do anything about it that time, but it made me think about what he was doing with my panties.

i decided to test him a little, so I went shopping, and bougth some small see through panties.
the day after I left my panies on the floor just after the shower, and waited for him to steal them.
just after I left the shower he was there, and I was waiting outside for him.

After some minutes I asked if he was ready at the toilet, and that I needed my panties which I forgot in there!!

He opened the door and passed me heading for his room.
I went in and checked for my underwear, and they were full of cum, just as expected.

i did lick the cum out of my panties before I put them on, and decided to go to him for a taklk.
but before i did that i feelt like I should shave my pussy so he could get a good weiw of it.

when I was finished I put my panties on and headed to his room.
I had my nigth close on, which means a short t-shirt and underwear.

i did knock on his door and he said come on in, so I did!
He was on his bed and I walked thru him, a meter from wherehe was laying.
I tried to look angry, and just showed my underpants down so he could see it all bare.
then I told him that my panties was full of his cum, and he was shocked over my raction I guess.

I took my undrewear off and gave them to him, and told him to better keep it.
theni left the room with my naked ass.

I was so horny after I showed my self off for him, so I went on bed naked and started touching my self.
two minutes later I could see my door opening, but I didn't stop.
he watched me for about ten minutes, and then he was dressing off completly.
he was watching me, and I could see him masturbating by the door.
I went on my stomach and started to go on all fours, and showed him everything.

after just seconds I came harder the ever.
he went back, and I was playing that I didn't notice him at all.

next morning it was nice weather ao I decided to give him a show.
went out to the deck, completly naked, butI was really nervous and put a towel on again.

after a while I was getting so aroused I let the towel drop, and went naked.
first I was really nervous but then I was braver and braver...

I saw rhe postcar comming to our house (on the countryside, without neigbours), I went completly naked to the mailbox.
The lady handed over the post to me with the words: looks like it's going to be alovely day!
afterwards I was feeling ashamed, but aroused of the situation.

when i came to thebackaide of the houseI saw my son son standing thete completly nude with a real hardon.
I was speachless ,and just felt my wetness.
I told him we need to go inside, before someone could see us like tjis.
He followed into the room wherehe flipped me over the edge of the sofa.
then he was pointing his dick into my pussy and showrd it in...

It was the most amzing feeling I ever had almost.
but suddenly I understood tjat he was going to cum in me, and that I was not on pills.
So I told him to stop at once, and he get scared he did hurt me.
I told him he could get me pregnant if we continued.
He then falled down and starrted lick my bumhole.
I had never ever been into anal before, so I tried to stop him, but he just hold me and continued.

then he raised up and put his cock against my butthole, and started to press against it.
It felt like my ass was teared apart when the big head of his cock was in.

he then pushed it in all it' length, and I was more or less froozen at that moment.
then he started to pump my ass for a few minutes before he came in my ass.

then he left with me hanging on the edge of the sofa with my ass open, and his sperm dripping out of my virgin ass!
two minutes later he was back again, and went directly to my ass with his cock.
he fucked me like tjis for about ten minutes, before he throw me around on my back of the sofa.
then he pressed my legs back behind my shoulders and started to fuck me!
I came again and again, and the he shot his second load in my ass.

then he went up to put his cock in my mouth, and I was sucking it clean, and hard again.
now he put me on the stomach and entered my ass once again.
he fucked me like tjis for mabye 15 minutes before he cama again in my ass...

do I need to say I had problems to sit the next day!
for those who havn't teied anal I can only say: do it!!!!!
and if it's with someone you lnow well it can be the best experience you will ever have.


93% (94/8)
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18 days ago
realy nice
1 year ago
mm damn that is sexy. made me so hard. wish u were my mom
1 year ago
ooo GOD i wish I had a mom like you
1 year ago
Mamma -- you loved it!
2 years ago
2 years ago
Wow! vilken berättelse!
2 years ago
great story
2 years ago
wow,its verry hot
2 years ago
loved it
waiting for more
2 years ago
En skön historia
2 years ago
excellent story very enjoyable and very arousing
2 years ago
very hot story, it made me wet
2 years ago
You've raised a horny little fucker, haven't you! Good story. Cocks will stand for anything that is hot, no matter how nasty.
2 years ago
Hot story .
2 years ago
I like mother son fantasy too. good luck dude...
2 years ago
Fantastic story, I'd love to chat x
2 years ago
good boy
2 years ago
nice and sweet
2 years ago
Amazing story
plz end me req mom!
Wna be ur son
2 years ago
Skön berättelse
2 years ago
Such a great story and gave me such a hard on
2 years ago
my morals says to me i shouldnt get a hardon from this story but yet again it gave me a massiv one ty for sharing
2 years ago
ohhhh yeah mom...
2 years ago
Great story, reminds me of my thoughts about my mom back in the eighties, which I didn't act on...
2 years ago
hot story. what lucky son to have a mom like you.
2 years ago
Momma I enjoyed it!
2 years ago
hot story
2 years ago
I love it
2 years ago
OMG this was a awesome story
2 years ago
yes another great story