Boss Lady

So you call me on da way home to tell me that we gotta celebrate cause you were just promoted at ur job and your now "Da Boss" I get home before you and make reservations to a nice resturant and await ur arrival. U come home dressed in a sexy azz business suit and say u wanna change before we go to eat but I convince you that wat ur wearing is fine. A sexy Black Skift suit with Black heels with the red bottoms and a nice red and black button down that unbuttoned enough to get a b*****r excited but not enough to make ya look tacky. So we go to dinner and enjoy urselves eatin and drinking the night away. When we get back to the house and walk thru the door I head str8 to the bed room and tell you to sit tight for a few min. As you enter the room you see why I didn't want you to go in there earlier. Its nicely decorated with scented candles burnin and some soft music playing. When you walk in I say "Well Boss Lady its your night and since ur da boss ur wish is my command. Wat would u like?" U bite ur bottom lip and with a devilish grin u tell me that 1st u want ur feet rubbed and a full body Massage. So I break out some "strawberry & cream" flavored Massage oil have you lay on ur tummy and pour it all over from ur toes to ur neck and start to go to work. I can tell ur very much enjoyin the massage cause I can hear u moanin and on occasion sayin things like "awww fuck babi" or "mmm God damn that feels fuckin good" so to make sure there's no oil left behind I lick ur back clean even ur toes and the crack of ur ass which literally makes ur body shake. Then I flip you on ur back and life one foot coat it with oil and massage from ur toes to ur thighs. I then gently kiss and start to lick ur belly and u slap me in the head for being a tease and I go back to massaging ur tummy and ur breasts with the sweet smelling oil. Then I start at the top and lick away the oil but I intentionally skip ur pussy yet again and u moan out "u fuckin tease ur gonna eat this pussy and ur gonna eat it good too" I look up with a devilish smile and say "Yes Boss Lady I def will just let me finish ur massage." So I then lick clean ur thighs and feet/toes then I spread ur legs and throw em over my shoulders and I position my head between ur thighs and add some of the oil to that area and give it a gentle massage as well. Then I lick it clean and keep lickin and suckin and slurpin all on dat pussy as I close the bottle and toss it somewhere. U start gettin into it moving ur hips grabbin the back of my head and pulling me fwd as u grind into my lips and tongue then u soak my face and the sheets and my chest with that sweet sticky cum but I just keep eatin that sweet juicy pussy like its a peach on a summer day. Makin u squirm and squirt more then u finally tell me to stop and lay on my back. U grab a scarf and tie my hands to the headboard and the proceed to slowly lick ur juices off my chest then down to my tummy, and thighs ignoring my dick and balls and I say "come on ma don't be a fukkin tease" "whaap" u smack me in da mouth and say "I'm Da Boss Bitch tonight don't fuckin talk to me like dat" I nod and say "sorry Boss Lady continue" u then say u got something to shut me up and bend over in front of me and shove it in my face and tell me "now ur azz can't talk with ur mouth full" turned on by u kinkyness I lick up and down ya like a mad man as u grind into my face as its pinned back against some pillows and the headboard. You then grab my throbbing dick and lean forward to get a clear response as u stroke it and ask "Whose dick is this" I respond "its yours Boss Lady and do with it wat u want" u smile and look at me sayin "damn you ur good" then u literally swallow my thick dick hole as I feel ur tongue and lips touch my balls and then u slowly pull it out covered in spit and drool just the sight as well as the feelin had me ready to rip the scarf I'm being held down with. Then u and I engage in wat had to be the wettest 69 ever to have been had. You then tell me ur ready to take wats ur and with ur back still turned u kick off ur heels straddle this big dick reverse cowgirl and slide urself down on it til every thick inch is buried deep in ur tight wet "boss lady" pussy!!!!! Its soo good we both moan out "oooohhhhh fuuuuuccckk!!!" U slowly start to ride this dick as we both enjoy feelin every inche slide in and out of you and I'm def enjoyin the view enough that not havin my hands free doesn't bother me as much. I see that ur pussy starts to get creamy azz ur begginin to cum on da dick nd before we kno it ur sprayin day luvly squirt juice all over me and the sheets yet again. U get up and turn towards me leanin back a bit and ride it more holdin uself up with one hand and goin back and forth from pinchin ur nipples to rubbin ur swollen clit. Its not long before ur ready to cum again but this time just as ur about to squirt u get up and shove ur pussy in my face makin me suck ur clit as ur juices are raining down on me. U then kiss me and lick ur juices off my face and chest then make ur way down to my dick and balls and slowly yet sloppily lick them clean as well. U then tell me "since u been such a good boy I'm gonna untie you and let u have ur way with me now but u better fuck me like a boss is supposed to get fucked!!!" I wink and say "oh yea ur def about to get a Boss Fucking!!!" As soon as you untie me I bend u over and take a bite out of ur azz and u damn near jump out the bed but I grab u and pin u face down azz up and lick then kiss the slight red spot on ur cheek. Then I eat ur pussy from behind as ur reachin back and pullin my face into dat phat ass I start to slurp on ya clit makin u nice and wet. I pick myself up and start to rub the head on ur clit and slap ur swollen lips with the shaft and u yell at me "if you don't quit teasing Da Boss ur ass is gonna get tied up again" so I spread ur cheeks and slide my dick balls deep in dat soaked pussy. U damn near cum on me with just that one stroke. I then grab a hold of ur wait with both hands and start to drill dat pussy like a madman. Ur yellin and screamin and cursin at me tellin me how good I'm makin "Da Boss Lady" feel. As ur pussy starts to clinch on my dick super tight I start to give u some slow long deep strokes makin chills and shivers go down ur body with the feelin of the approaching orgasm. I tell u its something we both should see so I put u on ur back and pin ur knees to ur shoulders as I start giving you those slow, long, deep, penetrating strokes that have that pussy falling in luv with the dick. U start to get super creamy as I start to pick up the pace but losing rhythm as I see your head till back and ur yes damn near roll as u moan out "ahhhhhhhh fuuuuucccckkk Iiiiiii'mmm Cuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmiiiiiiinnnnngggggggg" and squirt so hard I have to actualy reach for a towel which you grab out my hand and say "How dear u try to use a towel to clean up all his yummy goodness" U then push my head down between ur legs as I start to lick u clean I can feel ur body still shakin and ur still makin noises from the sensitivity of that huge orgasm. U then lean me on my back and tell me "now that the Boss Lady's pussy has got wat its been craving now her mouth needs it too. I'm hungry so let me eat dat sweet load" I sit back as you lick and suck this dick like its the 1st thing you have eaten in days. Unable to hold back more I tell u I'm about to cum and u stop strokin it with ur hands and use only mouth, tongue and throat to suck down every sweet drop of my phat load. Covered in sweat we lay for a min then we head into the shower for Round 2.
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