So wrong it's right.

My name is Mark, I have a girlfriend, Her name is Charlie she's beautiful, funny and amazing in so many ways.. We live together and have such a happy life.. This sounds great, but there was one problem. One thing that was eating away at me, a girl. But not just any girl, My girlfriends older s****r Roxy.

The first time i met Roxy i had to snap myself out of it, i had to look away to avoid staring, her hair is a dark brown and her eyes are green, her boobs huge and somehow are still perky and she had the tightest ass i'd ever seen. She's older than Charlie and me and she has a k** with her fiancee, John.. it was taboo, because it was wrong for me to be having these thoughts about my girlfriends s****r, So wrong.

Gradually, the longer amounts of time we spent together in a group, whether i was with Charlie and her or if John was there.. i would pick up on things, at the time i thought i was wishful thinking, she started calling me babe in texts, she would ring me just for a chat and a moan about her fiancee, asking whether i think she deserves better. I did, i wanted her, so bad.

Me and Charlie were babysitting one evening while John and Roxy went to one of John's friends weddings, we had babysat many times and their daughter was only little so we basically just watched TV. Whilst watching TV Charlie received a phone call from her work, the local pub, asking her why she hadn't turned up for her shift "Oh shit" she exclaimed "i thought i was working tomorrow" she said. So Charlie rang Roxy explaining how she needs to go and she didnt know what to do. Roxy suggested she could come home as she had a headache anyway and it's John's friends wedding so he should stay, the only issue was it was an hours drive and Charlie was already late for her shift.

Being the caring person i am, i suggested i wait here until Roxy gets home and then i could leave when she gets here. Charlie agreed and quickly sped off to the pub. After 45 minutes or so Roxy pulls up, so i opened the door and greeted her. "Your daughter is asl**p so i better be off?" i casually implied.

"Oh, you're going so soon" said Roxy, a tone of disappointment in her voice. Then she strolled off into the kitchen.

"I could stay for a while if you like" i said, following her like a lost dog. Once i turned the corner into the kitchen i could see her getting a bottle of red wine out of the fridge with 2 glasses. She smiled and winked with that super sexy cheeky grin and said "You wouldnt leave me to drink alone would you"

She grabbed the corkscrew and attempted to undo the cork, pressed up against her large perky breasts all i could think about was what they would look like naked, with no bra.. she tugged on the corkscrew to pull the cork out, spilling the wine all over her dress.

I was in shock, the wine must have been freezing because i could see her nipples poking through, "Oh, darn it.. guess i'll have to take this off" she said in a tone i had never heard from her. I nodded expecting her to go to her room and change. She was looking at me, not breaking eye contact, i could see her touching her shoulder where the strap was from her dress, she pulled them over her shoulders and her dress fell to the floor. To my amazement, the girl i had lusted over for years was in her underwear in front of me looking me in the eyes while i stared at her smoking hot curves. I couldnt bring myself to look away this time. She started walking towards me.

"Mark, Mark.. i take it you're enjoying the view?" she said smiling, "I.. uh, well.." i mumbled. "It's ok" she said. grabbing the wine bottle. "I could pour this over your top.. or you could just take it off" she said. i obliged, without even thinking about it.. i grabbed her. With both hands. caressing the curves of her magnificent body, she kissed me, biting my bottom lip and grabbing my cock through my jeans. I ran my hands down her legs feeling her white panties, now moist. she whispered in my ear.. "I've wanted this for so long".

As she kissed my bare chest, she ran her fingers over my abs and grabbed my belt with both hands, she was rough, naughty.. just like i imagined her to be. I undid her bra and threw it on the table, unleashing her big perky breats. She dropped to her knees and kissed my stomach. ran her hands down my chest and undid my jeans, Looking down and seeing her big green eyes and big breasts had already made me rock hard, she pulled out my cock, i dont think she expected my cock to be as big as it is.. it's around 10 inches and curves up when hard, "I've never had a cock this big" she screamed as if it was Christmas. She didnt mess around, she thrust my cock deep in her mouth. For a girl that has never handled a 10inch cock, she sure knows how to work one. she sucked the end, watching her beautiful red lips engulf my big hard cock was a dream come true for me and she knew i was loving it, she took her hand and worked the shaft of my cock, while keeping those perfect lips wrapped around the end of my dick, with every stroke the pleasure built, i just wanted to cum down her throat, i knew i had to make the most of this but i couldnt wait anymore, i had to taste her.

I stood her up and kissed her again, i could feel her tongue, she wanted mine. I slowly slipped my tongue inside her mouth deep and slow, i had to taste more, i wanted to taste the sweet pussy i had dreamed about. I lifted her up onto the kitchen side, she liked it when i took control i could see it in her eyes, like every time i grabbed her she built with pleasure, i grabbed her panties and slid them off, shaved.. again like i had imagined it to be,I left her heels on, i've always oved her heels. I think its a fetish of mine.. i kissed around her pussy teasing her, then i licked her clit so tenderly, as if i wasnt even touching it, she moaned quietly.. so i licked it a bit more, branching down to her lips. I slipped my tongue in her, she squirmed knocking things off the side, we didnt care. She wrapped her legs around my head, burying my face in her pussy, i didnt care, i kept licking inside her, by now she was sopping wet down there and was moaning loadly, i licked her clit and i could feel her perlis gyrating, she liked it when i licked her clit like that. i sped up, i put my finger inside her massaging her G spot, she moaned even louder now, "I'm going to cum! oh my god! Lick my asshole" she screamed. I carried on, i licked her asshole and slid a finger inside,she loved this, i kept massaging her G spot and made her cum, she kissed me and was grabbing my cock. pulling me close "i want to ride you, and i want to do it in mine and John's bed" she whispered.

I knew she was such a kinky bitch there and then. She walked off to the stairs.. i saw her bend over on all fours and crawl up the stairs.. She still had her heels on, the fucking kinky whore. i knew what she was implying.. i walked over, i grabbed her hips and i slid my cock in her still soaking pussy. She was so wet but it was barely fitting in.. "Stick it in me deep", she said, "I dont care if it hurts" so i did. i rammed it in.. her face now pressing up against the stairs.. she grabbed a towel that was hanging from the banister and used it as a pillow, something to bite so she didnt wake the baby. I grabbed her ass and started smashing her so hard, she was moaning again and grabbing onto the banisters, she kept saying my name and caressing her breasts, i wanted to cum but i knew she wanted it in there bed, i whispered in her ear "lets fuck in the bed" she giggled and pulled my cock out, gave it a quick suck then ran upstairs in those sexy heels, i loved seeing her sexy ass bounce in jeans or leggings, i never thought i would see it naked.

I joined her in bed and she climbed onto me, she was still wet and i was still rock hard, she slid me in, grinding forward and backwards.. she leant forward and cautiously said to me.. "am i better than Charlie.." she slowed right down, as if i would say anything other than "fuck yes, you're so much better" she loved this and started riding me so hard. It's like it turned her on more than i was Charlie's boyfriend. I could hear her thighs slapping agains me, she looked me in the eyes while fucking me. She sped up, i could feel like i was going to cum, she grabbed my hands and clenched them, interlocking her fingers. "I want to cum on your dick" she screamed "i want you to fuck me".

I turned her over, "you want me to fuck you" i said, she screamed "Yes, Hard, fuck me hard!" That sense of me taking controol was overpowering her, I hammered my cock into her pussy, feeling her lips around my cock felt amazing, "Cum in me" she said, "i want to feel your hot load" i sped up, her perfect tits bouncing up and down, my head of my cock felt so deep inside her and her lips gripping my shaft at the base made me want to cum, i wanted to look into her eyes as i cum, i wanted to remember this moment. I thrust my cock as deep as i could shooting my loud in Roxy she orgasmed and her eyes rolled back, she was moaning and her legs were wrapped around me so tight, she said my name as she cum, my Girlfriends s****r, Roxy. We laid there, tired and exhausted as i said to her, "as great as this was it's so wrong" Roxy turned to me looked me in the eye and said "Yes, it is.. but.. you know its going to happen again, because it is wrong.. but it's so wrong it's right.."
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2 years ago
Good story. I really like their interaction.
2 years ago
2 years ago
great story,looks forward to more