Natural Ingredients for a crossdresser

It was still snowing outside and I wasn't going to be recieving any visitors today so I decided to treat myself and while the day dressed how I wanted.... I had set the heating up high at my place, so I could wear one of my sexy side tie bikinis which show off my sweet little ass so well. Having enjoyed the view in a full length mirror and got some self shot snaps, I found myself sitting at my dressing table wondering how to amuse myself next....
Looking at my face in the mirror I noted a little dryness (no doubt from my earlier shave, god how I hate that ritual, you girls don't know how lucky you are!), no worry I thought out with the moisturiser. As I opened the lid though I found that the ingredients had settled out. No doubt due to sitting against a hot radiator all day, no amount of mixing would thicken it up. Then a lovely kinky thought struck, I would have to add an extra ingredient to thicken it up a bit. Being into natural cosmetics it gave me the best excuse to 'improvise'.....
I padded as demurely as I could to the kitchen in that side tie bikini and selected two of the least ripe bananas I had. Heading back to the dressing table I picked up a towel on the way. Placing the towel on the dressing table stool, I kept my legs straight and together and bent at the waist, imagining the view my imaginary lover would have if they were on the bed looking at my ass as I bent over.
I peeled the curved banana and delicately pulled the tie to one side of the bottoms undone, as the bottoms dropped away I started running the peeled banana up and down my sweet ass crack. With this my boy clitoris started to stir and rise, he had been shy today but this was the type of treatment we both required. The rubbing of banana was getting intense and it was becoming a mush in the crack of my ass, it was at this point one of my fingers popped inside my boy cunt, my dicklet jumped at the sensation and my eyes which had been closed as enjoyed the sensation shot open. In the mirror of the table, I was looking hot and bothered, with my boy clit throbbing and bouncing in time with my ministrations to my sweet ass. Time to thicken that moisturiser, I straddled the stool and took the straighter banana and this time without peeling it I ran it up and down the crack of my ass coating it in the mush of the first banana. Then I placed inat the opening of my well lubricated boy hole and pushed it in whilst relaxing my muscles......
It slipped in slowly, so I pulled it out just as slowly. I repeated this motion several times enjoying the feelings, of being progressively filled more and more as the banana penetrated deeper with each thrusting push. Then most of the banana slipped inside and felt it brush against my insides. I relaxed and sat on the stool with a wide leg stance. My imaginary lover would have had some incredible views, from behind my ass cheeks spread in a wide squat with the end ofna banana sticking out and from the front my boy clit pointing to the ceiling, bobbing with every little move I made and dripping precum. I grabbed the moisturiser tub and let the precum drip into it....
Now I slowly girated my hips, riding that banana delicatly so as not to break it but so it began to stroke my prostrate as I felt full to the brim. The sensations where incredible and my boy clit started bouncing and jerking. Suddenly as the banana stroked mu prostrate I felt as if I lost control, I felt a pressure build and release from my tight sack, and it was all i could do to hold the tub steady as I milked my cum into the moisturiser....
After I had cleaned up I mixed my new natural ingredients into the moisturiser, the liquid now had a lovely rich thick creamy feel, and felt so soothing as I applied it to my face. Also I suspect that all those natural proteins will bring a new glow to my skin, especially when I remember the fun I had in collecting my natural ingredients..
88% (9/1)
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Loved it
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very natural also so excitting
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