I was his first

He told me he wasnt good at repairing dvd-players. - He was wrong
His mother told me he was a genious at repairing dvd-players. - She was right
He told me he didnt want to get paid for fixing my dvd-player. - He was to kind
I asked if he wanted anything else then money, he said no. - He lied
When i asked if he could come back some other time for dinner. - I lied, i wanted him
He said he would like my food better then his moms . - He didnt know i was a bad cook
He told me that his mom was going away the next weekend, i said i didnt know that . - I lied, i knew
I said "See you next week" , he said "Ok, next saturday". - My thoughts said "take me here and now"
His mind told him to grab my breasts. - But he was to shy
Minutes went by. - Fellt like hours
Hours went by. - Fellt like days
Days went by. - Fellt like months
Finally the day came. - Fellt ages
I had a whole day to prepare dinner and myself. - But time flew by
It was suddenly down to a few hours. - But time flew by
Suddenly it was down to minutes. - But time flew by
He knocked on my door. - I had just throwned dinner in the trashcan
I greeted him , and closed the door. - I was so horny
Well i told him that i ruined the dinner. I was so embarrased
He said he wasnt hungry. - He lied
Well iguess we will start with the dessert. - I lied , i had none
He said what is for dessert. - I panicked
I turned against him. - Looked in his eyes
He looked at me. - Looking down my cleavage
I said that there was no dessert prepared. - Looked in his eyes
He looked at me. he looked like a ?
I said that i was the dessert. - But actually he was the cookie with the cream
He looked at me. - He felt his penis go into woody-mode in seconds
I looked at him. - My mind said "take me"
He looked at me. - His mind said "Oh god"
I places his hands on my breasts. - My mind said "take me, here and now"
He stared at his hands as he squeezed. - His mind said "cant believe this
I kneeled in front of him. - I hope he has showered
He looked down on me unzipping him. - He remembered his pack of condoms being at home
I undressed him. - His penis stood out , straight, little to the left
He undressed me. - My pussy was all wet and ready
I was placed on all fours. - He made a good choice
Felt his cock looking for my pussy. - "take me"
I felt him go all in. - Oh god !
He started to fuck me on the kitchen floor. - "How long can he last?"

The rest you can all imagine.

with love Maggan1964
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2 years ago
wow !
3 years ago
strangely written I like it
3 years ago
Hi really loved they way you wrote this story.
3 years ago
I liked it. Very good. Thanks
3 years ago
sounds like lots of fun
3 years ago
Great story. Get it over to Erotica Authors Unite! on Facebook ASAP!
3 years ago
3 years ago
different fucking 4 star