Johanna and the many men (part 2)

…Johanna screamed and groaned in pain as she first had anal sex. He fucked her slowly at first and then run faster. She was moaning constantly now, and he was about to come.
He pulled the dick out of her anus which was now even bigger and spurted over her ass and her back. There were now four men left and one of them climbed up behind her and immediately began to run into his cock in her anus. He was due entirely to her even though he was quite as much. She moaned and screamed when he fucked her and she really loved to be totally utilized in this way, even though it was pretty bad. Although he came across her ass and her back and the next two men did the same thing. The last man walked up behind her and she turned his head and saw his cock. It was certainly over 20 cm long and was very rough. She gasped when she felt that he put the dick in her anus and started to drive it into her. It was very sore but was still exciting, and she screamed and groaned aloud when he started pushing the growing of her. Eventually it was stopped completely and he began to pull it out slowly bring to then run it again. For each time so he could fuck her anus slightly faster and after a while it went pretty quickly. She cried constantly all the time and just how she felt her anus filled with more and she knew it had gone for him inside her. He pulled out the cock and continued to spray long rays of her back so far that some reached up to her neck. She collapsed on the bed completely exhausted and breathing heavily. She brought her hand back to feel his ass and it was all sticky semen that had been fired there. She went down with his hand and reached to end the anus. She could feel her anus gaped like a big hole and looked anxiously at the leader who sat in the armchair.
? No problem.? he said. ? It will tighten again soon. Do not worry only.?
She puffed out.

The leader stood up and walked to the door and opened it. In came the big four grown men and they immediately went up to her.
? This is the penultimate act.? said the leader.
One of the men lay on his back in bed beside her and ordered her to straddle him. She stood up and fell down upon him. Before she even had time to start riding so he pulled her down over her and she felt a cock pushed into her anus. It was pretty easy and when two men stood bottomed her third and fourth in front of her and told her to suck their dicks while she got fucked by the other two men. She sucked all she could on their dicks while she got fucked while the other two men. After a while, walked one man in front of her away and she knew immediately that the cock was about to enter her pussy.
? Ah? she screamed aloud when he squeezed himself into more and more.
But there was no one who cared. She said only that special word, they would of course stop immediately, but she did not, so they just continued. Eventually, he had received as much as it went, and Joan felt that she was about to crack. When they began to encounter their dicks into her pussy, she kept both of them almost faint from the pain, but she moaned like anything.
? Harder! Fuck me harder you bastards!? she screamed at them.
After a moment all stood up and turned her back on the bed and stood around her face. They shook their dicks all they had and they just sprayed one by one over her face, hair, neck and over her breasts. She swallowed as much as she could and licked her second most in themselves. It hurt all over her body and she was totally exhausted and relieved that it was over, but she still loved the way they treated her.
When the leader got up from his chair and came to her as she lay exhausted on the bed.
? Now I'll fuck you, and it will be worse than anything that happened during the evening?
………..the end

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4 years ago
great story i enjoyed reading it!
4 years ago
Torture for her or...? Seems she liked it
4 years ago
very hot