Johanna and the many men (part 1)

Johanna had long gone and imagined what it would be to be fucked by several men. Although she just turned 22 so she loved the idea that more men would take her, one by one, hard and long. She often fantasized about being a little sex slave who did everything she was told.

And now she stood there, naked on his knees with his hands locked behind his back with handcuffs. Before her stood eight men who were all in their 50s and shaking their dicks. She was first a bit hesitant, wondering what to do with her. She knew that she at any time could say the word? Orange? and they would stop immediately. If only she could trust them. In one corner sat a man in an armchair, and she suspected that he was some kind of leader.
One of the men came up to her and grabbed her long blonde hair and pulled it back so she opened her mouth. Then he brought up his cock in her mouth.
? We will now clear the monk you so it's just that you relax in your mouth so you can easily.?
She opened her eyes and looked straight into his eyes when he grabbed both her hands on her head and started to fuck her little mouth. She gasped, but occasionally nausea when dick was too far into the mouth. But gradually it went better and better. After a while the man let go of her head with one hand and pulled out my dick and shook it in front of her face until it went for him. Her whole face was buried in semen and licked her in as much as she could. The semen ran down her neck and was just the next one arrived to take over. His cock was larger than the first man and she was thinking just to relax properly. Also he put his hands on her head and then f***ed his dick in her mouth and started to fuck her. It did not take nearly as long before it went to him and when he came then he came really well too! She had semen all over her face, hair, the breasts and neck, and more, it would be. This is how it continued until all eight men had fucked her mouth and she was now a total of dirty semen.

The eight men left the room and the leader walked up to her and kissed her. Then he ordered her to stand on all fours on a large bed with sheets of black latex, which was middle of the room.
? Can I wipe off the semen first?? she asked nervously.
? No!? he said sternly. ? You should just shut up and accept everything that you get now.?
She did as he said, and shortly afterwards came ten men in the room and stood around the bed. They began to fondle and squeeze her where she stood on the bed. They gathered behind her and one of the men rose up in bed and knelt behind her. He grabbed her waist and began to bring his cock against her pussy. He penetrated her and she gave a loud groan. He pressed into his cock as far as it went and she groaned aloud all the time.
? Mmm, you are so very tight!? he groaned.
He held her waist and began to fuck her hard. She screamed every time he bit her bottom and he took hold of her long blonde hair and pulled it back with one hand so that she would arch to the max.
? Oh, you're our little fuck machine!?
He continued to fuck her until it went to him and then pulled his dick out so everything came over her back.
So was the next man's turn to take over and he fucked her fast and hard and spurted over her back, too. Three of did the same and where the fifth man climbed into bed, she began to become very weak and was difficult to keep running as she almost fell together in front of him. He pulled up her ass so she was kneeling with his head down in bed, so he soaked a finger and placed it against her anus. He pressed his finger and she did let out a long moan until his finger was completely inside. Then he started humping a little and after a while he pressed two fingers and so he continued until he could get three fingers. Then he pulled out a black anal plug and began to push into it instead.
? Oh, it hurts!? she screamed.
He just kept pushing it in until all was right.
Then he put his dick in her pussy and started pushing it without resistance. He fucked her hard and firm. After a while he pulled out the cock and took hold of the anal plug and pulled it out a bit too. He brought it back and began to fuck her with it. Eventually he pulled out all her anus and left a gaping hole behind. He put his cock against her anus and began to squeeze it. It was much larger than the plug and the Johanna screamed and groaned in pain as she first had anal sex.

….to be continued
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4 years ago
hot lil'slut
4 years ago
Johanna needs a hug and a high five. all women should have this fantasy
4 years ago
good stuff!
4 years ago
great story, hot and naughty ;)