Auntie Marilyn , Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Marilyn Goodge studied herself carefully in the mirror. "Am I getting old," she mused
as she stroked her face, studying her high cheekbones with the close scrutiny that
only a very beautiful woman could do. She was still a knock-out and she knew it, it
was just that earlier on that day she had witnessed something which had shocked
her profoundly and had caused her, for the first time, to wonder if she was getting
The voluptuous 35 year old woman had just stepped out of the tub and having
toweled her body vigorously she had caused her ruby red nipples to spring to
immediate hardness. She cupped her breasts in her hands and held them lovingly,
feeling a surge of sexual pleasure erupt in her body. Marilyn knew that she was
horny, it wasn't easy being a beautiful widow with very high standards, none of the
men in her immediate social circle really appealed to her, that was with the exception
of Ronnie Goodge but then he was her dead husband's b*****r and it just wasn't
done to have an affair with such a close f****y member.
She had noticed of late that her attention was being drawn more and more to very
young boys, in fact it was that very thing that had upset her so much earlier on in the
The young widow had stopped by her b*****r-in-law's house to drop off a birthday
gift for him. She hadn't bothered to knock on the door and had quietly entered the
kitchen, only to realize that there was someone in the house. At first she thought it
was her eleven year old nephew Peter and she hadn't thought anything of it, then
she had heard other voices and she had just presumed that it was a couple of
Peter's friends. But then, she heard a strange moaning that had caused her to stop
dead in her tracks, it wasn't an ordinary moan, in fact she knew immediately what
kind of a moan it was ... she might not have made love for a long, long time but she
knew a sexual cry when she beard it!
Whatever could be going on in the house, she had wondered and quietly moving
through the house she made her way to the den where the sounds seemed to be
coming from. The door was slightly ajar and peeping through the crack in the door,
Marilyn saw, much to her horror her nephew Peter with his friend Seth Roberts
hovering over Emmy Phillips' girl Jenny ... the only problem was that Jenny's sweater
was up and she was not wearing a bra. The boys were cupping the girl's swollen,
nipple-peaked mounds eagerly, tweaking and teasing the nipples and causing the
young girl to writhe and squirm in her seat.
Marilyn could hardly believe her eyes, Peter was only eleven and so was his friend
Seth and Jenny Phillips wasn't more than thirteen years old. She had no idea that
k**s of that age did things like that. Then she gasped inwardly as her nephew leaned
over the young girl and started to suck one of her swollen rigid nipples up into his
eager mouth.
"Oooooooooh!" the young blonde girl moaned, her eyes almost popping out of her
head as the boy licked hungrily at the tingling little bud as Seth continued to
massage the other nakedly upthrust mound.
"When are you going to let us look at your pussy, Jenny," Peter urged.
"Another time," purred the young girl seductively, licking her lips sensually as the
boys continued to play with her tits.
"How about now?" Seth grinned lewdly, giving her breast an extra hard tweak.
Suddenly Marilyn could bear it no longer and she coughed loudly, causing the young
girl to thrust down her sweater quickly just before the older woman entered the den.
"What's going on here Peter," she inquired, looking earnestly into the guilt-stricken
faces of the young c***dren.
"Oh Aunt Marilyn, what a surprise," blushed Peter, looking down quickly at his shoes.
"I said, what's going on here," Marilyn said again firmly.
"Nothing, we were just trying to get Jenny to go to the park with us," lied Seth
"I see, well, why don't you run along Peter ... and when Daddy gets home, tell him I
left a gift for his birthday. Oh, and also, tell him to call me."
Marilyn Goodge left the house quickly, she was in a quandary, should she tell her
b*****r-in-law what she had seen at the house, or not ... she really didn't know what
to do ... it was so embarrassing.
* * *
"Marilyn, are you serious," Ronnie Goodge exploded on the other end of the
telephone later that evening, "you saw what?"
"I saw your son Peter sucking Jenny Phillips' breasts, I'm telling you ... don't you
believe me, Ronnie?"
"I'm sorry Marilyn, to sound so disbelieving, it's just difficult to imagine young Peter
doing such a thing, he's just a k**."
"That's what I thought Ronnie, but both he and his friend Seth were playing with the
Phillips' girl, I thought you should know."
"Thanks Marilyn, I'll have a talk with Peter and oh, by the way, thanks for the birthday
present, you're really sweet."
"Goodnight then Ronnie, be gentle with Peter, he really is just a c***d."
Marilyn Goodge hung up the telephone and moving over to the drinks cabinet she
poured herself a stiff drink. She had been more than embarrassed to talk of such a
thing with her handsome b*****r-in-law, especially as she always felt such a sexual
undercurrent from him ... still, she had to do her duty, it was only right and proper.
The older woman had just taken a bath and was now feeling quite relaxed, the drinks
adding to her relaxation. She sank into the chair and picked up a book, pulling her
bathrobe tightly around her voluptuous body. She looked like an old fashioned
miniature at that moment, her black curly hair piled up on the top of her head like a
Gibson girl, her cornflower blue eyes gazing into the distance, totally lost in thought.
She sipped her second drink a little more slowly, feeling her nipples hardening
against the fuzzy material of her bathrobe. Marilyn always felt embarrassed when
her body spoke to her this way, it was almost as if it was telling her that it was hungry
to be touched and caressed ... yet, what could she do ... she couldn't go out and
solicit a man, she just wasn't that kind of a woman.
Marilyn had been widowed a couple of years now and during that time she had had
one brief affair with a doctor, but since that time no man had entered her life. For a
long time, it didn't bother her but she had noticed over the past few months that she
was feeling hornier and hornier, it didn't take very much to make her body flare up in
a passionate need that demanded satisfaction immediately. She sighed languidly
now, leaning back on the couch, allowing her robe to fall slightly open to reveal the
swollen mounds of her breasts and the rose- tipped nipples nestled on the top of
Marilyn gazed down at her body, allowing the robe to fall open enough to reveal her
smooth belly and the provocative valley down between her parted thighs. She
sucked in her breath now as she felt her flesh beginning to tingle with the wanton
desire that she had been fighting for the past few months and almost u*********sly
she trailed her hand down to the wide-set mounds of her breasts, slipping her fingers
inside her robe and flicking them lightly over the pertly swollen buds of her nipples.
The beautiful widow sighed as she began to gently massage her breasts, then still
without thinking of what she was doing she allowed her hand to trail down her
smooth satin belly to the steadily pulsating mound of her pussy and to come into
alarming contact with the little bud of her clitoris.
Suddenly the lust-contorted face of young Jenny Phillips sprang up in front of her
and she knew now why it had disturbed her so much to see the boys playing with the
young girl ... it was her own desire that she had seen mirrored in the girl's face.
Beside herself now, not thinking of what she was actually doing, Marilyn tweaked
harder and harder over the urgently pulsing little clitoral bud. She moaned softly at
the titillating shocks of delight that shot out from her loins at the teasing contact of
her finger on the ripe little bud, her buttocks undulating sensuously as she reached
both hands lower to part the black-fringed lips of her cunt. More strained whimpers
issued from her throat as her fingers spread the smoothly flowing cuntal moisture up
and down the lust-tortured slit, and she could feel the fluttering in her stomach from
her growing desire as she further intensified the lewd stroking on her pulsating
Marilyn continued the obscene self-caress unthinkingly for a moment longer, then
with a sigh of shame and frustration, stilled her hand again, her body stiffening and
her eyes opening wide to stare up at the ceiling in shock and humiliation as she
realized what she was about to do. It was almost too warped and perverted for her to
even imagine, and even here in the privacy of her own home Marilyn felt almost as
embarrassed and ashamed as she should have if she had been caught in the act!
She was confused, part of her felt that it was wrong and evil to touch herself and the
other part of her was on fire for release, her lust was like a hot ball of fire in her loins
and she knew that she had to have some kind of relief. Suddenly she arched her
smoothly rounded buttocks of the couch, she had to release herself even if it did
mean this lewd act. A shiver ran through her as she placed her finger back into
contact with the lewdly pulsing little bud of her clitoris, moving downward again to
spread the flowing cuntal moisture up and down along her glistening pussy- slit. Her
fingers worked the hair-lined lips wider apart and began to probe teasingly up into
the softly clasping upper flesh, sending further obscene shocks of pleasure and need
to dart out over her lustfully quivering body.
Her mind almost blotted out the guilt that welled parallel to her rising lust as she
wormed her middle finger slowly up into the resisting tightness of her desire-heated
pussy. She knew there was no way to stop herself now. She would never get to
sl**p if she didn't do something to quell her consuming lust. Moaning distantly she
burrowed her middle finger deeper, her thumb rubbing swiftly at the hotly throbbing
bud of her clitoris as she arched her hips even higher and sank her finger to the last
knuckle into her moistly parting cuntal flesh. Then with an even more insane
whimper she surrendered completely to her obscene longing and began a lewdly
writhing undulation of her body on the bed, finger-fucking with smooth even strokes
in and out of the tightly caressing lips of her cunt.
A stream of desperate moans and pleadings issued from Marilyn's throat as she
began to finger-fuck herself in earnest. Her eyes and teeth clenched and she
thrashed her body savagely from the obscene lust of passion that consumed her.
Grunts of salacious pleasure spewed from her lips and her fingers darting swiftly in
and out of her tightly trembling pussy-lips, her thumb working with maddening effect
on the pulsating bud of her clitoris.
Her face flushed and she broke out in a shining coat of perspiration as the lovestarved
widow strained for the still distant orgasm, groaning in lustful frustration and
worming her finger even more rapidly in and out of the quivering warmth of her
pussy. She tossed her head from side to side, whipping her long black curly hair
undone from the confines of the bobby pins that were holding it up on the top of her
head. Then she lifted her head up from the couch, gazing in shock down between
the trembling mounds of her naked breasts and deriving a lewd thrill at the perverse
sight of her own hand moving eagerly up and down between her widely scissoring
Again she recalled Jenny's expression as her nephew Peter had sucked her breast
and her sense of identification merged more clearly in the focus of her own
heightened lust, and in spite of the thrills coursing wantonly through her naked loins
and flesh, Marilyn could not quell the sob that rose in her throat at the shattering
realization that above and beyond everything else she'd felt at the obscene
encounter at her b*****r- in-law's house, she had been envious of the young girl
being so lewdly fondled by the two young boys!
Now Marilyn's body was thrashing savagely on the couch, her loins jerking madly to
the probing strokes of her fingers working deeper and deeper into the quivering flesh
of her cunt. The lips of her vagina flowered open wider to accept two fingers, and
then three, up into her warmly yielding inner flesh, and she continued the frenzied
stroking of her thumb over the little twitching bud of her clitoris, almost driving herself
out of her mind with obscene passion.
Then suddenly her whole body tensed and shuddered, and a series of obscene
grunts and moans and whimpers spewed from her lips as she moved her finger in a
staccato rhythm in and out of her burning loins. Her body uncoiled in a frantic
whiplash motion, her legs opening and closing in desperation on the finger that still
jerked in and out of the wantonly sucking lips of her pussy. Already Marilyn could feel
the rising tide beginning deep up in her heaving belly. Spontaneous contortions
racked her naked flesh as she hungered and fought for the release she now knew
was imminent. Another spasm of obscene delight shook her, obliterating the last of
her inhibitions with the salacious promise building in her loins.
As reality began to fade, Marilyn emersed herself totally in the delirium of her selfinflicted
passion. She drew her fingers almost completely out of her trembling cuntlips,
stroking in an even more rapid motion over her swollen clitoris to send new,
more wanton thrills to swell out from the pulsating flesh of her loins through every
inch of her gyrating body. She worked her finger frenziedly back and forth over the
quivering cuntal bud, sobbing and moaning in urgent supplication as the release she
so urgently needed continued to elude her. Then giving out with an even louder
moan she thrust her three fingers savagely back into the trembling little cuntal
Marilyn's breasts heaved with the insane tossings of her lust-racked torso as she
lunged her hips wildly up and down on the bed, jerking with the little spasms flowing
spontaneously out through her loins.
Suddenly the wanton woman began to feel her orgasm mounting inside her quivering
pussy-flesh that surfaced swiftly in a blinding volcano of elation, bursting forth in a
breathtaking wave of sensation that soared through every inch of her nakedly
thrashing body. The lips of her cunt clutched and sucked at her lewdly fucking finger.
Her breath rasped in short gasps, and she cried out in delirium, wallowing in her
obscene bliss as the lightning-like sensations jolted relentlessly through her.
Marilyn continued the rapid workings of her thumb over the pulsating bud of her
clitoris until she'd extracted every bit of the obscene pleasure that her body had to
offer. She writhed and bucked beneath her own finger as it continued to plunge in
and out of the contracting walls of her pussy. She was riding the waves of her
overwhelmingly sensational orgasm now, giving herself the release she had yearned
for so long.
She felt soft and yielding and very much a woman now as she sank back down onto
the couch, satiated by her own hand, her lust-tormented body relaxed now. The tiny
cringing wall of doubt began to mount in her mind now, however, as the orgasm
faded and began to be replaced by the overwhelming pangs of doubt ... she was
really perverted to do such a thing, she told herself over and over again in her mind
... there was no reprieve for her ... she was a lost woman!
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Very hot. Great details.
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Very good story-well written.