Back Field In Motion 1st Down

Watching the Panthers/ Bucs game on TV Sonji fell asl**p with her head resting on my lap. The game had just gone to half time. The warmth of her face and her head on my dick gave it a wonderful feeling. I wanted to FUCK her mouth so bad and I knew that it wasn’t going to be long before the second half started. I didn’t want to wake her she looked so peaceful just lying there sl**ping. Her beautiful chocolate skin and those full pouty lips were making the temptation of having them wrapped around the head of my cock just impossible to resets. Sonji knows how to suck a dick and the pleasure she gives can make a blind man see. I knew that if I was going to get any of that mouth on my dick that I better get to moving because it wasn’t going to be long before the start of the second half. Lightly I began running my fingers up and down her arm and rubbing her shoulder. The longer I continued the harder my cock grew. I placed my hand on her check and pressed her head against my now hard throbbing dick. She woke and asked “Is the game over”; I answered “No, it just went into half time”. She raised her head and looked at the bulge that had been made in my shorts. With a smile she said “What has happen here"? “The warmth of your face had given my cock sweet comfort”, “is that so” she replied, “Yes, I wanted to FUCK your mouth but you looked so beautiful sl**ping that I hated to wake you”. She got up and knelt in between my legs and parting my thighs, she took a hold of my waist band to my shorts and pulled them down exposing my now fully erected cock. “Well, Baby I’m going to give this cock some sweet comfort it’s wanting”. Taking her tongue she licked the pre-cum oozing out from the tip and slowly placing just the head inside her fire blazing mouth. I almost lost my load the moment it touched her tongue. She began easing her mouth further down onto it all the way to the base, my eyes rolled to the back of my head. She would gag just a little each time she took it to the base. I placed both my hands on the back of her head helping her up and down and at times forcing her further down on it. Taking my cock out of her mouth she slapped it against her lips and teasing it by putting it back in and taking it out again each time it would make a popping sound. “So how’s that cock feeling now Baby”? I couldn’t hardly say a word but somehow found away, “It would feel much better if it was pounding away in the pussy”. In an instant she took off the booty shorts and wife beater she was wearing showing her gorgeous 42DD’s and those thick thighs. I starched out on the sofa and she placed her trimmed pussy just over my nose I could smell the sweet scent of her juices. I wanted to lick every bit of it and suck it out of her. She lowered her mouth onto my cock as I began teasing her clit. Flicking the tip of my tongue across her clit the juices began trickling out I tried sucking and licking them as much as I could. The sounds of her moans were light and her pussy lips were swollen. Fuck my face Baby…I want you to sit on it and ride it til you cum all over it …I want to drown in your juices”. She reared back and started grinding her ass and pussy into my face. My tongue was buried far deep inside her pussy now. Having her fucking my tongue and face like this made it difficult to breath but the enjoyment of having such fine ass and pussy all on my face made that fact minor. “Don’t stop til you cum a river I want every last bit of juices you have inside in my mouth”. Her moans had grown louder so load that I thought the neighbors from one of the block to the other end could hear her. Suddenly the biggest gush came rushing down my face I knew she had reached that point her thighs tighten against my head, so tight that I thought it was going to pop. I sucked and licked every ounce of what she was giving and the taste was beyond anything you could ever imagine. It had a sweet taste of berries and honey like I’ve never tasted before. She got off my face leaving it coated in her juices, “mmmmmm…..DAMN!!!” she said just about out of breath “let me taste some of that” she then began licking my face and sharing what she licked up with me by placing her tongue inside my mouth. “I want to FUCK that ass”, “Well, what’s stopping you” I took ahold of her and told her to assume the position and eased my cock into her thick round ass. The inside felt like heaven. As I started pounding it she took her fingers and began rubbing her clit and fingering her cunt. With each thrust she would meet me pounding her ass against me. I grabbed the checks of her ass and smacked them. “Yes, Oh yes…..FUCK that ass Baby, FUCK that hole feel my ass full of you “ I lend forward and grab ahold of her swinging tits forcing her further down onto the base of my rod. Fuck this cock Sonji, fuck this cock like you own it baby…’s yours honey now FUCK it like it is ”!!! Faster and harder she began pounding her ass against me “Oh shit…..yes …..yes…..feel this ass up with your cum Baby I want to feel it shoot deep inside me…. FUCK me ……FUCK me…… FUCK me…. Mike I want you to bust that nut hard and deep.” I started to feel the intensity of my load building. I took ahold of her shoulders and f***ed her ass harder against me. I could feel her fingers FUCKing her soaking pussy every time my nuts would hit against them. With one massive thrust I busted my load up and deep inside her ass. The pleasure was so much that I was on the verge of passing out. I held her in place with my cock deep in her letting my load soak inside her. My cock continued to shoot spurts after spurts sending trimmers throughout my body. “Mike, turn around and put that cock in my mouth so that I can suck every drop of you dry” she took her hand and started stroking me and sucking on the mushroom of my dick til I busted another load into her mouth and down her throat. I could hear the TV once again and it was the second half getting ready to start. I told Sonji that this was the best half-time show I’ve ever known to be she agreed with a smile and licked her lips. We cleaned up and finished watching the game. Now that’s a half-time you wish you could have for every game.
Oh by the way Panthers won 28-7

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Great story!
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