How I lost my virginity.-Part 1

Part one

Nikki was getting ready for her date with Matt. Well,they waren't actually going out. She wanted everything to be a suprise. She was still a virgin,and she shure didn't want to be that anymore,so she planed the whole night.

She was dressed like: some tight,black sleeveless t-shirt and a small black skirt that only coverd her tight ass,and high heels made her look sooo fine. She was excited all ready. She started rubbing her wet pussy although she knew that soon the door will ring. And so they did. Matt came in and saw his sexy girlfriend Nikki rubbing her pussy on the sofa. He wanted her to do that so badly over this past couple off weeks. She stoped and looked at him inviting him to come to her. He took off his jacket,and started to undress her. her bare 34 C tits stared at him and he started sucking her nipples with one hand rubbing her pussy. Seeing as she's so wet he took off his pants,and made her suck his cock. She looked pleased as she sucked his 8 ich cock. She went all the way down to his balls when he started to face fuck her. She began to choke,so he let her go,and she started to spit all over the flor. -are you ok? -yea' I'm fine..ammm...wanna do something els?- she looked at him,and undressed her pussy n ass. She leaned forward opening the view to both pussy n ass. -Fuck yea!- he came to her,taking hold of her hair,and he put his cock that was wet from her lips in her tight asshole. She started screaming as in she had never done that. He began to comfort her by kissing her back saying it's going to be ok. she moaned as he enterd the whole thing in her and started to slowly fuck her ass. She tried to break it off but he fucked her harder and harder,and when he thought it was enough he let her go. she fell on the floor her eyes set on him. -What?- he asked her. - Fuck my pussy and make me scream off satisfaction- she spread her legs and her pussy was all wet. he came down to her licked his finger and put it inside of her. and he finger fucked her.with 1,2 n 3 fingers before he slowly enterd his cock. -Do you want this? as in I'll fuck you so hard you won't feel a thing after this.- he set his eyes on her. -Fuck my little pussy till I beg you to stop-she smiled at him. He started slowly looking at her face,then harder when kissed her deep. he felt her trying to scream but with his tounge inside of her mouth,she couldn't do anything. when they broke off the kissing he raised,. -Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkk this feeelt gooood. Oh my God!-she screamed. He went to the kitchen and jelled - do you want a strawberry? -ammmmmmmm....yeah! - Earn it sweety.- he said and she went to the kitchen after him.

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