Just what could happen ;)

You start to gently twist my nipples between your fingers as you softly kiss my boobs then you work your way down still softly kissing me and then you start to lick me out making me moan in so much pleasure. You then pull away and I slide down, I start to lick your bell then I put it deep in my mouth while I slide up I'm softly nibbing at your cock ;). Rub your cock all over my face then I start licking your bell again but instead I go down softly nibbling I do that small job and then I move back up.

You start teasing me with that juicy cock of yours by rubbing it over my pussy but particularly over my clit, I beg and beg you to give it me but your mean to me, you slowly push just your bell into me and I'm thinking yes I'm getting that cock but your just slightly bouncing teasing me but suddenly with all your strength you push it deep into me you make me scream!!!

I fucking want more!!! I want you deep inside me pounding me hard as you can baby! I'm all wet and baby it's only for you ;) You bend me over fucking me hard doggy and getting to my G-spot making me scream soo much, you end up grabbing something to put in my mouth to stop me screaming (or not if you don't want to :P, I hope you have some whips baby if not you better spank me hard I've been a very bad girl!) while you have me bent over your rubbing my clit and its giving me multiple orgasms!

I'm then going to grab you and throw you onto whatever I can, hold you down and then ride that juicy cock of yours! I'm a hard ride :P hope you can cope?!
occasionally while I'm on top I'll rub my boobs in your face also i may rub my clit or get you to do it ;)

Sorry you want more come and get me :P
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2 years ago
on my way to get you now Mae