One of my Fantasies...

Here is one of my fantasies that i have had for a long time but never been able to do... im young but i like to be dominate when im in the bed with a lady.. i love the sound of her gagging on my cock and the idea that she is at my will with each time a f***e her head down on my cock and make her gag. when those eyes look up at u with the teary glow in them is my favorite part...

So i have hooked up with alot of older women and actually perfer them to ones my age for fwb because they r less aabout bullshit and know that they want without becoming too attached... So i want to randomly meet a lady like at a grocery store or some place public and try and pick her up... i want to do like the movies were u jus grab her tits and squeeze as she begs for u to go home with her and fuck her brains out while hubby is at his job. i want to take get the in the car with here and start the drive back her her place as she massages my leg and starts to feel that young cock get hard... then we will arrive at her place as she brings in the groceries i will pour my self a drink or grab a beer and wait for her.. she will guide me into her room with those matures tits jus waiting to be licked and caressed.. she then walks me over to her bed and sits down massaging my cock through my pants as she starts to unbutton my pants and pull my throbbing cock out. she starts to suck the tip and lick all the way down the shaft. then she looks up at my and puts my hand on the back of her head and begs me to fuck her face.. she looks up at my as she gags and slobbers on my dick and it goes down her throat. by this time she is trying to rub herself and is begging me to stop and fuck her.. then throw her head back and grab ahold of those sweet breats and start to kiss and suck her nipples. she starts to push my head down between her legs and i see the nicely shaven mature kitty jus begging to be licked. i start slow and lick a lil bit teasing her with my tongue then speed up as a slide a finger in her pussy and start to finger and eat at the same time.. she is moaning and waiting my young cock deep inside of her.. she tells me that she is my lil whore and will do anything that i want.. i keep licking then start to rub her clit furiously like before she is about to cum causing her to squirt her pussy juices and beg for more... i then tease her with my cock and put the head in then pull it out wanting my lil slut to beg me for my cock. i then shove in all the way in and start to fuck her furiously. once she has came again and wants more i grab her head and f***e my young cock down her though i make her gag and then give her breath she is loving it and wants more i push her head down farther to start to lick my balls but she must go even farther. she starts to lick my asshole as i grab her head and f***e her tougne to my ass as he jerks me off tougne in ass as she moans and begs for me to give her my cumm.. i tell her where do u want my cum at slut and she tells me she would love to on her face and all down her chin. i make her gag on my cock a lil more before pulling her head back and letting a big load all of her mature slut face. and i finsh and she is cum glazed i snap a pic of her face full of cum and tell her its time for me to go..
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