My first teacher

So it was my senior year in high school and i had gone to a smaller school in my town so everyone knew everyones business. I was a popular k** playing all sports and messing with girls so i had a good reputation..So it all started with the anatomy teacher.. she was a bitch to everyone but a select few girls.. for some reason she was nice to me because i was the only guy in the advanced anatomy class. so she would say hi and always go out of her way to see me or sit by me in class.. so i was thnking hmm maybe i should try and fuck a teacher.. there had been numerous times where i laid in bed and thought about her sucking my dick in the storage room of class or me laying her up on her desk and going at it... so one day we were sitting in class and naturally i was sitting in the front because i always got yelled at for talking.. she was behind her desk which was a lab table so it was higher than most teachers desk.. i went to go ask her a wuestion about my assignment.. when she saw me coming she got up and walked to the far end of her desk and bent over like she was looking for something.. her thong was clearly hangin out and she turned back and kinda smiled when she saw me stare at her.. so i thought hmm might have to give this a try.. so later that night i was on facebook and her status popped up and it was all depressing.. so i commented on it and then she immediately private imed me and started talking to me.. we talked for a while and i told her that i would cheer her up. she jus laughed and said she was at her frineds house tonight but i could text her if i wanted and she gave me her number. so we started texting that night and the later in the night the more sexual the conversation got.. she finally started telling me about how she loved to suck dick and she didnt have a gag reflex and so on.. this was such a turn on to me as i grabbed my dick and started to beat it as she told me sex stories.. pretty soon she had told me she was going to sl**p and she would see me at school tommorrow. when i woke up the next morning it was to a pic of her in a white thong saying good morning see u at school.. i couldnt wait to get ot her class to see how she acted around me.. i was upset to find out that she wasnt even there she had a sub in for the day.. i text her and asked her wherer she was and she said that she had meetings all day.. so i left that at that.. later that night about 9 o clock my phone rang and it was her.. she said she was at meijer by my house and i should go stop an see her.. i got there and she was waiting for me in the car.. she immedatiately told me to get in her car amd come back to her place with her...

when we got to her house she tossed me on her couch and immedately got on top of me raipping my clothes off as fast as she could.. she started to kiss my neck and rub my dick untul she got it completely hard.. she then went down and started to suck my dick and lick all up the shaft.. you could hear her moan as she sucked my dick.. after about ten minutes of her sucking me.. i pushed her off my and started to go down on her. her pussy was nice and trimmed and her lips jus glistened from being so wet. i started to lick her clit and rub her lips with my fingers as i licked her.. she started to squirm and moan and grabbing my head and pushing it into her clit.. she then stopped me brought me up to her mouth where she kissed me and licked the juices off me.. she then begged me to put my throbbing dick inside of her.. i started to fuck her and she moaned and screamed as she took all of my cock. We fucked for about an hour when i finally got the feeling i was going to cum.. she stopped me and went back down to my dick.. she started sucking my dick and telling me how bad she wanted to taste my cum.. she told me how she would rub her clit in class looking at me thinking how bad she wanted to fuck me.. i finaly reached climax and shoved my dick in her mouth where i cam.. she took it all swished it around in her mouth and garggled it before she swallowed it.. she then got up got dressed and took me back to my car..

the next day at class she acted like nothing had happened but everytime i got up to do something you could see her lick her lips and stare at my cock through my pants..

This was a true story
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3 years ago
3 years ago
That was Hot. Every young man's dream. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
Nice.. Thanks for sharing