When she Swallows

So, you're laying back in bed, getting a wonderful bit of head from that special someone. Her lips are wet and by now so is every inch of your cock. Her tongue is flattened out against the bottom of your shaft and it does this delicious little swirl around the head on every upstroke. You can feel the moment closing in: balls start to tighten up, an electric feeling warming your testicles and rising up your shaft, your brain starts to shut down as your prostate takes over all thought processes.

It's your first time with this girl, so as you near the point of no return you do the gentlemanly thing by warning her in a breathy whisper. She does that magical bit you long for, that lets you know she might be a keeper; she glances up with those big sexy eyes of hers and simply moans, "Mm-hmm". This is going to be a good night.

As the torrent of cum begins to issue forth, the electricity surges towards both your heads. Your brain shuts down as the head of your cock becomes the center of your universe. It's the only thing you can sense. Time stops as her swallowing reflex pushes up on the bottom of your cock with her tongue and massages the top of your head with her soft palate.

Every spurt of cum initiates another round of this delectable massage, starting another cycle of spasms, which in-turn starts another cycle of massage. For a few seconds you start to think that this is some sort of infinite recursion cycle, that maybe the key to free perpetual energy might lie between your dick and this woman's incredible lips. For a lot of guys this is a critical moment when they should push away before the sensations become too intense.

You don't; you're like me. You grab the back of her head and hold her in place, groaning out to her not stop. As the cum stops spurting she's free to move away from reflexive movements. Her tongue swirls around your head and she swallows more of your softening erection. It's so sensitive that it feels like fire in a good way. It feels good in the way a cinnamon mint tastes good.

At this point your entire body is shuddering but you tell her to keep going. She resumes a bobbing motion. It's slow, torturous, and cruel in its gentleness. Her lips are barely grazing you, sliding ever so gently and effortlessly along your flesh. You can feel each nerve ending she triggers and her tongue occasionally grazes the top of your cock to savor the last trickling drops of cum.

At this point your body is spent. Your flaccid penis drops from her lips. You look down at her looking back at you with a wicked little grin. You try to tell her not to stop, but all that comes out is a defeated growl. As she slides her body up your supine form to cuddle she knows she's destroyed you.

Her hands slide up your sides and chest before wrapping around your neck. Her nose nuzzles in against your jawline. Every movement, every bit of her warmth against your flesh leads to a sense of completion. You've emptied every bit of your being inside of her, she milked out just a little bit more, and now she's wrapped herself around you. Rather than hitting an abrupt physical wall like when other girls pull off and finish you by hand, you feel fully attached for a fleeting moment.

When your brain comes to again, as if through a clearing fog, you know you want to return the favor. You roll her over and start kissing your way down the curves of her breasts, her hips, her thighs. It begs the question of all the ladies; what does it feel like when his tongue drives you over the edge and stays there?
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