Turning into a whore... for the first time

It was dark when I left school and it was raining quite heavily. The air was cold, even for an October evening. It was my first year at the university and I was just getting used to this big city. Everything was new for me, being from a tiny town – not only living on my own for the first time in my nineteen years of age, but also all the possibilities of the city. The city, where no one seemed to care about you.

I was walking down the street, when I saw a red neon cutting through the dark. „SEX CINEMA“, it said. Well, there was something new... and just now I was starting to realize how horny I am. I crossed the street and went in.
„I could use a bit of fun tonight,“ I thought to myself as I paid the entrance fee and stepped inside. There was a dimly lit hallway that led to three different movie rooms. The employee told me that one was big and two were smaller, for five people at most. All had different types of movies. My heart was racing as I chose the room in the back of the hallway, thinking that I'd be alone in there. And it was empty. I stepped in and the first image I saw on the screen was a black man, gettinng naked in a dressing room. Then, another black guy walked in and a few seconds later I realized that this was the room with gay porn. I always thought myself straight, but the movie had me mesmerized. When I saw those huge black cocks I just couldn't help myself - my breath started to race and my cock became hard in an instant. Then I heard footsteps right behind me.

In walked a tall, muscular, dark-skinned man. I'd guess he was about 35 years old. He had short black hair and tattoos, running alongside both of his arms. He was much bigger than me and definitely could beat me up with one hand. I sat and tried not to pay any attention towards him. I was feeling uneasy, so I thought I'd just sit there with my hard-on, watch a few more minutes and leave. But he sat right beside me and watched the action on the screen.
“Nice cocks, huh?” he asked me.
“Um... yeah,” I said, scared. I watched him as he immediately unzipped his jeans and took out his cock. I was getting ready to run away, but then I noticed the size of it, as it was already hard. Almost eight inches long and incredibly thick. It looked mesmerizing. He grabbed my hand and whispered: “You like mine as well, don't you, little boy?”
I couldn't say no. Plus, my boner already gave me away. I nodded.
“Get on your knees, then. And show me how much you like it.”
I knew where this was going. But I just couldn't resist. I knelt before him and held out my hand to jerk him off, but he slapped my face.
“No hands!”

Unable to resist, I kissed the tip of his huge tool and licked the shaft. With each second, I was becoming more confident and less scared. I put it a bit deeper and started sucking. His moans merged with those coming from the TV. I felt his hands on the back of my head.
“You love cock, don't you?”
I nodded, running my tongue around the tip.
“Well, then why don't you have some MORE?!”, he laughed, as he pushed my head closer, thrusting his cock as deep as he could. I choked on it and I guess he took that as the green light to fucking my throat.
Tears ran down my cheeks, but there was no use trying to resist. I didn't even want to. The only thing on my mind was to pleasure this strong, muscular man with the most magnificent cock I've ever seen. With each thrust, his groans became louder. I could feel his dick pulsating on my tongue and when he grasped my head, I knew what was coming.
“Swallow it all, bitch!” he ordered and let loose a victorious roar. And I swallowed. I felt like a true slut, gulping down every drop of cum and cleaning his cock.
“Well, well, I can see you enjoyed that.”
I nodded again.
“I want to hear you say it.”
“I... enjoyed sucking your cock.”
He slapped me again and I almost fell down.
“That's 'sir' for you, slut. You should be grateful for being allowed to suck it. Show some respect!”
“I enjoyed sucking your cock, sir,” I repeated.
“And what else did you enjoy?”
I loved this game. I was so horny... so turned on by how big of a slut I was. “I enjoyed getting my throat fucked and I loved swallowing every drop of your cum, sir.”
“That's right. Tell me how big of a whore you are, boy.”
“I am a worthless little bitch... an obedient fucktoy,” I said and my master laughed. Then, he pulled down his jeans and boxers.
“You can express your gratitude by licking my ass.”

He turned around and bent over. I was slow to start, so he pulled my hair and just shoved my face in between his shaven buttcheeks. I ran my tongue around his asshole and then tried sticking it deeper. It felt so wrong... but I had no other option. I started moving my head back and forth rhythmically.
“Don't stop until I tell you, whore!”
And so I licked and ate his ass obediently for many minutes. From this position, I could see that several men walked and looked at us, a couple of them staying and watching for a while. They were enjoying the view of a big guy getting pleased by a worthless slut. It was such a turn-on, I just couldn't resist it, I took my cock out and started jacking off.
“Did I say you can jerk off?!”
“No, sir,” I replied, pulling my tongue out of his ass.
“You can jerk ME off, but you're not allowed to touch yourself until I leave!”
His dick was hard once again. I massaged his balls for a while, then held it tight, closing my fist around his shaft and started jacking him off. Slowly at first, but gradually getting quicker and harder. I was still tonguing his asshole and in a few minutes, he started moaning and trembling.
“Don't stop... bitch... keed going... AHHHH!!”
He fired his second round and it hit the floor.
“Clean my dick,” he ordered. And I complied.
“Lick that cum up, I bet you're hungry for more.”
In front of him and two other men, I got down on all fours and licked the cum from the floor. My master got up and got dressed. He walked towards the exit, not even looking at me.
“Same time, next week, bitch.”
“Yes, sir,” I could hear myself. I lost all control, I was reduced to a toy, with only one purpose – to please others. And I loved every single second of it... I furiously jacked off, thinking about the beautiful cock I just swallowed... laying on the floor, not giving a damn if anyone was watching.

(NOTE: I hoped you liked my story... for the most part, this was a description of one of the erotic dreams I had. Feel free to comment, express you likes/dislikes and throw in any kind of suggestions.)
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1 year ago
well writen
2 years ago
3 years ago
Thanks for the comments, I guess I'll write another part then. :)
3 years ago
got me hard
3 years ago
Great story, hope to read more
3 years ago
very entertaining story
3 years ago
Great story! Reminds me of my first time in a sex cinema.
3 years ago
Awesome, more please. xox
3 years ago
Great stuff...you're a good gurl by now I bet!