Fun on the Beach!

Mazzy recalling my horny adventure on Maspolomas beach with my partner:
It was about 25 degrees-an absolutely scorcher of a day. Both of us were feeling randy so were making our way to the palm tree area renowned for sexy play between swinging couples and single guys. The sun was warming my skin and I was very turned on by the thought of what we were going to do.
We got to the area and noted the various naked men walking slowly around or sitting in the sheltered areas watching and rubbing their semi or fully erect cocks.
We took off our shorts and swimwear and lay down naked on our towels. The sun was so warm on my previously unexposed parts and my clit was swelling slightly as I enjoyed the feeling of the fresh air and sunshine and being watched by strangers.
It wasn't long before a guy came a stood in front of us a distance away openly wanking his cock whilst looking at me. I watched him a while and then beckoned him over and he sat down next to me. I took his cock in my hand and squeezed-he was already oozing precum. My partner gently caressed and touched the intimate areas of my body. We spoke no words as I gently rubbed the strangers cock as he touched my breasts and body.
Soon a small crowd of guys had gathered to watch and I motioned for another guy with a huge cock to come over. An older guy approached and asked to join in and proceeded to pleasure me with his skillful tongue between my legs whilst he lay belly down in the sand in front of me. He made me shudder with pleasure several times.
The second guy did not take long before he came and shot his warm spunk across my shoulder and body and this prompted the first guy to spill his load and he dripped his cum down my hand and arm.
I felt hands on my shoulders behind me and a handsome Spanish guy lent me back to rest on his legs as he knelt on the sand behind me.
Other guys came over and as I looked around I could see a crowd of about twenty people had gathered-mostly men and about three women. I noticed my partner having a slow wank from a gorgeous blond woman and was obviously turned on and enjoying the show too.
Three more guys surrounded me, touching me and wanking and I alternated which cock I played with, whilst still receiving oral from the older guy.
The guys get so horny in the sun and it wasn't long before the first guy came which again prompted the other two to cum and I was suddenly covered in the spunk of three handsome strangers.
My breasts and arms were covered now with juices and we felt it was time to move on. The crowd soon dispersed as we got dressed and then proceeded to a nearby bar to reflect on our horny experience.
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3 years ago
Tell us some ore of your adventures and experiences!!!
4 years ago
Loved it - thanks - and can feel the sun on my backa and the sand in my toes
4 years ago
hi hon, yo u know we love that story xxx
4 years ago
A very sexy read, nicely written
4 years ago
very good but short