Outdoor Gang Bang

It had been raining almost solidly for the last three days and the heels on my boots sank into the ground as he led me through the trees to the designated place. I was wearing stockings, suspenders and my boots and a short black dress with buttons down the front and a raincoat. It was cold and damp in the woods but there was a break in the rain for which we were both grateful for. He told me to remove my coat and put on a lycra mask and then he blindfolded me and tied me to two trees. He hugged me and said he would be back soon and left me tied there whilst he went to collect the guys he had arranged to come and gang bang me. I listened to his footsteps walking away until I could hear them no more and then prepared myself for a long wait. My senses were heightened and I could smell the leaves and the wet ground and the birds singing and feel the ropes around my wrists. I felt strangely calm despite being tied up and vulnerable. Surprisingly soon I heard footsteps coming closer and thought for a dreadful moment that it was too soon to be my Master returning with the guys and must be someone randomly passing by. Then I heard more footsteps and my Master's reassuring voice and I relaxed again. I sensed him standing in front of me and braced myself as he ripped open my dress exposing my nakedness underneath for the guys to see and touch and then the fun began. I could not tell how many guys were there but could feel many hands touching and pulling at my body, probing fingers into my cunt and around my arse-hole and squeezing and pulling at my tits. Some slapped my arse and some pulled my head to kiss me roughly and I could only wriggly and squirm. After a while my Master released me from the ropes and led me still blindfold to the rug he had put on the floor and my dress was removed completely. The guys were still touching my body but now I could touch them and greedily grabbed at their cocks and sucked and wanked them. Those that wanted to entered me and fucked me and others sprayed their cum over my masked face and naked body and soon it was just my Master and I left in the woods. He let me remove my mask and blindfold and the light hit my eyes. He cuddled me and said 'well done' and reclaimed me by fucking me himself. Considering the weather we were very pleased that the six guys who said they were coming all came and it was a huge turn on not knowing who had used me.
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