First time 2

My cousin and I had been having a great time blowing each other for the last year. We were sucking each other off at least twice a day. We both had gotten really good at sucking the others cock and learning new techniques to make the other feel good. We had mastered the act of deep throating and we were both able to swallow the cumshot and have no evidence left for my aunt to find later on our sheets. We were getting very good at it. Something needed to change, we needed something else to take us to the next level. It started in Nashville when we were on vacation with my aunt and uncle going to the grand ole oprey and opley land. we were now 12-13 respectivley. One night my uncle went out for a ride before dinner and my aunt had just gottenout of the shower and was getting herself ready in the hotel. My cousin and I went into the shower to get washed up and ready for dinner also. The shower was hot and we were going at it a little, trying to be quiet so my aunt wouldn't hear. We used to do a thing we called filling the bun. We would soap up the others but crack very good and place our cock in the caracj and rub it up and down till we came. This was the closest we ever came to fucking until now. It was very hot and steamy in the shower. I was fiercely rubbing and humping up against my cousins but trying to get off. We were trying to be as quiet as possible. My aunt was already yelling at us to hurry up. I was just about to go on an upstroke while holding onto my cousins hips when he arched his back at the same time, what happened next sent chills up my spine and his also. As I was going up and my cousins back arched the head of my cock met the opening of his ass and I slid in like no tomorrow all the way to my balls. We both froze for a secodn to gather what had just happened. When we came to our senses we both moaned litley. I grabbed onto his hips even harder and went to town on the first tieght orifice that was gripping my cock. I was excited to see all 7 1/2 inches going in and out it seemed like an eternity but ws maybe 30-45 secodns, I shoved it in one more time as far as I could and shot my load into him. My now deflated cock plopped out of him and I ctook my turn as the reciever. He bent me over and I arched as best I could he entered me all the way, he was only 5 inches but it felt great, he huped me till he came inside me. we finished our shower and giggled all dinner long knowing that we both had just ejaculated into the other and of the kinky things to cum with our new found sex adventures. more to come....see you soon.
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2 years ago
My buddy Bobby and were "filling the bun" too!
3 years ago
3 years ago
mmmm plesant surprise
3 years ago
These items actually happened to me while growing up. These are true stories. Will get more detailed and specific as the mood gets set