Wrote this for my girl, she liked so much that she

I know that you have had a long day at work today from the messages you have sent me. I also know that you just want to come home, eat your dinner then go take a nap in a hot bath, but you don't know that I have other plans for you tonight. As you pull into the drive way you can see that every light in the house is off but you see my car there to so you think that I'm just sl**ping or one of my boys came and picked me up. As you walk though the door, you feel arms wrap around you as a bag is put over your head. You feel yourself being dragged through the house and taken back outside and you know your being put into a vehicle. It starts up and your trying to remember everything that I've taught you about these kinds of situations but your to scared to move.

You can hear muffled talking but you know it's about you. As you try to understand what they say, you hear one of them say d**g her. You feel the sharp bee sting like pain of a needle in your arm and seconds later your world drifts into a black void.

As you wake up hours later, naked and tied to a chair with a single bright light above your head, you can see nothing around you other then what's in the light. The voice in the darkness is asking you questions that you would have no possible way of knowing the answers.

After a long proses of questioning, your grabbed from behind and taken into the dark. You scream as one hand tighten around your neck and the other grabs you by the pussy very hard but entering you as well.

After a while the touch and smell start to feel familure to you. You hear me whisper in your ear, "baby, I'm here. But I'm here to cum inside you over and over again till you are pregnant." As you whisper back to me, "I'm all yours love." I know that I have you broken enough from your stubbornness to do what ever I want. You feel your chest press against the cold concrete walls as my thick hard throbbing cock slides into you. I thrust as deep as I can into you while you feel my hand rubbing your clit. Part of you wants to beg me to stop but the other part of you is craving me even more. You feel me pumping and thrusting faster and harder as each minute passes, till you know that I have came inside you from the feeling that you know all so well. My body locks up as you feel a gush of warm fluid enter you, and you grin knowing that I am being satisfied. I let you move now so that you can see me as I look at you and ask, "now are you going to play along of do I have to keep you restrained?"
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2 years ago
Very nice.