Fulfilling my hunger

For those of you following our play time, you know I have a slut that I play with in Myrtle Beach. I skipped writing about a couple of our meetings, but I have had more positive reactions than negative ones so I will write about Sunday. For those who may be reading this for the first time, know that we are in a DOM/sub relationship and she is a sub in training. She is a little reluctant to surrendering herself totally so I told her we will take it slow in order to build her trust. She also has a safe word to stop all action at any time she feels uncomfortable or want to quit. With that said, let me get to our story.
On Sat, Jan 11, I was horny as fuck and just wanted to fuck. I called my texted my slut and told her that I wanted to fuck. I told her I would be up tomorrow. I went up there Sunday, and while on the way I told her to be naked when I walked into the door. When I got up there she opened the door in all of her glory. I told her to get onto the table. She asked if I was going to pick her up, lol, I told her to get her ass on the table. I pulled up a chair and quickly inspected my pussy. She was shaven, but had a trace of light hair (which I will deal with later) this time was for fucking. I looked at her pussy and saw she was already soaking. I stood up and put my hands behind her knees and pulled her to the edge of the table. I sat back down in the chair so that I could drink from the fountain of honey nectar. As soon as my tongue touched her clit she jumped. I ran my tongue up one side of her clit, over the hood, and down the other side. I did this a few times and she was going crazy. As I said before, I love the way her body responds. I took my tongue and licked from the bottom of her pussy, up over her clit. Then we were interrupted by a banging on the front door. Yes, a banging not a knock.
It was her daughter. I had not underdressed so I stood up and walked over to the futon and set down. She grabbed a towel, and wrapped it around herself and went to open the door. I will refer to the daughter as CB (cock blocker). She stood in the door and said, “I see your blinds are shut, so I know ___ is here.” She then looked at me and gave me the middle finger. Lol.. Yes, she wants to be my bitch too. Lol.. She then pushed the door open and came in snapping at her mom that her toilet was stopped up, and the maintenance man will need to come into her mother’s apartment to check her toilet as well. So she need to stop being a whore and trying to get fucked and put her clothes back on. The mother and daughter are neighbors living in adjacent apartments. She stood there for a while rambling about some shit and then left.
Her mother locked the door and then walked back over to me and sat in my lap. She informed me CB doing great when I took that long break, but she was upset with her because I had been up there to see her 3 times within the last 3 weeks. I was a lil taken aback, but I guess I knew this already anyway. Well, as we were talking, the banging on the door starts again. My slut gets up and goes open the door. Here is CB again, telling to go put on some clothes and stop being a whore because the maintenance man will be over.
My slut closes the door and starts walking towards me. I get up from the futon and meet her before she gets to me. I walk her back over to the table and bend her over the table. I step between her legs, take her towel off, pull my sweat pants down but I do not step out of them, and work my dick into that sweet, wet tight pussy. Once I get my dick into her, I start to slow stroke her. She melts and spreads herself out on that table like hot butter on a griddle. I decide I am going to long stoke this pussy while CB runs from apartment to apartment. I am long stroking that pussy and she started to meet my strokes. I then grabbed her hips and start banging that pussy and she has an orgasm. I then start to go back and forth slow long strokes, quick hard pounding strokes . Then there was another banging at the door. Yes, it was CB. I went back to the futon, she wrapped up in the towel, and CB came in with the same message.
When she left this time my slut went and put on some shorts, she came sat on my lap for a lil while, then we decided she should put on a mini skirt. I walked over to the door and locked it, then I stood in the hallway, looking through the cracked bedroom door watching her look for the mini. I was contemplating and waiting for her to bend over while taking the shorts off. Then I was kind of half planning to bust in there, with her bent over and ram my dick in her pussy and start fucking the shit out of her, but when she found the mini she turned facing the door and the changed her clothes. No problem, when she came back into the living room I bent her ass over that table, pulled my pants down again and stuck my dick into that sweet as pussy anyway. We were fucking for a few minutes when, CB is banging at the door again. This time she comes in talking some shit about the toilet being back up and needing to use her mom’s toilet. She goes into the bathroom and my slut walks over to me. I stick my hand into her pussy and start to finger her under her skirt while CB is using the bathroom. She tells me I am making her legs jello, so I start to finger banging her with 3 fingers and she orgasms…lol. Just as she is jumping off my fingers, CB is coming out of the bathroom.
My slut is trying to gain her composure and does a good enough job to see CB out of the door. I then get up walk over to the door lock the door and the bolt lock and tell her. No more disturbances.
This time I pick her up and sit her ass on the table. I grab her legs and pull her to the edge of the table and she is trying to wrap her legs around my neck and pull me down into her. I take her legs off of my neck and bend them back towards her head and tell her to hold her knees and not to let them go. I then start to lick the sweet pussy again. Again I start licking up one side of her clit, over the hood and down the other side. I do this for a lil while and then I start sticking my tongue into her pussy, tongue fucking her, and every now and then licking up and down her clit. I do this for a lil while also and then I stick two fingers into that tight pussy and start finger fucking her, rubbing her spot, and licking her clit until she orgasmed again. I tell her to get up and let’s move into the bedroom. We are walk into the bedroom and I take off my clothes. I laid down on the bed and had her to sit on my dick. She then straddles me, grabs my dick, lines it up and sit on it. In reference to part of the conversation we had Saturday, I tell her I am going to just lay her. She sits on me with bent knees on either side of me and begins to ride my dick and it is some good riding. Then she adjusted her legs and extends her feet towards my head. Then with one leg on each side of me she leans back and begins to fuck me. She was sliding back and forth and rotating her hips while she was fucking my dick. I was telling her to fuck your dick. It was the shit, and I took as much as I could. When I could not take any more, I took one of her legs and placed our legs in an X. I then kind of scooted up and began to pound that pussy, while telling her to fuck me. She fell back and appeared to just start coming, but I just kept pounding away. I pounded her pussy like this for a few minutes and then I laid back at which time, she sat up and began to grind her pussy on my dick. I really cannot remember if she came again. I then got up and had her to get onto her hands and knees. I got behind her and stuck 3 fingers in her pussy. I begin to finger fuck her again while rubbing her spot. She started to respond pushing back on my hand, so I started rotating my hand in her pussy while she was fucking my hand. I saw she was soaking wet so I stuck in my forth finger trying to see if I could pass knuckles to get my fist in her. She was going crazy, bucking and rotating her hips while I was fucking her with half my hand. I then attempted to add my thumb, prior to trying to push my whole hand (fist) in her. I was able to add my thumb and I fucked her like this for a lil while, but I could not get past my knuckles. I then told her to stay on her hands and knees while I got some toys out of the drawer. I pulled out a small vibrator to use on her ass to loosen her up so I can work on fucking her ass. I got some anal ease and put it on my index finger and on the small vibrator. I then stuck my hand in her pussy and started rubbing her ass with my index finger. I started slowly hand fucking her pussy and working my finger in her ass. I was getting the right responses, so I played with this for a lil while. I then reached for the small vibrator and put some more lube on it and started working it into her ass. I then stood up and stuck my dick into her pussy and started slowly fucking her while using the small vibrator in her ass. I did this for a little while to get my dick wet even though we had some lube. I started fucking her really hard and I asked her to tell me what I wanted to hear. She hesitated, and I then told her tell me what I want to hear. She said, I am your slut. I said say it like you mean. She said I did. I started to long stroke and pound her pussy and I said, say it like you mean it. She said I am your slut, and orgasmed like crazy. I then pulled out of her pussy and got some lube and lubed my dick up. I removed the vibrator and placed the head of my dick at her ass and started to ease my dick into her ass. I was taking things a little slower this time, due to her bleeding the last time we tried. We tried to get the head of my dick in for a few minutes, but only got the tip in and I saw it was causing her to much pain so I stopped. I then got a purple but plug out and lubed it up. I got back behind her and stuck my dick into her pussy again. I then started easing the butt plug into her ass as I was slowing pumping in and out of her. Once I got the butt plug all the way in her ass I let it sit there for a few minutes while I pumped her. I when I saw she was ok, I started pumping the butt plug in and out of her and she just started going crazy. Her pussy started milking my dick and I could not hold back any longer and exploded inside of the tight pussy.
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