Slut first meeting

I was contacted by the sexy 57 years young woman. I informed her that I was a married Dom and what I was looking for. I told her that there her boundaries would be pushed to her limits, and at times past them. I told her there would rules and protocols she would be required to follow and failure to do so would bring swift discipline. She let me know of her past experience and that she was not familiar with this type of lifestyle. We discussed the lifestyle, she was interested so we decided we would take it slow and as she became more comfortable we would ramp it up. I told her my first rule was she could no longer use the word No whenever addressing me and that I would provide her a safe word before I really began to push her limits. I also told her whenever I am around she would no longer wear panties. We decided we would meet Monday, July 8. I decided I would give her simple request for our meeting. On the drive to MB I called her and told her I wanted her to lying across the bed naked as I entered her home. She was a little disappointed because she had purchased a dress to walk pantiless out to the car to greet me. Still she readily agreed, so I told her to make sure the door was unlocked. Again, she agreed. She said she wanted to go shower before I arrived so I let her go, with the instructions to call me when she finished, because I need her to give me directions to her front door. Nope, no GPS here, I very seldom use the one I have. So she finished her shower and called me back. She said that she was drying off as we were talking. Yes, I decided to ramp up my request to see what she would do. I told her I changed my mind about her lying on the bed naked waiting for me, but I now wanted her to walk out of her home and meet me outside at my car naked. Now, this is 11 am in the morning, I actually had no idea how her neighborhood was situated, or how close her neighbors were to her home, or what they would or would not be able to see. I could hear her breath leave her at my request. I could also hear the panic in her voice as she asked me if I was serious. I told her yes. She immediately began to beg me not to make her do that, the panic in her voice was exciting, and sincere. She said she could never come outside naked. She said she is kind of ashamed of her body and shy. She said she has never shown her naked body public at any time in her life. I knew if I stuck to my guns, even if she did not want to do it, she would. So I was not going to back down, until she offered an alternative. She asked me to please let her come to the car with just the towel wrapped around her and nothing underneath. YES!!! I told her that was acceptable. As I pulled into her driveway I could not believe the proximity of the homes. If anyone was looking out of their windows or doors they would definitely see everything. As I am putting my car in park and grabbing my things, out walk this very sexy woman 5’5”, 140 lbs, red hair, and about 38c breasts. Yes, the breasts are a guesstimation,, just like I just made up the word.. guesstimation,,lol, but you get the picture. She was sexy as hell. She runs off the porch, and makes it to the car before I even open the door. Once I open the door and get out of the car she throws herself into my arms and we kiss. We walk into the house where she turns around to attempt to kiss me again. I grabbed her by her shoulders with both hands and stopped her progress. I then took my left hand and snatched her towel off her letting it fall to the floor. I then took her by her shoulders again, spun her around to face the sofa, walk her over about 3 steps pushed her onto the sofa. I grabbed her by her hips and pulled her up to her knees. The couch was low, she was short so I had her to put on foot on the ground to help her support my weight and then I slammed my dick in to her. Her pussy gripped my dick as I slammed it into her. I could feel her pussy as it started to spasm as I slammed into her over and over. Her legs gave and we fell onto the couch. She groaned and I could feel her body shaking as she exploded. She got up turned to me and said, we need to move this into the bedroom before my daughter gets home.
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12 months ago
wow so excitting loking for=ward to the next installment
12 months ago
so excitting