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!!! 5 More People Who WANTS and Who SHOULD Get The

Viz. !!! 5 More People Who WANTS and Who SHOULD Get The REAL respect!!!

DISCLAIMER : - This post / blog is completely fictional. I have written this post / blog with my imagination. This post / blog is just for entertainment. This post / blog is not created with the intent to harm any person, place, institution. Nor does this post bear any resemblances to any real person, place, institution. And if it does at all, then the resemblance would be purely co-incidental.

1) WOMEN / GIRLS who have more than one SexuaL RELATIONSHIPS : - I am NOT talking about the WOMEN in any of the WESTERN CoUnTrIeS. But besides the western countries, i.e. in many other countries women always receive inferiority over men, no matter how modern the area is (OR NOT).

In such places, if a man haves more than one sexual relationships, than it becomes NORMAL for him, because THEY SAY - 'He is AFTERALL a MAN.' But if in such places, if a WOMAN haves more than one sexual relationships, than her reputation is DAMAGED and she becomes an instant SCANDAL.

IF a MAN has SEX with MANY women than HE is called a 'STUD.'

BUT if a WOMAN has SEX with MANY men than SHE is called a 'BITCH.' WHY?

The WORD Bitch in reality is a word for FEMALE DOG, and it is also the WORD used FOR PROSTITUTES.

SO according to LAYMEN and LAYWOMEN , all WOMEN who WISHES to have SEX with MORE than one MAN, is a PROSTITUTE i.e. a BITCH. NO!!!!!

If is was so, than WHAT about MILLIONAIRE women who have many BOYFRIENDS - all at once...


2)MEN who LIKE to DRESS as WOMEN : - WE always find CROSSDRESSERS among US. BUT they DO NOT get the SAME respect as OTHER men get. WHY?

GENIUS Sexologists of WESTERN Countries HAVE TOLD (HA...HA...HA...) that 'HUMAN SEXUALITY' is an just ORIENTATION , an EXPRESSION of LOVE to YOUR Partner(s) , a WAY to ACHIEVE Pleasure, and a WAY to relieve STRESS and HYPERTENSION.

But Yes this definition of SEX and SEXUALITY doesn't HOLDS TRUE for c***d-Abusers, r****ts, Zoophiles, Psychopaths, and People WHO do Not use CONDOMS while HAVING sex.

IF all these PEOPLE are excluded, than SEX is a very BEAUTIFUL experience.

And NO ONE has DECREED rules about HOW to have SEX, while HAVING sex. (I am NOT talking ABOUT Eastern Countries).

SEX can be done in ANY WAYs - as LONG as it is CONSENSUAL , it is with an ADULT, and it is WITH people - who DO NOT have STDs like - AIDS , and SYPHILLIS inside THEM.

So IF Sex is so WONDERFUL way of having PLEASURE. THEN what is WRONG if SOME men are WILLING to have PLEASURE - the WAY women HAVE.

NOT all the MEN like to DO it. BUT for THOSE men who LIKE to DO it, Isn't IT a GREAT experience TO shave all your BODY hairs (especially the HAIRS around YOUR ass, LEGS, TORSO and Face) , DON a SEXY and a make up, DO your EYE BROWS, Wear a NICE short-skirt, with Black NYLONS, and NO PANTIES and then BENDING OVER a KITCHEN sink, or a TOILET seat, or ON you BED, and WAITING for your PARTNER to RAM you HARD with his SNAKE...from BEHIND....WHT is wrong with THAT....? NOTHING....

SO please GIVE real RESPECTs to Crossdressers...But to Crossdressers who are NOT good and likes TEASING others...

And I WAS also talking about TOMBOYS...

(AND CAUTION : - Please always use CONDOMS)

3) SEx-sHoP OwNeRs : - Again. I am not Talking about US, UK, Europe or JApan. Outside West - THERE are very LESS or there are HARDLY any SEX-SHOPS. Sex Shops are very necessary in every country, because SEX (CONSENSUAL) itself is very necessary in EVERY country. FRUSTRATED people go to SEXOLOGIST for SEX THERAPY. And SEXOLOGISTs instruct THEM in all the EROTIC techniques of SEX...Now, wouldn't be a COUPLE's Life BECOME !!!Hot!!! is they START using Dildos, Restraints, Whips, Paddles, Butt Plugs, Vibrators, Corsets, Nylons, Sexy-Lingerie, Leather Clothes, Body Stockings, Babydoll PJs, Chemises, Erotic Bikinis, Crotchless Pantyhoses, Handcuffs, Erotic - Maid AProns, and a wide FLAVOURS of different vARITIes of CONDOMS to choose FROM, AND etc...etc...

SEX-SHOPS help to relieve the FRUSTRATED lives of TENSED Couples who Don't LIVE inside WEST. SEx-SHops are ADULTs' FAVORITE TIMEPASS. SEx-SHOps help spread LIBERAL MINDSETS all over.

ALL this, and then also NO SEX-SHOPS outside WEST. WHY??? SEX-SHOPS are Good, and they should be RESPECTED.

4) HanDiCapPed PeOpLe, PeOpLe wItH GeNeTic DeFoMiTiEs : - Now, are many of the people who WANTS to have a GOOD and HEalthy SEx , but they CaNNoT because OF their Conditions. For example : - Consider, A Soldier got HIT by a Grenade near HIS genital AREA, and then DOCTOR ordered to remove his GENITALs in ORDER to SaVe HIS Life. NOW, this SOldier - is a Complete Man, and he didn't Wanted his GeniTals to Be Removed, but Due to HIS accident his GENitals ARe now ReMoVed and He caNnot have SEx anymore (NOt like A MAn thought) ...

Consider another example. There is a Genetic condition called KS OR - KLineFeLtEr SyNdRoMe and DoWn SyNdRoMe, which happens Due to SOmE Mis-shaping of some Chromosomes...and which creates many troubles in such individuals like Poor Mental Growth, Deformed Genitals, Weak Bones and Muscles, and many more...So How Poor of Such Individuals tHat They CaNnOt have Sex...(Normally)...

So I Hope Science SOON find some Cure for THese NAsty Chromosomes, so That such Individuals with such genetic conditions get HEALTHY, and START appearing like MARK WAHLBURG OR MILA KUNIS, and THEY start having GR8 SEX...

5) ToLiEt CLeAnErS : - I do believe that Toilet CleAnErs get respect, but they get less respect when compared to the RESPECT given TO - BIll Gates, LEonardO DiCApriO, KIM KardaShian, PRINCE HarrY, STepHan HawKinG, and HIGGS BOSON...

I believe that if a ToIlet ClEaNer is honest, punctual, humble, and enthusiastic in and about his / her Job, then HE / SHe deserves a cOmPleTe Right to GET the Respect the WAy ReSPect is GivEn To : - Ill Gates, LEonardO DiCApriO, KIM KardaShian, PRINCE HarrY, STepHan HawKinG, and HIGGS BOSON...

But IF That ToiLet ClEaner is a 'Jerk' , 'MAlevolent MONster' , 'BIG Smart-ASs Player' , 'Extremist' , 'Dictator' , 'PScyho' , 'c***d-m*****or' , 'Women-m*****or' , then he definitely deserves the Right to Get his ASS - KICKED OuT from the EARTH...FoReVer...

But OTHER then THAT a Good Toilet-Cleaner is A Respected Person

Posted by MILFcrazyTOO 2 years ago
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2 years ago
Interesting and I can agree with you
2 years ago
Yeah ! I liked this one .........Few more to read
2 years ago