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I am a 23 year old Indian Boy who is brought up in a very conservative and orthodox, religious environment, which is why I feel very packed from inside and I cannot express my sexuality in this environment. That is why I am looking for a change in my life. I am unmarried.

Except my parents , siblings and few of my good relatives, I've heard one sentence most often in my life, viz. 'I DON'T CARE...I DON'T CARE'

So I want to someone to take care of my, apart from my parents, so that my parents can live their own life happily. ( I am saying this because this is India. I live in India).

I am a big fan of almost all kinds of porn. Except non-consented porn, and porn involving animals / children and other bizarre Porn like Scat/Pee etc... , which I think should be strictly banned.

I am also a big fan of all kinds of movies. One can also call an award freak - because I like to watch movies which have been nominated and / OR have won Awards. I like Award Ceremonies and Film Festivals like - Oscars, Golden Globe, BAFTA, Cannes, Sundance, Berlin, etc...

My favorite (Non-Sexual) fantasies are : - Greek Mythology, Star Wars and Star Trek like Worlds, Lord of the Rings like World, World like Tron Legacy, Inception, etc...

My Favorite film directors of all time (who inspired me are) :- Stanley Kubrick, David Lean, Scorsese , James Cameron , John Carpenter, Ridley Scott, Christopher Nolan, Tarantino, Woody Allen etc...

I am not much of a Sports Fan, because I like books - Fiction / Non-Fiction very much, which doesn't leaves the time for Sports. But I think, I can learn - Football OR Basketball someday.

I am also a big Fan of Science / Science-Fiction and 'Universe' , and a bit of 'Philosophy'.


1) To contribute something to the society : - Because I believe that if a person is born as a human, he or she should contribute something useful and something good to the society. Because Humans have kept changing the World, since they were created, and the World will change even more, if all the Humans contribute something to the society.

2) To learn of Cook and Eat all kind of Foods of the World (But Vegetarian, and Eggs are O.K) : - Eating Delicious Foods is one of my craving, but here, in my country, I am not so much rich to enjoy all the healthy and delicious dishes, I wish. But one day, I Imagined that If I learn to cook, I can enjoy the kind of dishes that I want to eat. But at present, it is just a dream.

3) To know everything about our World : - I consider that person lucky who got to travel anywhere he / she wants. Our World is very beautiful, but unfortunately not all people get to travel the World. But, so What? If they cannot get to travel all around the World, they can still learn about the World. There are many good books available which say you something and others, very beautifully about the World, that those books become even better, then the real place.

4) To Either Write a Book OR Make a Movie : - Because, I believe that reading a book, or watching a movie, inspires you at some point in your life. You yourself want to tell something (or many things) from your heart, to others. And Novels and Movies are the best things to tell the 'Thing' in your heart, to others. So I will try to write at least One-Book before I die. Now when movies come, it is a different world. Everyone, cannot become Steven Spielberg. But there are many 'gems' who have proved that you do not need to make a 'huge' Hollywoodish-style movie, to tell your story, so I will keep finding ways to make a cheap, but good-quality, interdependent-movie.


1) Malevolent Monsters : - I don't like men who do not respect others (especially women) , and always try forcibly dominate their surroundings by harming others. For such people everything is just FUN. They start harassing others, mentally and physically, and call it that it was just for FUN. Such guys are big-selfish PLAYERS, and they are no one's true friends, which I why I call them 'Animalistic' and 'Malevolent Monsters'. Such people also have a misconception about their 'manhood'. Such people think that they are the real men, because they fear no one, and can do whatever they want, and whenever they want. But I say, a real 'Man' and a real 'Manhood', lies not in such 'Animalistic' behaviors , but in patience , silence and intelligence.

2) Liars , cheaters and people who break trust : - I am a very strict worshiper of 'Honesty' , 'Truth' , 'Faith' , and 'Humbleness'. I like people who have these 4 qualities. The Moral society is maintained by the people who all these qualities. And the place where people don't have these qualities, become a big jungle, instead of a human society. In Jungle no one has emotions, and the Rule becomes - 'Survival of the Fittest'. Whereas, in a Human society, there are many Rules, but the Main Rule is - 'Live and Let Live'. So I would not like a place which is like a Jungle, and I strictly hate people who break trust and lie very often.

3) Extra-Smart OR Smart-ASS, People who want to achieve success by harming others : - These are the kind of people who just want one thing in their life viz. 'Money' . They see only money everywhere. They are hungry for more and more money and they can do anything with anyone for achieving more are more, MONEY.


1) People who are always helpful to others : - 'TO HELP' someone - happens in a Human society. Animals do not help no one. They just help themselves, which is why they are animals and they live in jungle, and we are humans and we live in societies. I agree, that there are STRONG people in human society, and there are WEAK people in human people. Rivalries, jealousy, politics and competitions happen in human societies also, like the fight of survival and resources, happens among other animals, in jungle. But in an Ideal Human society, There should be STRONG people who can support and protect the WEAK, and there should be WEAK, who can help the STRONG.

2) People who adjust : - Today People (especially) youngsters like to live their own world. They think they are the 'Kings and Queens of the World'. In general, they like to use and abuse their right of FREEDOM to the edge. But (one may not agree with me) I've observed that, in a longer run, everyone has to mature, in order to live a happy and a prosperous life. No one can remain 'King Aragorn' OR 'Barbie Doll' of their World. Everyone has to come into a reality. And in reality, everyone has to co-relate with others in their surroundings. So in such surroundings, only those remain happy (in a longer run) who learn to tolerance and adjust, and find happiness in their tolerance. I am not saying to adjust if anyone is abusing or harassing anyone. One should definitely fight back quickly, during such situations. I am saying about the small petty issues, on which today's people start fighting. So to adjust and try to be as non-violent as possible, is a positive emotion, and a civilized behavior. I am such a person, and I love other such people like me.

3) People who do not hesitate to share their knowledge : - I believe that achieving 'Knowledge' has always been the prime goal of a Human. Knowledge is the essence that separates a Human, from an Animal. Humans beings were born to find answers. The Answers of their Creation, Answers of the Creation of everything itself i.e the creation of Universe. But not all people understand the importance of knowledge in life. Most of them, like to remain succumbed into their own happy life, so to call, they keep on having FUN, and they don't care about anything else. So if all the people would have just having fun, then there would not have been any 'scientist' in the world. Any without 'science' and 'scientist' - World was / and will become very primitive. So one must always keep on increasing their knowledge till they die, and one must also never hesitate to spread, what they have learned. I like such people.

4) People for whom money is not everything : - When the question of Money comes, I often question myself that - 'Did Man created Money, OR did Money created Man?'. If Man created Money, then Money should not be the biggest problem in a Man's life. But if Money created Man, then Money is the biggest tyrant of the World. Everything runs because of, and due to Money.


I respect such sexual activities which happen between two consenting adults, of any gender, and such activities which are done after a very clear and honest convincing between the partners.

Also, I believe Sexual Activities should be done in a very controlled manner and with a complete knowledge about everything.

Uncontrolled sexual activities often results in tragedies like STDs, AIDS, various addictions like alcohol/drugs etc..., anger outbursts, depression, damage to body organs...

So having sex is quite natural and necessary. Sexual desires can rise and fall, anytime in an individual's age. But sex should be done and treated very carefully. It should be done only with people who can be trusted very much , and it should be done only after achieving a complete knowledge about it.

And yes, F#$K all Child-abusers, Rapists, Psychos, Dictators and Zoophilles. We have AIDS today, simply because some jerk fucked a monkey in Africa, and then fucked another person. If that jerk haven't had fucked that monkey, people would not have been so scared of having sex today, and people would also won't have had misconceptions about Homosexuals., and AIDS would not have been existed. So all Child-Abusers, Rapists, Psychos, Dictators and Zoophilles should be caged in a big and dirty spaceship and expelled out from the Earth, and in a big black-hole.

Trust is also a very important thing to consider when it comes to Sexuality. Trust, Honesty and Faith are the biggest factors which maintains the morality and safety in this World of liberation and Sexual Revolution.

This is what I believe about Sex.


First of all, we all know that Sex is so easily available everywhere and so easily accessible.

But we all know that something called 'LOVE' and 'ROMANCE' exist in our 'LIFE'.

But if there is so much Sex everywhere, then where is LOVE?

So does a TRUE LOVE happens only in movies and novels?

It depends on the choices we make.

A True Love is a relationship of making mature decisions.

True Love is a strong belief in someone. Like a prophet believes in GOD, like a patriot believes in his country, like a loving parent believes in his child, like a wife loves her husband, like a learner believes in his books, like a scientist believes in his research.

Having a great FUCK with someone, after a MAD party, and then saying good-bye in the morning is not LOVE.

So SEX is not everything that makes LOVE. SEX is just a part of LOVE. No doubt SEX must be the most precious part of LOVE. But still, SEX is not everything that makes LOVE. So if SEX is like a GALAXY of Passion, then a TRUE LOVE is like a big and unending UNIVERSE.

If someone is believing in LOVE, then with TRUE LOVE comes the responsibility of support your partner. And It is quite natural for quarrels and fights to happen between partners. Because everyone is afterall a human, No one is as perfect as God himself, so LOVERS quarrel and fight with other. And it also happens, that everytime one's partners cannot live to their expectations. People also make mistakes. But that doesn't mean that one should leave away their partner. If done, than that was never a TRUE LOVE. In LOVE there comes adjustments and sacrifices. If you LOVE your partner then you would support him/her in their bad-times, and if your partner LOVES you then he/she would know what is RIGHT and what is WRONG for him/her to do, so that both of your, relationship never stops.

This is all, something that I believe what LOVE is all about. Not every person experiences it.

Many people enjoy only SEX and do not believe in anything else.

But one should remember that there is also a World after and before SEX.

SEX is not the biggest happiness of LIFE. IT is one of the happiness of LIFE.

WARNING:Any institutions or individuals using this site or any of its associated sites for studies or projects- You DO NOT have permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications.
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1 year ago
India is very much HORNY and HARD. Indian Women like SEX and PORN...but the BIGGEST problem with them is that most of them come from a CONSERVATIVE religious FAMILIES, who don't give the WOMEN of their CLANS, more FREEDOM. And more, there comes a GOD - WORSHIP every 2 minutes. HINDUISM - The Official Religion of India (India is however a secular state) is filled with more than 5,000 GODs and GODDESSEs, which is why HERE in INDIA, there are SMaLl and BIG and INTERMEDIATE size TEMPLES on every Streets-Corners, every Village, every Town, and every City. Visiting to a TEMPLE - is a TYPICAL Indian's FAVORITE hobby - JUST like U like To go To A PUB or a MOVIE TheaTre everyday. Infact, there are even few cities in India , in which only in one city, there are more than 300-400 Temples...For Sun God, For Rain God, For King of God, For the Cosmological Gods, For Gods' Consorts, For Gods' Sons etc...etc...
SO you can SEE how much INFLUENCE does the RELIGION and SPIRITUALITY places for every INDIAN Gal and bOy.
In fact, here in INDIA, there are EVEN dirty POLITICS going ON...which means - 'They Use Religion like a Business (which must be ONE of the WILDEST and STRONGEST business in INDIA) , 'THEY COME and GO to POWER, in the NAME of GOD, 'THEY spread FAKENESS in the NAME of GOD' , and possibly they even 'KILL in THE name of GOD.'
In fact, If you HAVE heard the NEWS, an ANCIENT TEMPLE was discoverd in SOUTH-INDIA , which CONTAINED so much GOLD, that the ENTIRE DEBT of the COUNTRY can be PAID - 'ALL - AT - ONCE - '. BUT it was 'NEVER - PAID' , and NO one KNOWS , WHERE the GOLD went....WHO TOOk It....ALL in A SUDDEN...

But, if I come to AMERICA, I will RIDE a 'BLACK LIMOUSINE' and not a BLACK ELEPHANT...

IF I come to AMERICA , I won't BEG to ANYONE with a DEAD baby in my hands (because I am not married and I dn't want babies). Instead I will FIND a JOB with the POTENTIAL of my CONSCIOUS and CONSCIOUS, the SMARTNESS of my INTELLIGENCE, and VIGORITY of my HARD - BROWN - DICK...

ANd - IF I come to AMERICA I won't woship NAGA, because I am AGNOSTIC...however I will do YOGA because it is COOL to do SOMETIMES...

ANd - IF U haven't YET fucked any GAL in SAREE, then it is UR BADLUCK because INDIAN WOMEN in SAREE is INDIAN BEAUTy...which luks beautiful EVEn when She is brown and Even When She is NOT dressed like a WESTERN GAL... : - http://www.gulte.com/content/2012/05/news/Aishwarya-Rai-at-Cannes-2002---2012---Photos-1844.jpg

And if AND when I go the WALMART I would NEVER go it, wearing a TURBAN and a DAGGER in my HAND.







& thnks for UR To-The-Face comment. KEEP posting such To-The-Face comments, and I will KEEP posting To-The-Face ANSWERS...

2 years ago
Hi mate, I disagree with the previous comment....even though it's a porn site , it's refreshing to see a genuine and honest person on here.....keep being yourself mate! all the best from Scotland
2 years ago
Your avatar is the Chinese character for love (ai,爱) - unusual for a person in India.

Comment; your profile is too long. Suggest you remove all non-sexual content. Join Facebook for your other interests.
2 years ago
Great profile!!
2 years ago
Thanks for invitation. You are a good looking man. Join me on Live Cams or find more genuine pics and movies of me on
2 years ago
Welcome as a friend, check out me giving one of Europes leading Porn Actresses SwissMature a tongue treat.
2 years ago
♠♫ Happy New Year♫♠
2 years ago
Thanks for the kind invite - nice favourites here :)
2 years ago
Thx for your christmas pic , wish u all the best in 2013 :-)
2 years ago
Thank you very much for the tree.
2 years ago
Intelligent minds sometimes bridge great distances with intuitive questions..thank you for yours
2 years ago
whats up mate ?..
2 years ago
Great profile.
2 years ago
Happy Holiday!
2 years ago
merry christams & happy new year to you & family
2 years ago
Thank you for your warm wishes! Best to you in this holiday season!
2 years ago
Thanks for your Christmas greetings.



Greetings from Bavaria!
2 years ago
Thanks for the Holiday wishes. Hope you have a Great Holidays there also.
2 years ago
thx for the Pics. "Smooch"
2 years ago
Thanks but i I don't celebrate christmas, but anyway here's a little christmas fairy tale for you ;)


Happy new years though, that's an excuse to get fucked up haha!!
2 years ago
Thanks for the invite. ;-)
2 years ago
Sorry, don't like the rough stuff.xx
2 years ago
Good profile ,
although you have no pics and vids !:)
Greets Pablo
2 years ago
Hiçbir Asyalı, Türkler de dahil olmak üzere! Bu Türkler BEN de bir araya geldi yok çok güzel.
2 years ago
Thanks 4 the comment

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    ◥◣ ▐    ▐
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      ▍ ◥◣   ◥◣
       ▍ ◥◣   ◥◣
       ▐  ▐◣▂  ◥◣
       ◥◣   ▍ ◥◣ ◥◣
       ◥◣ ▎  ◥◣ ◥◣
        ▂▲ ▍   ◥◣◥◣◢〓◣
      ◥▂▲◢◆    ◥◣ ◣▂◢▎
      ◢〓◤▀        ◥▬◢
2 years ago
Happy Holidays! :)
2 years ago
nice profile, thanks for sharing
2 years ago
Thanks for the visit and comment! Merry Christmas!
2 years ago
thanks for stopping by

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