Our clothes found A resting place on the floor.
Piece by piece,
This is the night I will release my sexual desire to you , Naked with your hands and mouth all over me.
Wanting to touch you has never been this much.
I am in ectasy from what I feel and see.
The Fire is red, AND IT'S Flame BURNS ,
THE fire of your kiss is what burning MY heart of desire,
Touch me, baby, just kiss me LADY,
Feeling our naked bodIES rubbing against each OTHER ,
Making love to you, maKES my heartS contend , Release all the passion you hold inside.
And be prepared for a breathtaking ride.
My world starts to blur, my senses overload,
My heartbeats so fast, I fear it might explode.
Strong, sensual, and oh so sweet , don't ever want this to end.
The two of us locked in a delicious embrace,
My lover, sweet friend,
I could live forever just to look at your face.
In a ‘so sexual’ cadence.
“I want you to posses my body” you whispered.
It was easy for me to comply,
My tongue was tenderly persistent,
And my mouth was pleasure-giving,
There wasn't an inch of you that I didn't taste.
My parted lips followed the curve
And quietness between your breasts , To look up and die as you let out a sigh , My right hand gently slides up your neck , The moaning of our pleasure would be our only sound
You picked up one of the many oils
And you dripped it slowly down YOUR breasts , The electricity can be felt traveling throughout me,
As I begin to feel the heat,
My heart increases to a rhythmic beat,
The intensity in my vein?s, the rush of bl**d throughout me , I take my time as I lick your mound,
My tongue going slowly up and down,
I suck your button as your juices flow,
As I slowly make your arousal grow,
I can clearly hear your moans and sighs,
As I work my magic between your thighs , Don't try to run, don't try to hide,
Just spread those legs open wide , I hear your moans, I hear your cries,
Just wrap me in those perfect thighs,you shake about without a wonder
savoring my finger, fondling your clit
,Roll over on your back
I’m the type of guy that will smack that ass
And lick that crack
From the bottom of your cheeks to the small of your back
,Making your body scream in ecstasy
This is not a nightmare but a beautiful dream
Ask me no questions, I'll tell no lies , You say you want to switch position
Let’s do it because I’m on a mission.
As we join together I start to thrust,
Our tension builds as we unite,
Your legs around me holding tight,
Nestled between your creamy thighs,
Your soft moans turn to cries,
Our lusty passion begins to explode,
With every body,Panting hard, with quivering shakes,
Not much more can either take,
As each resists the pulsing throbs , With your luscious sexy curves
You have a taste I can't resist ,I am balanced between love and happiness , Feeling your warm soft breath on my neck
The tension and pleasure that was built up between us,
now is released ,In reaction, deep breaths, gasps, sighs , Everything was right, genuine, and pure
Moments were hours , AS WE BECAME ONE !
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