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About 10 of us went on holiday following our a-levels. One of the girls whom I had fancied for ages called Nicola was going and we got on well and was hoping to take things further but as I discovered that didn't happen.

Whilst around the bar on the second night Nicola was talking to a couple of guys. She seemed to be taking an interest in this tall man with blond hair and was clearly a bit rough and ready. I didn't think much of it initally as she was a nerdy type with her brown hair and glasses and always did well in school and never in trouble.

After a while and a few more beers I noticed that she had disappeared. I went to the toilet and noticed behind the trees this guy and Nicola kissing. I couldn't believe it but was transfixed as his hands started to wonder around her lovely size 10 body.

First I could see him groping her bum through her yellow dress and squeeze her tits. Then I noticed her hand move towards his shorts and rub his already noticeable bulge. Shockingly she pulled his shorts down and out popped this thick large cock and heavy balls. I didn't think she would go down and suck his cock but that is exactly what she did. He gently fucked her mouth calling her such a naughty girl.

After a couple of minutes he ordered her to stand up and he lifted up her dress to expose her white lacy knickers. His fingers then rubbed at her clit through her panties and she was enjoying it and hearing her let out a gasp. Two of his fingers then disappeared inside her knickers and he fingered her with the noise of squelshing from her wet fanny and it wasn't long before she grabed hold of him tightly and had what I suspect was an orgasam.

Next he roughly pulled her knickers down to her ankles and she stepped out of them to give to him and she bent over with her dress up above her waist and her white ass contrasting with the tan she was getting from spending time in the sun. The man ordered her to spread her legs for him and he told her what a pert bum she had and that he betted that more than a few men in the hotel were probably wanking themselves over the thought of it. He then told her that as she had been so naughty that her bum needed spanking and he proceeded to slap her ass several times and it seemed that Nicola was enjoying it.

By now I hadn't realised that my own cock had gone hard at the sight of it all and felt horny and gutted at the same time as the girl I had fancied for so long was going to be given a good seeing too by another man.

She begged to be fucked by his big dick to which he duly obliged. They grinded their bodies against each other and it wasn't long before he started to fuck her harder with the sound of his grunts getting louder and the sound of him slamming his dick inside Nicola's hairy cunt and his big balls slapping against her. He asked her where she wanted his seed and she told him breathlessly to cum all over her bum.

Then it came with him pulling his prick out of her and the hot white spunk shooting all over her ass and back. He got the last of it out over her ass and watched it slowly drip down to her legs. He then got hold of her panties and wiped all his cum off and told her if she wanted to be fucked again later then she would have to wear her cum stained knickers for the rest of the night. She giggled and said yes and stepped back into her knickers and reajusted her dress and gave the man a long snog.

Suffice to say I didn't see much of her the rest of the holiday but overheard the guy who fucked her talking to his mate later in the week saying what a good fuck she was and willing to try so many different positions and was not wearing any knickers under her dress for him to allow him access when he needed it.

I had many a wank over what i had seen and had a handjob from a woman whilst all the time thinking of Nicola

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nice, shame u didnt think of seconds