Enter morning. The lovely lady who picked me up Friday night enters. Let’s have breakfast and she releases me. we have a shower and we can't stop playing with each other, but finally finish and then enjoy a nice breakfast.

What to do today. She wonders,as do I. As if to answer that question, then her friends show up, so now it's back to the bondage again for me and my mouth and my ass are exposed again for another days use. How wonderful the weekend I am having so far as I have her cock in my mouth for her first of the day blow jobs. She says you are good at that, I think I should keep you forever. I agree. So she has her own play thing.

I have my own goddess,24/7. I now have chastity device on and she keeps the keys, I am not permitted to use my cock for anything except for her wishes. She keeps me always confined as well. There is no chance of escape. Always locked in a room, or device, or chained. Security is very important. Even in public.

She loves her toes sucked, that always starts other fun games, and it's really fun when she has friends over. We play. She even allows me to have sex with some of her girl friends.

My mistress knows lots of fun kinky people.What a great life so far. Hope it never ends THE END FOR NOW.

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3 years ago
Cool story - every mongrel should be so trained