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[Story] Husbanette

Al's wife had built on his mother's discipline training. She'd gotten him well trained into accepting any and all punishment she wished to inflict on him. Through psychological humiliation and skilled brainwashing, he was now very tractable and slavish.

Yes, his wife's punishment was painful, but after it was over, the joy of knowing he'd been forgiven by her seem to outweigh the pain.

His wife, Cora had trained her mollycoddled young husband to not move or pull away as she slaps him hard. He has been so well trained in how to prepare himself for her whippings that she need only give h... Continue»
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I knew I would always remember taking my high school buddy, Napoleon’s virgin ass on that picnic table in a warm lemon grove back in my hometown of Laredo. There was so much I would remember from that trip back in July- my twin b*****r’s military funeral the day before, after he’d been killed in a bombing in Iraq… the wild encounter that erupted the same evening between our old high school friend Napoleon and me when I found him going through my b*****r’s stash of old, cum-stained porn magazines… my Dad barging in, d***k and naked, just as Napoleon started fucking me, and then ... Continue»
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A Shared Tale

A Shared Retelling of Our Tale
[The following story is written jointly. I have set up the story and begun the tale. My good friend from the UK will continue this story from his perspective. I will then contribute my perspective yet again based on his telling. Neither one of us knows what the other will write.]

I’m certain my cheeks flushed when my buddy, Martin, invited me to his sex party. I’d been sitting on a lot of fantasy for the better part of growing up, yet my strict f****y life and then five years in a Catholic seminary taught me well how to manage, if not outright conc... Continue»
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