It was my birthday last week and during the week of my birthday my sub and I switch places he becomes master and I become his boy. Heres what happened on day one - We went to bed as usual and I had forgotten that it was the night that our temporarry reversal would begin, Marcus didnt mention it as he wanted to spring it on me. I was kind of in the mood anyway so I leant out of bed to grab the handcuffs with the usual plan to put them on marcus but they were not there. As my other hand leant on the bed in order to steady myself I heard a click and felt cold steal on my wrist I jumped as I realised what he had just done. Whats going on I said as I turned around. Before I could do anything he was on top of me, mounting my waist, pinning my arms to the bed above my head. Hey stop it, get off I uttered. Shh he said as he clicked the other cuff over my left wrist, its birthday week! time for my revenge BOY.

As he said this he reached under his pillow and brought out a large ball gag which he then tried to f***e between my teeth, I struggled a bit, more for effect than anything else. I wanted this really just as much as he did. Open he ordered or I open it for you. okay okay! god your agressive when its your turn arnt you I exclaimed. always he replied now open. I did as he asked and he pushed it past my teeth into my mouth, it tasted rubbery and was hard and quite big I had difficulty getting it in infact and it filled my mouth preventing me from making any sounds except the odd grunt. now what next he said, ah yes this.
he produced a leather blindfold which was placed over my eyes. there you go he said nice. I grunted trying to speak but little came out that was understandable, now now! he said, no more noise or I use the silenceing mask. okay I tried to say but all that he got was stiffled noises. now shall we begin he said, more to himself than me.

before I could guess what was coming next I suddenly felt a strange sensation on my stomach it was soft and caressing but it was also having the effect of making me want to laugh, I held back trying not to let marcus know its efect but I couldnt for long, as he intensified his strokes up and down my torso my automatic reflexes kicked in and through the gag I began to yell and guffaw with laughter in almost an hysterical way. like my feather duster do you boy he uttered, I got it today special.

I began to shake with the feelings that it was producing in me and god did I laugh, as he run that tickle stick all over my upper body. at times he would circle it under my arms this had the effect of making me scream and im sure I peed myself at some stage. on and on he went all over my chest and then my neck I cried out pleading with him to stop but to no avail. After a whole year of me punishing him, it was his turn now and he definately intended to get his revenge. as my body began to go into convulsions I could not take any more and I think I passed out.

I woke up a little while later in a dimly lit room and as my head cleared and my vision focused I realised that I was no longer on the bed, I was now shackled to the A frame in our attic. marcus was in a high backed chair on the other side of the room looking at me, waiting for me to come round. and as I came to my senses i started to react to my predicament let me go I shouted and this time marcus somehow understood me, oh no matey he laughed no chance he said its time for some fum bitch. With that he stood walked towards me and as he reached me he slapped my stomach so hard that it almost winded me. ready boy he shouted. as he walked past me to the far wall and grabbed something from one of the many hooks, I could not see what it was as my back was facing him, but bl**dy hell I soon found out. he came back over to me and stood just behind me and then it came the first of many, many screams as he laid into my back with a long tailed, multi tassled, leather whip. by the time he had finished I had been struck at least 20 times across my back and maybe ten across my shoulders. there you go he said how was that for you stud, by now I could hardly speak as I had been crying with the pain from at least the half way mark, my breathing was heavy and laboured as he spoke again I said how was that BOY.....did you enjoy it. yes I said yes. yes what boy, master yes MASTER. Good he replied because im far from finished. oh no! no! please I pleaded. calm boy calm now just five more and were done okay he said. he then left me for a moment and came back with a softer whip, ready he said and before I could respond he laid it on me the first blow hit my arse and i yelled one into the gag, good boy he said then came the second two I shouted thats it he said count them off he swung again three I yelled again he lashed four i squeeled and the last but far from least he excaimed as he drew back and swung the whip extra hard this time i screamed loudly and began to cry again he held me tightly from behind and comforted me with a soft gentleness to his voice now now he said relax calm down it s done.

after a long loving hug he walked around my body to face me he reached around my head grippd the buckle of the ball gag and removed it then he leaned in for a long deep kiss, I responded opening my aching jaw as he pushed his tongue past my teeth and for a breif moment he showed me some effection. pushing me backwards he exclaimed enough of this and lightly slapped my chest. okay what now he asked what shall I do to you next. I think you need to relax a little dont you lets bring this down a bit yeah give you some pleasure.

he then reached towards the shackle on my right wrist removing it from the grip then did the same with the other. and as I almost dropped with exaustion he was under me, hoisting me over his shoulder. he walked across the room carrying me til we got to the chair and then he lowered me placing me onto it. he quickly then went to work securing me hand and foot to it, my arms pulled over the back of it fastened to hook eyes bolted into the wood via the shackles and my ankles tied to its legs.

ready to begin your pleasure boy he asked yes master yes I wispered good boy he said as he moved across the attic room towards the far wall again he grabbed a vibro form one of the shelves and came back over to me. lift a little he said, I raise my butt and he put his hand into a small tub of lube and applied it to my hole stroking it up and down my crack at first and then he f***ed his finger deeply into my me and as he fingered me slowly I began to groan and moan, knowing what was coming next. there ready he asked in his gentle tone yes Sir I replied okay he said here it comes he grabbed the phalus pushed it to my opening and then slowy shoved it in. go down on it he ordered and as he switched it on I flexed my anal muscles around it as it began to buzz and vibrate inside me. oh man it felt so so good. he then knealt infront of me grabbed my dick and gently started to jack me off his hand movement was slow at first but as i started to rock myself on the vibro he speed up gradually until his hand became a blur. my heart was pounding i could almost hear it as time after time his hand fell and lifted along my shaft my head went back and my breathing got heavier and heavier as I was gradually taken closer and closer to the best orgasm i'de had in ages. my chest started to heave and I began to pant as my body started to shake uncontrolably and finally i yelled out with shear pleasure as my orgasm hit and spurt after spurt of thick jism shot out from my engorged cock slashing across marcus's chest and he suddenly leant forward and lowered his head taking my dick into his mouth as more sperm shot forth into his mouth. he began to swallow it but it was to much for him to take and i chuckled as it started to dripple from the sides of his lips down his chin. finally it stpped and he broke away from me and raised himself kissing me hard and as he held me tightly i could taste my fresh load on his breath.

then he untied me from the chair legs and unhooked the shackles. up he said i lifted myself and he removed the vibro from my butt. then he sort of dropped one shoulder towards me and again before I knew what was happening i was over it and being carried out of the attic room down the stairs and into our bedroom he walked with me on his shoulder to the bed and lowered me onto it then he climbed in himself putting his arms around me he kissed the back of my neck and we both fell into a deep long slumber.

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1 year ago
what happened next?
1 year ago
Great story mate.
1 year ago
HOT story sir. I wish you'd both fuck me
2 years ago
Well, to your comment below, I'd rather sling you over MY shoulder after a hot session like that, than have your autograph! Marcus sure knew how to let the intensity rise and fall and eventually reach the peak erotic moment- I kept feeling like I was catching my fucking breath throughout! Hot damn read- thanks!

2 years ago
I shot a big load to this... f***ing HOT!!!
2 years ago
Wow! More Please!
2 years ago
thank you, got to go though I have an autograph signing to do. sorry my public awaits. HA HA HA
2 years ago
WOW that's all I'm gonna say