ASSUME THE POSITION - By Dominic Masters

BY - Dominic Masters

You wake up in bed to the sound of your alarm clock you spin around to turn it off and notice that it reads 3am. Why is it going off at this time you say to yourself I’m sure it was set for seven? With that the phone rings. you switch off the clock and quickly turn to the other side of the bed and grab the phone. Hi says the voice on the other end, it’s me Dominic, Wanna play dirty. Yes sir you reply. In that I case say assume the position, you know the drill boy. Immediately you jump from the bed and get on your knees on the floor and speak once again into the phone, done sir you say. Good boy I retort now start wanking, but slow bitch, real slow , you grab your cock and start jacking it when suddenly you hear a creak of a floor board from behind you. Nervously you start to turn your head when you hear a deep baritone voice say don’t look back boy just keep wanking. who is it you ask , who do you think it is, it’s me Dominic. How did you get here so quickly when you were only just on the phone you ask, never heard of a mobile you idiot I reply, Now no more talking, sssh! Suddenly my hand is over your mouth and I reach around you with the other and replace your hand with mine gripping your cock hard and tight as I start to jack you off myself. I then lean in close with my mouth against your neck and bite, nibble and kiss it roughly. You move your head back responding to my caress and we kiss hard tongue to tongue, lips grinding together, passing spit between us.
My hand reaches under the bed retrieving the short length of rope that I know is always kept there. I grab your wrists tying them tightly behind you and as you moan into my mouth I shuffle back slightly and thrust forward again forcing my dick into your canal, leaving it there to allow you to adjust to its size. Then I begin to move, slowly at first but then I build up speed until I’m bouncing off of your arse cheeks with every single thrust making you moan and moan. You beg me to stop and begin to shout out. I tell you to shush but it seems like you can’t so I move my hand from your mouth and reach behind me in to the back pocket of my trousers; I produce a ball gag, which I f***e between your lips and then secure the straps behind your head. I then use my now spare hand to grip your left nipple and I twist it from side to side. as I pinch it roughly You start to shout no, no, no, into the gag and I quietly chuckle to myself and say That’s it moan boy, let me hear your pain. Then I push my whole body against you forcing you forward over the edge of the bed as my hips go into overdrive ramming my cock deeper into you than before.
The feelings grow becoming more and more intense as the passion builds between us and then suddenly my head goes back as I yell loudly and fill your guts with my thick creamy load. You too start to breathe heavily and faster as you hit your orgasm I quickly remove the gag and kiss you once more. As you puff and pant into my mouth you shoot cuming copiously on my hand and the bed. Spurt after spurt of thick jizz splashes onto the satin sheets in front of you. It seems like it’s never gonna stop, but finally your drained and you let out a final sigh of exhausted pleasure.
Slowly everything calms down and finally comes to a sudden stop and as you turn to kiss me you realise that you are once again alone. Your head rushes and you wonder if I was ever there. was it a fantasy? Was it a dream? Was it real? Who knows!

Posted by MASTERDOMTM 1 year ago
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1 year ago
Good stuff Maynard!
1 year ago
Oh Yes Sir that would be wonderful.
1 year ago
WOW thats fucking hot, just gave me a instant hard on