Masters 1st Punishment

I had been cruising a number of gay pick-up sites and was intrigued and turned on by a guy on Squirt… he said he was into bondage and torture and I said that I had not done this before but would he meet me and show me as I love to try new things to see if I like them or not. He had a place to play, thankfully, and he said come on over as he had all the things that he would need.

So a few days later I went over and he took me to a upstairs room and told me to strip off for him. I did this and stood standing there, naked in front of him, with a semi hard on’ “so your looking forward t... Continue»
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I May Return

I parked my moterbike, a beautiful, black and silver harley, which I had bought four months ago, on a quiet side-street near the cafe. Thirty minutes later, I returned to find a dented panel with a tyre mark on it. My best guess is that some clumsy arsehole, driving an SUV, had backed into it, pushing the panel in with their spare tyre, which is attached to the back of these "tractors." The prick didn't even leave a note to say sorry. There's no point getting upset about it, that's the insurance company's job.

I read my policy document to see what I had to do. First thing was to report ... Continue»
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coming soon, The Abduction Of Marcus

its on it way guys
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Shocked - by Dominic Masters. (for queerlad)

Shocked by – Dominic Masters

(this story is dedicated to my good friend QUEERLAD)X

I guess I should start off by telling you that my partner and I like to play it kinky sometimes when were in bed together usually with me taking on the role of master and he my sexy but naughty slave. But not always, sometimes he gives things a slight twist and reverses the roles without warning this is the story of one of those times.
It was Friday evening and having had a long, tiring week we decided to let our hair down a little and had popped around to our local drinking den for a few whiskeys each... Continue»
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Sucking Nick

After Nick filled my mouth for the second time that morning, he got up from the bed, his flaccid cock swinging back and forth, his pubic hairs a matted mess of spit and cum as I lay there, naked, my own cock a raging, throbbing piece of unsatisfied meat.

"I'm gonna' take a shower, Faggot!" Nick said as he walked towards the door of the bedroom. He turned before leaving and looked at me with a disgusted facial expression, "Don't you fucking cum yet," was all he said. Then he was padding down the hall and into the bathroom, where moments later the shower started.

I lay in bed, going over t... Continue»
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Dedicated to john, my fantasy FAGGOTBOY. XXX

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Park Keeper PT II - The Journey Home

The Journey home, Park keeper - Part II
Trefor J. Morgan.

Bumping into Dominic in the park had been quite unexpected and now here I was walking towards the main gate with him heading for his motorbike. Was I making the biggest mistake of my life or was this going to be possibly the most fantastic experience I would ever have – I was hoping (god I was hoping) that it would be the latter.

We walked side by side, almost touching but totally silent along the path towards the entrance and made our way out onto the main road. Dominic motioned me to turn left into a narrow alleyway and as I... Continue»
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Park Keeper - By Dominic Masters

Park Keeper
By - Dominic Masters - dedicated to a sexy friend (you know who you are NS)

Not so long ago I became a member of an online chat site and I recently started up a friendship with a sexy dominant man who went by the site name of master1. We had been speaking online for some time when he started getting more trusting with me to the extent that he revealed a lot more about himself including the place where he lived. I was quite surprised to find that he lived in the same town as me. We chatted quit a bit about this and although we both wanted to meet up he couldn’t as he was in a ... Continue»
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It was my birthday last week and during the week of my birthday my sub and I switch places he becomes master and I become his boy. Heres what happened on day one - We went to bed as usual and I had forgotten that it was the night that our temporarry reversal would begin, Marcus didnt mention it as he wanted to spring it on me. I was kind of in the mood anyway so I leant out of bed to grab the handcuffs with the usual plan to put them on marcus but they were not there. As my other hand leant on the bed in order to steady myself I heard a click and felt cold steal on my wrist I jumped as I real... Continue»
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ASSUME THE POSITION - By Dominic Masters

BY - Dominic Masters

You wake up in bed to the sound of your alarm clock you spin around to turn it off and notice that it reads 3am. Why is it going off at this time you say to yourself I’m sure it was set for seven? With that the phone rings. you switch off the clock and quickly turn to the other side of the bed and grab the phone. Hi says the voice on the other end, it’s me Dominic, Wanna play dirty. Yes sir you reply. In that I case say assume the position, you know the drill boy. Immediately you jump from the bed and get on your knees on the floor and speak on... Continue»
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A Shared Tale - A collaboration

[The following story is written jointly by my good friend Simon Ellis from the united states and myself Dominic Masters from the United Kingdom Simon has set up the story with the first part and I D. Masters will continue this story from my perspective. Simon will then contribute his perspective yet again based on his telling. Neither one of us knows what the other will write.]

Part one by Simon Ellis - (Timbooty)

I’m certain my cheeks flushed when my buddy, Martin, invited me to his sex party. I’d been sitting on a lot of fantasy for the better part of growing up, yet my strict f****... Continue»
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