Office romance

It had been four weeks since Jill had breezed into the office, early 30's long blonde hair, enormous firm tits and an arse you would never get sick of eating.
We had flirted gently in the office and I had lost count of the number of mornings I hand wanked in the shower imagining her wet mouth on my hard hard cock. Jill could tell I had the hots for her and she would often brush past me or lean over me in the office making little inuendos.
It was Friday evening and we were the last two in the office, she had let it slip earlier in the week that her husband was away for the weekend, "you fancy a drink" i asked really meaning "i'm going to try and fuck you".
We got to a wine bar and soon as the wine flowed the chat turn to sex and fantasies. She was wearing a black short skirt and white top, her firm breasts putting an im possible strain on the buttons, as the talk got dirtier i could see the shape of her nipples showing through. Jill told me she had always wanted to go to a lap dancing barand had always wanted to try lap dancing, but hubby was boring and would never have entertained the idea. Lucky for her I had a "good friend" who was a lap dancer in the city. "come with me Jill, if you dare" I said standing up concious of the bulge in my trousers, I grabbed her hand and lead her from the bar. Once outside i took a chance and kissed her passionately, she responed her tongue probing my mouth, my hand brushed under her skirt to feel a soaking wet thong, she kissed harder as my fingers rubbed against her pussy lips. I then lead her towards "Angels" were my favourite slut Lianne worked. Lianne had been dancing for years, she was an expert, huge tits and one of the filthiest sluts I had ever fucked. I introduced Jill to her and arranged a dance. Jill and I sat side by side as Lianne , gyrated her naked body in front of us, she fingered her juicy wet hole then rubbed it into my mouth, I turned and kissed Jill giving her a taste of pussy. I could see Jill was flushed, a little shy but very very aroused, I gave her hand a squeeze as Lianne's enourmous nipples rubbed against her face. Jill whispered to me, "take me somewhere and fuck me I really need your cock"
I had earlier in the night booked a hotel as i had a feeling i would be waking up next to a cum drenched Jill.
We got to our room and started pulling at each others clothes, kissing passionately, my cock so hard a felt as though i was going to burst. Jill kept teasing me, jokingly telling me how sexy Lianne was and how they would have given me a show had the club allowed. Jill was standing in front of me wearing only a black lacy thong her long blonde hair over her breasts as there was a knock on the room door, I answered it in my boxers and let Lianne in, Jill looked shocked, "are we going to give him that dance then?" Lianne said to a by now extremely horny Jill. She then walked over and pushed Jills hair from her breasts before sucking hungrily on her proud nipples.Jilly gave out a little moan of encouragement at which Lianne fell to her knees carefully pulling down her thong to expose a glistening shaved and very wet pussy. Lianne slipped a finger in and Jilly looked across to me, her big blue eyes wide, she bit her botton lip trying not to maon at the extreme pleasure of another womans finger in her cunt for a first time. Lianne then walked over to me and instructed me to taste Jills cum, i greedily licked and sucked on Liannes fingers, Jillys juice was so sweet. Lianne then removed my boxrshorts and took my hard cock into her mouth, she then looked ove to Jill and said "this is for you, its you he wants" Jill came across and on all fours started licking my pulsing shaft as Lianne held back her hair, Jill sucked cock like a pro, the sensations making my dick twitch and pulse, I then felt her mouth clamp harder on my cock and looked up to see Lianne had spread Jills sexy arse cheeks and had plunged her tongue deep into Jills arsehole while her fingers rubbed hard on her clit. "I'll leave you to it" said Lianne removing her face from Jills holes, "no" cried Jill "I need this" Jill stuck her ass in the air and mouthed to me "fuck my cunt John, fuck me while I eat pussy" Jills pussy was so tight and so wet as i pushed my cock into her, right up to the hilt, Jills face burried in Liannes well used pussy as I hammered home harder and harder. I could feel myself starting to cum as Jills back arched and she let out a sream cumming hard, her body twitching as my hot cum shot up deep into her. The three of us lay on the floor, naked and sweating, but Lianne had other ideas, "one last job" she said to Jill, "you clean his cock and i'll clean your pussy" at this Jill staring licking the mix of coum and pussy juice from me as Lianne ate the cum from her hole.
Jill and I then took a long hot shower together which of course ended up in fucking again, when we returned to the room Lianne had left. We lay naked on top of the bed bed stroking each others bodies until we drifted off to sl**p
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4 years ago
very good story thanks for sharing, is this reality?
4 years ago
very very good wonderful there has to be a pt/ch 2