Being Slutty...

So tonight, I finally took that leap into being the slutty girl I've always wanted to be.

I've been chatting with this guy in the area for a while now and he's been trying to get me to meet for some time but I've never really been available at the times he has been. Over the past week, we discovered that we've been trying at all the wrong times because he leaves for work extremely early and I'm a night owl so the middle of the night is the perfect time. We also established that the abandoned mobile home down the street from me would be the perfect place to meet.

He texted me just before midnight to see if I thought tonight might be the night. I know he was expecting a no, but instead I told him that I'd see him in twenty.

Almost immediately, I started shaking with both the arousal and nervousness of the situation. I couldn't decide which was getting to me more. Unfortunately, the nerves really made me have to pee which was a shame because I knew he was hoping to gag me on his cock so hard that I'd piss myself. But that would just have to wait.

I fixed myself up a bit, making sure to put on extra heavy eye makeup so that when the tears rolled down my cheek, they'd leave pretty black stains. Even if it was pitch black out and he wouldn't be able to see it. As I approached the lot, I could see he wasn't yet there. What I didn't see was a big, fucking rock right in my path and I tumbled right over it, scr****g myself up, knocking my head on another rock and generally fucking up my knee. But that wasn't going to stop me when I'd managed to get this close!

He pulled in shortly after and led me to a spot where he was sure we couldn't be seen from the road. Even with my ouchied knee, I was a good girl and got down on it in the gravel as he pulled his cock out and grabbed my hair. He asked me if I was sure I wanted to do this and I just nodded vigorously, and wrapped my lips around the head of his cock. That was obviously all the encouragement he needed because his hands grasped my hair tighter and pulled hard, forcing his cock straight down my throat. Holding my head so that he was buried as far in my mouth as he go, he moved just slightly in and out, keeping his cock in my throat as my gag reflex kicked in.

I have very little experience with all this so I wasn't able to take much at one time, both unable to breathe and sure I was going to puke at any second, so he went easy on me and didn't f***e me too hard. Still, there were a couple of moments where I gagged a little too hard and had to turn away and spit out all that gooey spit so that I could breathe again before taking him back down my throat, finally feeling him cum and swallowing every drop.

And with that, he pulled me to my feet and went on his way, leaving me to walk back home a teary-eyed, spit-covered mess.

Not to mention all the bruises and sc****s from my fall. Might not be the way I prefer to get them, but it's nice to have the little reminders. ;c)

He promises much filthier fun in the future. Can't wait to see what is in store!
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2 years ago
You can be a dirty little fat slut with me any time!! Mmmm... the thought of your pretty lips around my hard tongue exploring your pretty fat cunt...Mmmmm...
3 years ago
your so sluty but i like that good story
3 years ago
got me off
3 years ago
I would have pulled the gravel out of your knees with my mouth. You obviously deserver that. Your amazing and he was one lucky guy to enjoy what you offered. Nice post.
3 years ago
GReat story. Love the fact you just went for it like nothing was going to get in your way. 5 stars from me!
4 years ago
great story
4 years ago
I am a little envyious
4 years ago
lucky guy naughty lil'slut
4 years ago
lucky guy!