A Chance of a Lifetime Meeting ... (Part 2)

A Chance of a Lifetime Meeting....

(Please note, this is in 3 parts. I previously posted part 1, and have repeated it here along with part 2, if you already read part 1, then scroll down to chapter 2)

It wasn’t the kind of bar that I would regularly go to try and pick someone up. It was just a place to go to grab a drink before going back to my hotel room. I had been in town for 3 days already and was just looking to get a couple of beers and head back to my room. My flight back home wasn’t until the next afternoon, so I would get to sl**p in before I had to pack up and leave.

When I walked into the bar, I noticed the blonde sitting at a table off to my right, but was more interested in getting something to drink. I sat down at the bar, there were probably only about a dozen people s**ttered about the bar. I ordered a beer and started looking around at the TV screens to see what game was playing. I glanced back at the blonde and saw she was looking at me. Not wanting to appear obvious, I just smiled and looked away, but as I started to look away, I noticed that she smiled back.

Apparently, this bar was a place for dancing later in the evening. There was a disco ball hanging from the ceiling and a laser light that was striking the ball. Little laser dots zoomed all around the room. I noticed that even though they had a random pattern, there were spots where the little dots would converge and would light up a certain spot as red and it would just stay that way. I glanced back at the blonde again and noticed that one of the stationary laser spots was right on her lap. I chuckled to myself as I thought “Man, her crotch is on fire”. I took another sip of my beer.

Maybe the beer on my empty stomach caused me to continue staring, but I continued to look at her. I just kept looking at her. She was probably in her mid 30’s, but she had nice firm breasts, and from what I could tell as she sat there, a nice slender ass. I wouldn’t say her breasts were huge, just ample. Her long blonde hair cascaded off her shoulders. I was assessing how many ways I’d like to have sex with her when I realized she was looking at me, looking at her. She smiled again and just as I started to panic because she caught me again, she raised her glass as if to toast me.

I saw this gesture as an invitation and raise my beer back at her and dropped off the barstool to my feet. I walked over to her and before my brain engaged, I blurted out, “Did you know your crotch is on fire”? Okay, maybe a little too much beer already on an empty stomach. “What” she said with a perplexed look on her face. I then pointed out the mass of bright red laser dots on her crotch. “Oh, yes, that, well it pays to advertise” she said. She then invited me to sit down.

We sat and chatted and made small talk for a bit and then she told me that she was meeting her boyfriend at the bar and he would be there any minute. I said that perhaps I should return to the bar then so she didn’t get in trouble. “Oh, not to worry my sweet, he will love it that I’m chatting with you, please stay” she told me. I found that unusual as she was such a beautiful woman but she went on to explain that they had a very open relationship, and besides her boyfriend got turned on by other guys being attracted to her. I had never said anything up to that point about being attracted to her.

Sure enough after we chatted for about 20 minutes a slender young guy walked into the bar and immediately walked towards our table. They hugged and a quick kiss and she started to introduce me, when we both realized we never exchanged names. Turns out her name was Tori, and his was Brian. Brian had just gotten off of work and they made plans to meet in the bar. Brian worked in a restaurant as a Chef, and brought Tori some take-out food. As we sat and had a few drinks, she offered me some of the spare ribs that Brian had brought along with him. Normally, to be nice I would turn it down, but I was starving and they looked great.

After about an hour of chatting, drinking and polishing off the remainder of some great food, Brian suggested we go somewhere else. I enjoyed their company and was having a good time, so I figured why not? I’ll tag along with the two of them to another bar. We got up and headed out the door. Brian had his arm around Tori and we walked down the street. Tori reached over and grabbed my hand and said, “get up here and walk with us”. I responded by jokingly moving in closer to her, but much to my surprise, she threw her free arm around my waist and pulled me in closer.

We were like the three musketeers, walking down the street when suddenly I realized I had no clue where we were going. Tori explained that their apartment was just around the corner and we should go there as they had plenty to drink. I hesitated for a minute thinking maybe this was some way to rob me or something, but I felt pretty reassured that they were both on the level. Besides, I only had about $50 in cash left on me after being out of town in a hotel for almost a week. So, I agreed and we made our way to their apartment.

They were nice upscale apartments in the downtown heartbeat of the city. When we got to the door, Brian unlocked the door and Tori kept her arm around my waist and as Brian opened the door and motioned for us to go in, Tori’s hand slid down to my ass and gave me a little pat on the ass. I felt my cock jump a bit when she did.

The inside of the apartment was very neat and clean, well decorated. Tori walked away towards the bathroom and made a remark about having to take a wicked piss. Brian walked on into the kitchen that had a bar that jetted out into the living room area. I was admiring their huge flat screen TV when Brian asked what I wanted to drink. I moved over to the bar and sat on the barstool as I gazed into their kitchen. “I’m thinking some sort of soda” I said, wanting to sober up a bit since I would have to walk back to my hotel in a bit.

Tori came out of the bathroom and shouted something about taking a quick shower. Brian sat down at the bar and we started talking for a while, when out of the blue he said “Tori is pretty hot, you’d really like to fuck her, wouldn’t you”. I was taken aback by his statement, but retorted “Well, I’d be lying if I said no”. He just sort of chuckled and said “I figured you did, well stick around you might get a chance”. He then started saying something about their TV and stereo setup. I was still wondering what he meant by the comment and all sorts of things ran around inside my head as he talked about Dolby surround sound and stuff.

Within a few minutes Tori emerged from the master bedroom wearing a bathrobe and a towel wrapped around her hair. “What did you make me to drink” she asked while heading towards the kitchen. Brian said he didn’t know what she wanted, so he didn’t make her a drink. Brian continued to talk high fidelity as I watched Tori walk about in the kitchen. She turned and locked eyes with me and stood there not moving, just staring at me as Brian blabbed away. She reached down and opened up the lower part of her bathrobe enough that I could see that she had no clothes on underneath and then stuck her hand inside the robe as if she was trying to finger herself and gave me a huge smile.

About that time, Brian nudged me and I snapped my head around to look at him. He gave me a wink and nodded towards Tori. I couldn’t believe what just happened. Brian went right back to talking about entertainment systems and I tried hard to just watch his face, nodding occasionally to make it appear I was actually listening. I wanted so badly to look at Tori again, but he was talking right at me.

Tori then walked over by the bar where I could see her face again and she was mixing a drink with her finger. She brought her finger up to her mouth and ran it across her lips and then sucked on it. My cock was starting to get hard just watching her suck her own finger. I turned back to Brian who had paused to take a breath and he had a huge smile on his face. It was an awkward moment as the room turned silent for a few seconds. Then Tori reached over and touched my hand and said to me; “Do you like to eat pussy”? I was taken back, I couldn’t believe that the conversation went from quality speakers to eating pussy. As it turns out, I love to eat pussy, probably more so than the average guy. Nothing turns me on more than the warm wet juices of a woman flooding my mouth. I looked at Brian and could tell he was awaiting my reply. I looked back at Tori and said “absolutely, love it”. Tori looked back at me and followed up with “Would you like to eat my pussy”?

Not knowing what to say I blurted out “Well, of course I would, but I think that’s Brian’s pleasure”. Brian laughed as Tori remained eye locked on my face. There was a moment of silence then she said “You might get your chance here if you play your cards right”. Brian chuckled again.

Tori grabbed my hand again and said let’s go out to the living room while we chat where we can get comfortable. She led me by hand to the huge couch and sat me down. She then walked over to the television and adjusted the channel. Brian plopped down on the couch next to me and leaned in and said to me “She’s got a great ass, watch this”. Like they had perhaps rehearsed it, Tori dropped her bathrobe revealing her sweet round tight ass. Brian nudged me with his elbow as Tori slowly turned revealing her firm upright breasts that pointed directly towards me. Her narrow waist provided a ramp down to her pubic mound that had a nice little tuff of a landing strip of hair. She dropped the towel from her somewhat wet hair. She then looked me right in the eye and said “Do you mind if I suck Brian’s cock while we talk, I’m pretty horny”.

What the hell was I supposed to say? I said I didn’t care and then asked if perhaps I should leave, although I certainly didn’t want to go. I didn’t know where this whole thing was going, but I couldn’t take my eyes off this mysterious young lady with the firmest body I think I’d ever seen. Both Brian and Tori insisted that I stay. Needless to say, I did.

Brian kicked off his shoes and dropped his pants and sat down on the couch again right next to me. Tori came over and dropped to her knees and started licking Brian’s balls but kept looking at me. Brian started moaning and I could feel my cock growing, pushing against the inside of my pants. I looked over at Brian’s cock as she licked it slowly up and down the shaft, much like she had done with her own finger earlier.

Brian had a circumcised cock that I would guess was about 6 or 7 inches in length. She ran her tongue around the head of his cock but still kept her eyes locked on me. Brian was fully hard now and she opened her mouth and buried his cock into her mouth, coming back up and slurping as she went. When she got to the top, she smacked her lips and looked at me and said “Brian doesn’t like to eat pussy, would you eat my pussy”? Without any hesitation, this time, I said “sure”. Brian nudged me with is elbow again and I started to get up to move around so I could lick her, but she stopped me and pushed me back on the couch. “Not so fast” she said; “You need to get naked first”. I kicked off my shoes just as Brian did and within seconds had all my clothes off. Tori was still sucking Brian’s cock. My cock stuck straight out as soon as my pants came off. I started to move again and Tori grabbed my cock. “Mmmm” she moaned; “Not until I say you can”. I then sat there while Tori sucked on Brian’s cock. Brian leaned back and was enjoying the slow slurping trips that her mouth made up and down his shaft.

I wanted to start jacking off right then and there, but restrained myself and watched intently. I could see that Tori was fingering her cunt lips as she sucked on his cock, and I could hardly wait to taste her juices.

Brian moaned as Tori suddenly stood up and turned around. Her ass was to die for. She straddled Brian and then grabbed his cock and slowly started to manipulate her pussy lips over his cock. Gently she lowered herself down onto his cock. I had a great view, but was really wishing it was my cock. Tori let out a long slow moan as she moved her pussy down the entire length of Brian’s now rock hard cock.

Tori looked over her shoulder down at me and smiled. She then reached down and grabbed my cock once again and said “Do you still want to eat my pussy”? “Yes” I replied quickly. “Then get over here on your knees in front of us”.

Brian had his cock deep inside her pussy. I really didn’t want Brian’s cock that close to my mouth, I really wanted to eat her though. I’ve never had a threesome before, and I certainly never had another man’s cock in my face. I was always a little bi-curious, but had zero experience when it came to sex with other men.

I got on my hands and knees directly in front of the pair. I could see Tori’s wet dripping pussy and the bottom of Brian’s shaft surrounded by flesh and his balls hanging out from underneath. Brian was moving his hips slowly up and down, moving his cock inside her. I moved my face closer to her crotch. I could smell the aroma of her pussy and could hear it slowly slurping up his cock. I got my nose pressed up against her hair above her clit and stuck my tongue out to probe at her clit.

The taste of her clit was amazing and I moved my lips around her clit and started to gently suck it. I could feel Brian’s cock moving just below my chin. I glanced upward at Tori’s face as my tongue encircled the clit that was now within my mouth. She was smiling at me and said “Mmm, that feels good, but you move too fast for me”. I thought she meant my tongue was moving to fast, so I slowed the pace that I was licking her clit. She pushed my head back away from her crotch and started to stand up, moving off of Brian’s cock.

“If you want to eat my pussy, you need to suck Brian’s cock first”. By now, I had gotten used to Tori saying things I couldn’t imagine a woman to say to me. I was there in front of this beautiful woman, with an incredible pussy that tasted amazing, but she wanted me to suck her boyfriend’s cock?

********* CHAPTER 2 **********

I had never sucked another man’s cock before. I had never even touched another man’s cock before. I could smell her pussy and it tasted so good, I REALLY wanted to eat her pussy until she came, but I wasn’t really sure that I wanted it bad enough to put Brian’s meat into my mouth. I sat there on my knees, Tori was sitting on Brian’s stomach with his fully erect cock blocking my view of my desired target. Brian was just laying back on the couch with his head tilted back facing the ceiling, but Tori was looking down on me like a queen expecting her orders to be followed. I hesitated for seemed like an hour when Tori said “It’s going to taste just like my juicy cunt, you know you want that in your mouth”.

I stammered and slurred out “Well, yes, I know, but I’ve….” Tori interrupted me and said “Oh, you’ve never sucked a man’s cock before”? Before I could answer she started getting off of Brian’s lap and started moving down on the floor where I was. She then said “Let me help you”. With that Tori grabbed my head and twisted it around to meet her face. She then started kissing me. Her tongue darted in and around my mouth. I could feel my cock twitching as she probed her tongue around inside my mouth. It felt wonderful to kiss this beautiful woman, I became so entranced in our kissing that I almost forgot about what she had just asked me to do. I then became aware that as we were lip locked, she was guiding our heads closer to Brian’s cock.

Eventually we were directly over Brian’s cock our mouths locked together in one hell of a passionate kiss. I felt her hand reach over and she wrapped it around my cock and gave me a firm squeeze, then slowly started stroking my cock when all of a sudden, I could feel something parting our two mouths. She had managed to pull my face all the way down to his cock. She opened her mouth and darted her tongue around the head of his cock and then back into my mouth.

I could taste her pussy juices once again as she had transferred the wonderful flavor from his cock to my mouth. I opened my mouth and began to mimic her actions, running my tongue along and around the head of Brian’s cock. It was a wonderful sensation to have this firm cock on my tongue, touching my lips. Tori squeezed my cock a little tighter and began to stroke it in rhythm with my sucking as a sign of her approval. Our tongues went from side to side touching each other and across the top of his dick where we would meet and kiss again. “Suck it” she whispered.

I opened my mouth wide and took the entire head of Brian’s cock into my mouth. I hated to admit it, but I really enjoyed it. Tori slid her hand down from my cock and grabbed my balls. “That’s it, take the whole thing in your mouth” she said as she gave my balls a little squeeze.

I opened my mouth wider and started to move my mouth down the length of Brian’s shaft. Brian let out a long slow moan as I stretched my neck to get a better angle of his cock. It tasted just like Tori’s pussy, it was so good. It was warm and hard and felt so good as it dragged over my tongue and probed the roof of my mouth. I opened my jaw wider to take in more of his muscle in my mouth when I felt the head slamming against the back of my throat. I wanted more of it in my mouth, but I knew I was about to gag. I started back up the length of his shaft when I heard Brian sucking for air. Tori had her hand back on my cock and was taking long slow strokes up and down my shaft. “Mmmm” she said, “You like that”. She was right, this warm hard cock in my mouth felt really good. I went back down again trying to take more of him into my mouth and sucking hard as I went.

I felt Tori’s hand on the back of my head gently rubbing my head, while stroking my cock. She said loudly “Suck it, suck that cock”. I then grabbed Brian’s cock with both hands and started giving him one fantastic blow job. Brian moaned again and said “Oh babe, he’s as good as you”. This excited me even more and I began to frantically suck away at his cock. I could feel it pulsating in my mouth and I began to work it as best I could. The thought hadn’t entered my mind what I would do if he came, because the head of his cock was slamming so far down my throat that I surely would have choked on his load. Somehow I secretly wanted him to cum. I wanted to feel that explosion in my mouth. I was working towards that goal of giving my first blowjob and making him cum.

I was moving my head up and down trying to keep time with the motion I could feel and see in Brian’s now thrusting hips, when suddenly Tori grabbed my balls and yelled “That’s enough, don’t make him cum yet”, she pulled my head back in a hurry. My lips smacked the head of Brian’s cock as they pulled from my mouth. I opened my eyes to see his cock all wet and waiting there in front of my face, I wanted it back in my mouth, but Tori kept a firm grip on my balls while pulling back on my head.

“You did a good job, NOW you can eat my pussy” Tori said. I was excited, I was hoping she would climb back on his cock so I could eat the both of them at the same time. But then she told Brian to get down on the floor and stroke my cock. Brian didn’t say a word and he switched places with Tori almost immediately. She leaned back on the couch and slipped her ass just off the edge of the seat, spreading her legs giving me a full view over her wonderful cuntlips and tiny tight little asshole.

She didn’t have to say a word, I immediately buried my face into her crotch and began sucking on her wet throbbing pussy. I felt Brian’s hand grab my cock and he began stroking it. He wasn’t as good as Tori, but it still felt wonderful to have him stroke it. I found her clit and drew it into my mouth and began sucking once again. I started running little circles around her clit while it was inside my mouth and gently sucked on it. Her juices were flowing and they tasted better than any other pussy I had ever eaten. I loved her juices flowing into my mouth.

I released her clit and probed deep between her cunt lips with my tongue, sucking up her juices. She let out a little sigh and I was encouraged to continue tongue fucking her while her boyfriend stroked away at my cock. Then I heard her say “Ohhh, lick my asshole, lick my asshole”. What a wonderful Idea she had. I ran my tongue out of her pussy and down through the playground and found her very warm and very tight little hole. I first ran my tongue around the edges, feeling the little wrinkles bobble across the tip of my tongue, then I took in a breath through my nose and thrusted the tip of my tongue deep into her tightest hole. It was so warm and tender in her ass, I probed my tongue in and out rapidly. Her pussy juices flowed down into my mouth and I lapped those up into my mouth as frantically I licked and pushed my tongue inside her.

“Oh Brian” she exclaimed “He LOVES my asshole”. She was right, I certainly did and I began to lick away at it again even harder and deeper than I did before, as Brian started stroking my cock faster. “You should let him fuck you in the asshole” Brian said. As he did I could feel I was about to cum. Just the thought of fucking her in the ass was so exciting. I pushed Brian’s hand away, as I didn’t want to cum. I think he understood because he started just massaging my balls slowly. Thinking about fucking her warm wet tight hole was just the most exciting experience I could imagine.

Suddenly I felt Tori grab my head and pulled it upwards. I knew that she was about to command me to do something else. I could hardly wait to hear what it was. This woman had complete control over me and I loved it. She gazed down at me and said “Would you like to fuck me in my asshole”? I couldn’t get the words out fast enough “Yes, I would love to” I blurted out.

“Well” she said “we have to have you earn that too”. I was ready to suck Brian’s cock once again if it meant that I’d get to fuck her in the ass. Then she said “If you let Brian fuck you in the ass, then I’ll let you fuck me in the ass, I’ll do whatever you want as many times as you want, but you have to let Brian fuck you first”. Needless to say, my ass was virgin. I wanted to fuck her in so many ways, but I had never even thought about having another man penetrate my ass. I knelt there with Brian’s hand stroking my balls, my chin touching her wonderful pussy with my face in her hands peering up at her as I pondered how to tell her I didn’t want to be violated in such a way. I could feel Brian’s other hand stroking my ass cheeks as if waiting for approval. I couldn’t figure out what to say when she said “I’ll do anything you want, anything at all, just name it and I’m yours as long as you want, as many times as you want, if you just let Brian stick his dick in your ass.

Please, if you want to see more, then leave a comment or at least give me a few stars. I will not post part 3 until I see several comments and ratings!
I hope you like part 2, comment to see part 3
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1 year ago
If she's as hot as you say, I'd let him fuck my ass.
1 year ago
Loving parts 1 and 2 but it has been a year..how much longer do we have to wait before you finish this hot story..?? :)
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love the story, PLEASE post more
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"Lick my asshole..." Shaawing!!
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Tori really knows how to get what she wants and how to get it too. No doubt, Pt. 3 will have Brian's cock up your ass for the sake of fucking Tori's little asshole. Good writing too.
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HOT story...More please ;-)
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Very hott!!
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Now that is a very hot story. Oh the things we do for a taste of pussy!