A Meeting With Brooke

For Brooke

With a great deal of anticipation and excitement the day had finally came for Brooke and I to meet. I was extremely nervous as I had ‘issues’ with our meeting. We had met on line almost two years ago and had agreed to keep it in the cyber realm.

During our online relationship we had explored many different avenues of our own sexuality. I would get into chats late at night with her on an instant messenger. As I would peck away at the keyboard, I mastered the ability to type with one hand as I stroked away at myself with the other. It seemed as though we would share a fantasy about meeting some dark evening along the roadside where I would have my way with her.

It would always start out with a heavy amount of oral action on both our parts that would always end up in my thrusting orgasms in her tight little asshole. She learned very quickly that my two most favorite things in the world is using my tongue to please a women and being pleased by releasing my juices in her tightest hole.

A few times I actually called her and we carried out our fantasies over the phone. I find it much easier to stroke my cock with a phone in my ear than while trying the one handed typing technique. Besides, I love to listen to the sound of her moans and it gets me off much quicker to think that she is fingering her luscious lips between her legs while hearing the sound of my voice. The ultimate is when we both cum at the same time over the phone.

It sounds sort of lame to write about a strictly cyber or phone relationship. But, the fact of the matter is that I’m married. I truly love my wife, but because of a medical situation from years ago, she finds sex extremely painful. I don’t want my marriage to ever end, but I still feel the need to have a more passionate relationship with a women. Brooke has been kind enough to share that experience with me. It is because of this that we are limited to our late night cyber-sex and the occasional phone call when I am out of town on business.

We spoke many times about meeting and we finally agreed that it would be okay to finally meet in a public place, thinking that would be safe. To finally put a face with the voice on the other end of the phone was great. More importantly in my mind was to be able to more vividly picture her luscious ass as I stroked away at my cock. My thoughts were that I’d meet her and then find some dark street to go beat off immediately after leaving her.

We agreed to meet at a public place on the phone earlier today. Because of my work schedule and her babysitting issues, the best we could do was a Denny’s at 11:00 pm. I pulled into the dark parking lot at about 10:45, quickly scanning the lot to see if she was milling around. After a few minutes I walked inside the Denny’s and checked out those already there. An older couple sat in a booth in the corner, a group of teenagers nearby and a couple of rough looking truckers were seated at the bar.

“Table or booth”? the lady asked as I gazed around the restaurant.
“Oh, uh booth”, I replied thinking that I could check out her breasts from across the table since they’d be right there in front of me.

The waitress walked me to a booth near the back and I stopped her and asked for a seat near the window. I was in hopes of seeing Brooke walk in from the parking lot. I sat there for just a moment, when I noticed a very attractive women walking out of the ladies restroom. I checked out her form as she stood around near the wait area. She had breasts that stuck out like little mountains on her chest, her ass was round and firm. She seemed to be looking out towards the parking lot as if she was waiting for someone.

I had become so transfixed on her ass that it didn’t occur to me that this was Brooke. Suddenly the waitress asked her “Do you want to sit down until your friend shows up”? Then suddenly it struck me – This was her! The girl whom had listen to me so many times explode in orgasm was there just a few feet away. My cock tried to jump out of my pants.

“Brooke”? I questioned in a low voice so as not to embarrass myself if I was wrong.

Her head quickly turned and locked eyes with me. She immediately cracked a large smile and my cock tried to unzip my pants from the inside. It was her, she was already here waiting for me. I stood up and motioned for her to sit across the table from me. As she started to sit down, I saw her glance at my crotch. I wondered immediately if I was pitching a pup tent for all the world to see and I quickly sat in the booth, brushing my cock downward quickly as I sat.

We chatted for some time as we gazed across the table at each other. She ordered a soft drink and I grabbed my usual half ice tea, half lemonade. She wore a low cut blouse that allowed me to sneak peaks at her cleavage as we chatted. Occasionally, I would let my hand wonder off the table down to my aching dick to push it down and off to the side. I quickly scanned the restaurant to make sure no one saw that my cock was trying to lift the table.

She had a habit of playing with the straw in her drink with her tongue as she started to take a drink. She’s doing this to tease me I thought. All I could think about was having her tongue wrapped around the head of my dick each time she took a drink.

We made mostly small talk, things like where we went to school, how we ended up where we are, how nice k**s are to have in your life and such. We giggled about the truckers at the bar and wondered when the last time they had changed the oil in their pants. Finally it was well after midnight and I figured we should probably call an end to our one time meeting.

I paid for our drinks and left a great tip as we both walked out to our cars. “Which one is yours she asked”. “The green Xterra over on the end” I replied. She then told me that she had been looking at Xterras and wanted to take a look at it. She led the way walking towards my car which was in a dark corner of the parking lot. I didn’t mind and followed like her puppy dog as I was taking advantage of the opportunity to check out her ass from behind. As she strutted along, I watched the motion of her ass cheeks and imagined how it would feel to bury my face between the two firm pillows. She had to know what I was doing as she did her best to move her ass in the sexiest way possible. Suddenly her cushions came to an abrupt stop and I was shaken back to reality as she said “Well, are you going to open it up”? I was still thinking about her ass cheeks, but realized it was my car door she spoke of.

I hit the unlock button and she wasted no time opening the passenger door and quickly sat inside. I make a habit of keeping the dome light turned off inside the car so it doesn’t light me up every time I get in and out of the car. “Oh, it’s dark in here” she said. “Oh, you have to turn the dome light on, I said as I stood outside the now open door”. She felt around at the ceiling in search of the dome light. “How do you turn it on, I want to see the inside” she questioned as she felt around again. “There’s a switch on the dome light itself, just push it towards the front” I replied. After a few seconds of probing the light itself she said “I can’t get it, turn it on for me”.

Without thinking, I stepped in closer to her and leaned across her to reach for the light, I was bent over at an awkward angle with my head in front of her chest and as I reached for the switch I could swear I felt her hand on my cock. I tried not to jerk and as the light came on, I started to pull back out of the cab when she said in a low voice “Show me your cock”.

I couldn’t believe my ears, and acted like I didn’t hear what she said and stood back up. There was no mistaking it now, her hand was on my inner thigh. “There now you can see” I said trying to ease the tension. “Show me your cock” she said again.

“Brooke” I started “remember we are just to meet and that was it, nothing else”. She giggled and said “I told you I was going to tempt you, and that’s what I’m doing”.

“Okay, I’m tempted, I’m VERY tempted” I said “But we agreed”.

“I lied” she said and went on to say “I told you I was going to tempt you and now, I’m not going to get out of your car, until you show me your cock”.

We went back and fourth for several minutes, laugh and carrying on. She insisted that she would stay in the car until I showed her my manlyhood.

“Okay, if I whoop it out right now and you get a look, can I have my car back then”? I asked.

“Yes, I just want to see it, so next time we talk, I can imagine what it is I’d be sucking, licking and feel filling my ass with cum” she said in a stern voice.

The conversation made my cock throb, if I didn’t pull it out soon, it would probably pop right out into her face. “Okay, if I show you my cock, you’ll get out and let me leave”?

“yep, that’s all I want to see your cock and then I’ll give you, your car back and you can leave….. that is unless you want to watch me finger myself after I see it”. She knew from our conversations how I love to watch a woman finger herself, it just wasn’t fair. Here I had confessed most of my fantasies to this woman and now she was holding me captive with the information.

“Okay, okay” I finally gave in, “I’ll release the b**st” as I started tugging at my zipper. I reached in and pushed my shorts out of the way as I pulled my now throbbing and very much erect cock out into the open air. It pointed directly at her as if to point out the guilty one in the crowd. “There it is I exclaimed”.

“Oh, no, I want to see the whole thing” she said “I want to see hair, balls, the entire shaft”. “This car is pretty nice, I’m not moving until I see the whole thing, so unbuckle and drop your pants”.

By this time I was humiliated, I didn’t even offer an argument and without a word, I unbuckled my pants and shoved them downward. I took a half step towards the open door to conceal my now naked ass from the rest of to now empty parking lot. “There you go” I said “take a long look, because I….” my speech was interrupted as I felt fingers tightly gripping my balls. “Ouch” I yelled “what are you doing” I tried to pull back as I glanced downward. She had my balls in her hand and it was clear she was not letting go.

“I lied” she giggled

“Ouch, can you please let go of my balls” I exclaimed as I withered over in a half sitting position.

“Nope, I lied” she giggled again “I’m not letting go until you cum”

“Oh Brooke” I said “you can’t do this to me, we already agreed…..” she tightened her grip on my aching balls and interrupted me to say “Don’t try and argue with me, I lied, I want to suck the cum from these balls right here, right now, and if you try and stop me, I’ll rip them off”.

I have to admit, I actually enjoyed being dominated by this woman of my desires, but we had agreed upon a public and “safe” meeting. My cock was probing at her wrist as she tugged away at my balls. It was obvious that the only one here that didn’t want to do as she said was my brain. I started to argue as I gazed skyward for a moment, I then felt teeth on the head of my dick.

I quickly looked down and realized she was hanging out of the car with my balls in one hand and her mouth fully wrapped around the head of my cock. Like the straw in the restaurant, I could feel her tongue running around the head of my cock.

I gave in slightly and pushed towards her mouth with my hips. I felt her teeth slightly dragging against my shaft as she ran her mouth it’s entire length. I tried to argue again but all that came out of my mouth was a long slow moan.

She moved her head back pulling her lips along my cock slurping and sucking as she went. My balls were still tightly grabbed within her hand as she reached the head and then she pulled at my balls as she engorged my swollen shaft again. I let out another moan.

It was like no other blowjob I’d ever had before. She used my balls to control how close I was to her face, if I tried to pull back, she gripped my balls tighter and drew me into her mouth.

After just a few strokes, she must of known she had complete control of me. I began to move my hips causing my cock to soar in and out inside her mouth. I was amazed at how much of my cock she was able to get into her mouth on each stroke. I could feel her fingers letting up on my balls, yet massaging them gently as she sucked away at my shaft.

It didn’t matter to me anymore, her mouth felt so good, I didn’t want to pull out anymore. Her hot moist mouth was causing me to have too much pleasure at this point. I wanted it to go on for hours. However, I knew that I couldn’t last too long and that soon I’d fill her mouth with cum.

I wasn’t thinking, I was just enjoying the pleasure that was being thrust upon my cock. My pants were down around my ankle, her free hand held my hip as she wailed away at my stff member. I could feel her hand grasping at my butt cheeks as the other gentle massaged my aching balls.

As her mouth tightly gripped my cock and moved up and down it’s length, I suddenly became aware that her free hand was spreading the cheeks of my ass. I pushed my hips forward in response, thinking she wanted more of my cock in her mouth. Suddenly I felt her fingertips probing the opening of my ass.

Here was the woman whom in my mind I had fucked in the ass so many times, was about to finger fuck my ass. I didn’t care, I was her slave at this point. I loosed my ass cheeks and slightly spread my legs as her finger thrust it’s way into my bunghole.

I let out another moan of ecstasy. Her fingers on my balls, moved up the shaft of my cock, gathering moisture from her mouth. I felt her fingers slide past my balls and as if she was shaking hands with herself under my balls, she transferred the moisture to her other hand.

Her now wet finger found it’s way to my waiting ass. She engulfed my cock in a giant stroke of her mouth while at the same time she shoved her finger deep up my ass. I screamed with pleasure. My hips now moved wildly from the mouth around my cock back to the probing pleasure of her finger in my tight hole.

Like a champ, she sucked away at my cock, while finger fucking my ass. I looked to the stars in the sky as I moaned, I knew I was about to cum. I moved my hips forward and back trying to keep time with her motion. Our face fucking dance was about to cum to an abrupt end as I was about to explode. “I’m cumming” I yelled out.

With a smack, she pulled her lips from my cock, the hand that once wrapped my balls began to stroke my cock in the same motion that was once her mouth.

Hot cum exploded from my cock, I’m sure it was all over her face, but I couldn’t see. My eyes rolled back in my head as her finger pushed deeper in my ass, making my cum explode again and again from the head of my cock.

I felt her lips on my cock again as she massaged my balls, as if she were trying to extract every last drop of cum from my sack.

I felt my knees go weak, I was grasping at the car to hold myself up. “I gotta sit down” I moaned. She giggled again and steered me towards the seat where she once was. She slowly stroked my now shrinking cock. “I guess you can have your car back now”.

I laughed and managed to pull my eyes from the back of my head enough to see her face. She was smiling and wiping white jizz from her face. “That was well worth it” she said.

All I could do was smile, I tried to scold her, but couldn’t get out the words. Gasping for air, all I could do was point at her.

She leaned over and ran her mouth the length of my finger, pulling back her head it made a smacking sound. She looked up at me and smiled and said “every time you point something at me, it gets the same treatment” she giggled.

I handed her an old shirt I had laying in the car. She used it to wipe the cum from her face. I pulled my pants up around my waist, but hadn’t quite the energy to zip them up. She leaned in and we locked eyes. She leaned closer, and I ran my hand up behind her head, pulling her face to mine.

We kissed. I kissed her passionately for about a minute, as I did, I ran my hand up between her legs and caressed her pussy lips. I then whispered in her ear……

“Next time, you have to show me your car”.

Hope you like it!

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