Road Trip!

It was my mom's birthday and I wanted to surprise visit her in southern cali. I invite 2 of my friends jayson and darren and their girlfriends, of course my girlfriend for a road trip. We took my friend old van that didn't even have seats in the back, which was fine cause we all didn't mind sitting on the floor. Darren and his girl Abby in the front and Jay, myself and our gf's in the back. It wasn't more than 2 hrs on the road; Gina...Jayson's girl, passed out laying on his lap. My girl practically cannot keep her head up...teasing Jay by sitting with her legs slightly open letting her skirt ride up. I play dumb...little does she know her cock teasing ass gets my cock rock hard. I know Jay is getting an eyeful,but I'm not trippin; but he is not the only one Gina to is giving me a panty shot; only difference is that #1 Gina has no clue she is doing it and she is wearing shorts, but loose enough for me to see her little white thong.
I thought I'd go ahead and make the first move. I whispered to my girl's ear; why don't you just take your panties off so Jay can get a full view of your wet pussy; while reaching in between her legs and started rubbing her pussy over her already soaked the same time taking a quick glance to make sure Jay is looking and making short eye contact letting him know it's all good and that he gots a good view of me rubbing my girls pussy.
naturally my girls immediate reaction was to resist; with a slight f***e and quickly told her to shut the fuck up you know you want this...within seconds she gave in and spread her legs further. I continued to rub my girls pussy while I whispered in her ear, but load enough for Jay to hear what I was I pulled her panty aside to slide 2 fingers in soaking wet pussy, i told her...Mimi, don't act like you don't like you are not enjoying this...fuckin cock teaser. I know you want Jay's cock deep inside your pussy right now...she moan oh Jay. I looked up I see Gina's shirt over her gorgeous breast with one of Jay's hand rubbing and squeezing one breast at the time and his other hand reaching down his sweats to pull out his cock which is now right next to Gina's face..stroking his cock and rubbing it up and down Gina's lips.
I told Mimi you want that cock don't fucking slut; now shoving 3 fingers in her pussy. Mimi now moaning I want it...moaning oh Jay i want your cock inside of me. At that point I see Jay practically fucking Gina's mouth. I told Mimi to take off Gina's shorts and make her pussy nice and wet for me...looking up at Jay to get a quick approval. I told her to start licking her pussy. As she got on all four started to like Gina's pussy and at the same time pushing Gina's face off of Jays's cock so she can stroke his cock. the sight of my girl stroking jay's cock just made my cock so hard.
I pulled her panties aside and slid my cock inside her pussy. Told Jay her pussy is so wet. Didn't want to end my fun just yet so I just gave her 5 hard thrust while calling her a dirty little slut. She stop licking Gina's pussy and pushed her out of the way, which at this point already half awake and pulled Jay's cock thowards her mouth. Told Jay go ahead and treat my girl like the little whore she is.
Didn't need him to tell me the same, so I just pulled Gina by her legs flipped over in the 69 position and started get a taste of Gina's pussy, didn't take too long before Gina pulled my cock out and started sucking. She paused for a second to tell me that Mimi never sucked your cock the way she will right now. Had to tell her that she was wrong because Mimi can suck a mean as dick that Jay will be cuming in minutes...looking up at Jay telling him don't worry, she will not settle for that she will continue to suck your dick back to life, she is gonna want your cock inside her.
I looked down at gina as she sucked me off...don't worry you will be doing the same...I intend to fuck your mouth till I cum and make you suck my dick back to life.

to be continued...
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2 years ago
oh there is more alright...I would like to complete it now, but all I have time for is a jerk off session right now.
2 years ago
Loved it. I hope there's more.
2 years ago