Holiday Panties

Went down southern Cali over the Christmas holidays to visit my mom, s****r's and younger b*****r. Because they all lived in the same complex; I was able to bounce from my mom's place to my older s****rs, to my younger s****r and b*****rs place. My b*****rs girlfriend and my s****rs girlfriend both lived with them. Staying with the couples I didn't mind at all; their girlfriends were both 18 years old and had tight little bodies that gets my 30 year old dick rock hard. not to mention the thought of 19 yr old gorgeous s****r licking her girlfriends pussy, makes my dick that much harder. I had numerous thoughts of fucking my little s****r; but thoughts of her licking her fine girlfriends pussy, while i fuck away on my s****rs twat...gets the cake!
Now my 18yr old little b***** I hope that one day he let me join in while he is fucking that 18year gf of his.
In the meanwhile I will settle for just getting a taste of his girlfriends wet panties from their hamper. Which is what happen the first few nights over their place...fortunately for me they had work through christmas day. I slept in the living room, so as soon as the last person leaves, which was my s****r. I go straight for my s****rs hamper, pulling out the very first thong on top, was my s****rs and along with her gf's panties; sniffed the crotches while their pussy juice is still fresh. my little s****r had a lot more pussy juice then her girls. it was sticky and moist...which got me excited quickly, so excited that I didn't bother to grab my b*****rs girlfriends panties. After scr****g my s****rs pussy juice with my teeth and sucking the juice out it, i wrapped my little s****rs wet panties around my cock while sniffing and sucking her gfs almost just as soiled as hers. It was just a matter of minutes before I came all over my s****rs panties, filling the crotch with my cum. Took it of my cock so that it leaves as much as my cum on her panties when i put it back in the hamper, which I have been doing since she started leaving her thongs around for me to see when we were still living together, so I know she sucks my cum off her panties when she finds it. I wipe the rest of the cum of my dick with her girlfriends panties. this should be enough hint that I want to fuck her and her girlfriends tight little pussies. We'll have to wait and see.
After that took another pair of my s****rs and her gf used panties from the bottom of the hamper. Put on my little s****rs panties and wrap her gfs panties around my cock and headed for my b*****rs room straight to the hamper to get a taste of his gf's panties. it didn't take long to find the one she took off this morning ...I see my b*****r was fucking her last night, because her panties were soaking wet of her pussy juice and his cum. I could care less that his cum was all over her panties, i immediately started licking the crotch while stroking my cock with my s****rs gf's panties. Grab more his gf panties lay down on their bed and started stroking my already hard cock with my s****rs gf's panties while sucking my b*****rs girlfriends cum and along with his off her panties...again didn't take long before I was blasting away on my little s****rs gf panties and quickly switching off to one of my b*****rs gf's panties that wasn't as wet, so she can tell that someones cum was all over it.
Who's next...who's lucky panties do i get to taste and leave my cum older s****r or my gorgeous mom. I leave the best for last, so off to my older s****rs place; she is at work along with her husband and I have the house key...sometime I feel like my s****rs just offering their used panties to me. Anyway not that I don't like jerking off to my older s****rs panties; god knows i have filled a lot her panties with my cum when we were younger and share a room together. Anyway as I closed my s****rs door behind me I stripped all my clothes off, straight for the hamper and took as many panties I can find in the hamper. my older s****r panties were great, because all of them were filled with sticky or dried up of her pussy juice, so I always got a good taste of her pussy. I wanted to leave some of my cum on her new panties, right before I came i took from her drawers a pair of the pink thongs that just barely covered the pussy and left a good amount of my cum on there...the rest I just let it drip on her bed and wiped my cock on her pillows leaving obvious cum stains on it.
now to my moms, I took one of my s****rs pussy cream filled thong to join me with my moms panties.
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4 months ago
I love playing with panties and enjoying the sexy smell and how they feel on my cock I loved reading them all so far have a awesome night and post more
1 year ago
nothing like smelling your own family panites, did my SIL and nieces
2 years ago
Mmmm love doing that!
3 years ago
i do that to my sister in-law