shortly after I leave for work.

My gf and moved in my good friends house, w/ his gf and his mom. every since we moved in that house; I found myself jerking off more often...I would say 5 days out of the week I am jerking off with thoughts of my friend's gf. My gf work nights and my friend are out and about doing his thing. I personally stayed home weekdays, cuz of work. Anyhow most nights his gf left at home with me. when both my gf and friend is not home, I'd leave door wide open because his girl would walk out her room at first in short soon as she got comfortable bending over in front of me while I am in the kitchen getting food; I would get an accidental flash of her panties...oppps she says. Sometimes knowing I am right behind her walking to the kitchen, she would stop abruptly to bend over, with no time to stop ram her ass with my already hard cock, preventing her from hitting the floor with her face, I immediately grab her by her waist with a hard pull towards my cock...without thinking, I found myself position her exposed cunt on my rock hard cock. Took 10 seconds before I realized I was rubbing her ass and cunt with my cock with no resistance from her. Then push her gorgeous ass aside. Cock teasing went on and on...a lot times she would leave her panties for me in the bathroom knowing I will be in there shortly licking her pussy juice. Sometimes she would go to the bathroom after my friend just got done fucking the shit out of clockwork, I'd be walking in as she is coming out with just a shirt that barley reaches her belly button, exposing her dripping wet pussy of her juice and probably most of it my friend cum. My dick was ready to explode with thoughts of me tasting her fucked and cum filled pussy. Didn’t even mind most of the juice I am licking off her panties was my friends cum.
To my surprise I was not the only one in this house Cuming in panties. I found my gf still asl**p nuke on the bed and her panties on the middle of floor soaking wet on the crouch, didn't take long after sniffing and giving the wetness a lick to know that her panties were filled with cum. My dick immediately got hard; stroked my dick few minutes while I sucked the cum off her panties...before I ****d her pussy with thoughts of her and my friend or thoughts of my friend sneaking in my room shortly after I leave for work, knowing that she would be sl**ping naked and I have told him stories of her being tired to fuck me when she gets home from work, she would let me do anything to her...sometimes she looks like she has been fucked by 10 guys with my cum all over her face and pussy and would leave her like that. My thoughts of what happen that day was that my friend sneaked in my room, found the panties on the floor and my gf laying there with her pussy exposed and he jerked off right in front of her leaving her panties filled his cum. This didn’t bother me too much, only because it gave me lots of thoughts to jerk off too. Makes me hard imagining my girlfriend and friend are fucking in the mornings while both his girl and I are at work. I just wish I could watch

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3 years ago
great story ,,keep us to speed on all that happens
3 years ago
Fuck yeah! I've been divorced for 10 years and still today, I'd eat my ex-wife's pussy after another guy had just came in it. Always wanted a creampie