My First Black Cock

Living and growing up in a fairly small town, although it does have a rather large university everyone who is a townie knows everyone. I never dated or even thought of dating a black, I did have one call me several times but he was dating a friend of mine at the time and I thought he was a scum bag for calling me and would have nothing to do with him. Anyway the years and boyfriends slipped away and I found myself 30 years old and single. I worked with several younger girls, who dated black men and often told me stories of their black boyfriends' size, and I had watch black cock porno at times and those actors were certainly hung. Anyway I was not getting any younger and thinking about large black cocks every time I got horny became very common.
Now I was not a bad looking woman in-fact I was often told I cleaned up well, large 36 DD's, thin legs, round ass, and a very pretty face with big bedroom eyes. Believe me finding a man was not a problem, the town is always full of horny young students and I sampled plenty, but never a black. My parents were retired and lived in the outskirts of the downtown about 10 or 15 minutes from my apartment in the house I grew up in. Three or four times a week I would come home to eat dinner and generally just visit. About once a week or so I would drive with my father to a local steak house for dinner, u-know a little father daughter time.
The assistant manager at this steak house was a young very well built black man and he often approached us to ask how we enjoyed the meal. I would just smile and check out his crouch while my father would comment on his meal. This little routine went so for a few months once a week or so and as the time passed I found myself fantasizing about him and on steak house night I would dress a little more provocatively short skirts with black stockings sometimes bra-less with an extra button undone just the usual flirty things to get a man's attention and boy did it work with him.
One time I was not so quick to look away and he caught me staring at the large bulge in his pants. He then leaned towards me and asked how my meal was, my face must have been a couple shades of red but I managed to look him in the eye and wink and say it was just fine. A little later that evening my father got up and went to the bathroom and the assistant manager was soon sitting across from me doing his best to keep my interest, which was not hard as I was very interested. He said his name was Michael and asked where I liked to hang out when I wasn't having dinner with my father. I smiled and said I sometimes go to the local Holiday Inn bar for happy hour on Friday afternoons after work. He said he liked to go there and might run into me sometime and then stood up pausing with his stuff eye level right across from me. He had on these ugly blue manager pants which looked a size small but accented his bulge real good and I made sure he saw me staring and then he turned around and walked away slowly looking back where he saw me staring at that fine black ass. Wow was my pussy wet as we played the chase game and I knew where I would be next Friday afternoon after work and was not going to be working on Saturday so I could stay up late if you what I mean.
Anyway Friday rolled around and I was starting to become a little scared, the son of the owner of the store where I worked asked what I was going to do that night, we were good friends and we often went out together it was a completely platonic relationship. Anyway I told him I wanted to go to the Holiday Inn and he said that would be great because his mother was out of town (she lived close to the Holiday Inn) and wondered if I could stay at her house and housesit as he had plans for later that night and couldn't stay there. I told him that would be fine if he didn't mind if I got lucky and brought someone home with me, he just laughed and said he didn't care.
We took my car to his mother's house and parked it and then we went to the bar in his car. The bar was not crowded yet as we were very early and we sat at the bar ordered a drink and just started talking. As the evening went on many drinks were ordered for me by different men, but I hadn't seen my prize yet and started to think he wouldn't show. I began to look around to try and find some hunk when Michael walked into the bar I saw him before he saw me and I instantly began to tingle down there. He saw me and smiled and he and another black friend came up to where we were sitting. I had two handsome young black men one on each side of me. We all introduced ourselves and the men ordered shots of lemon drop vodka for each of us. The shots were flowing and the bar was very crowded I felt hands on my legs, and ass I think they were both coping feels so I coped a couple myself as I would rub my arm or leg into the black men every time I would get up to go to the restroom, the last time I left my panties in my bag.
When I would come back I always made a point of leaning into Michael so he could feel my large breasts slide across him. The game was really heating up and I was sure he wanted to leave as much as I did. My friend said he had plans and had to leave it was around 10 pm, he asked if I needed a ride, I looked right at my new black friend and said do I need a ride? He said he would be happy to take me where ever I wanted to go. My friend left and Michael's friend found another love interest and they left just leaving just Michael and me.
We headed toward the door of the bar and I felt him put his arm around me, the feeling was wonderful and scary as I was sure everyone in the small town bar was watching Lyn leave with a black man. As we walked through the parking lot toward his car his hand had dropped to my ass and I heard someone say my name, I couldn't turn around and Michael began to rub my ass in plan view of the man calling my name. We got into his car and I directed him towards my bosses' house. Once at the house we went to the bar room at the house which had a pool table and I poured us both stiff drinks.
He fancied himself a pool player and began to shoot a few balls; I asked if he could show me how to play. I knew how to play but what a great way to get a man to put his arms around me. He put his arms around me from behind and I leaned my ass back into his crouch. Yeah it was hard and huge, so I shook my ass, which did it. He spun me around lifted me up onto the table, I leaned back with my short jean skirt riding high and my pussy staring him right in the eye. He wasted no time and drove his tongue into me licking up and down my slit while taking his pants off, he was getting me ready to fuck and it didn't take long as I was already there. He climbed right up on the table and buried that fine black cock in my virgin black cock pussy, I loved it, his black skin against my white skin was such a turn-on I came almost as soon as that cock hit bottom. He fucked me hard on that pool table until he shot deep in my womb I was sure that the fluid of his huge cum and my juices would ruin that pool table and it did leave a mark which always made me think of him when I saw it later on.
When he finished cumin for the first time, we went upstairs to the master bedroom. Both of us undressed what left of our clothes and fell into the large king sized bed. We fucked and sucked the rest of the night away, it was a glorious, exciting, forbidden fruit fuck and I will never be able to forget it. Soon we both tried and fell asl**p, a couple hours later I was awaken by Michael teasing my swollen clit with his finger as daylight streamed into the room. He soon rolled over onto me and knocked off this white piece of ass again, we both climaxed together and he then got dressed and left. He left me glowing, completely satisfied and not wondering about big black cocks anymore it was wonderful sweet forbidden interracial sex. If Michael is out there reading about our night together and wants to get in touch try

93% (60/5)
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1 month ago
great story
2 months ago
Hot story. I hope that big black cock reads your story and gets in touch for a replay!!
9 months ago
wonderful story
9 months ago
That is Awesome! Thumbs up and added to my favorites; thanks for sharing!
10 months ago
nice story its black cocks give intense pleasure
1 year ago
i would love to have my first black cock experience
2 years ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
Awesome story.
2 years ago
I love to suck black cock, young and big....
2 years ago
nice story.let chat
2 years ago
No I live in California now. Moved to soon
2 years ago
Hot story, your so daring :)
3 years ago
Very spicy!
3 years ago
Nice story wish i didnt move
3 years ago
good story, that's over by Gabes,right!!!!!
3 years ago
3 years ago
Horny lil story
3 years ago
Good story. Thanks