a dream, a fantasy,...


i love body hair! you know that! fact!
on my station at the hospital operates a young doctor, he's 33 years old, slightly smaller than i'am, with a turkish background, tanned complexion, arabic look, black hair, always a beard shadow, hairy like an ape, forearms, chest, can only imagine how his ass looks (oh man i'm hard), with a large bulge in his pants. he's straight, has a girlfriend! but that doesn't stop my fantasy...
you can't imagine what we've done in my imagination...

we're working together in the nightshift, it's a hot summers night, it also hasn't cooled down at night, all sweaty, there is a strange, electrifying connection between us, he searches the whole evening my presence, furtive glances, a shy smile, the distance is less, he keeps touching me 'by mistake', i can't stand the tension any more, closer, he's behind my back, closer, i turn around, we stand face to face, less than 10cm between us, deep looks, closer, our lips gently touching, more demanding, growing, our tongues playing with each other, our hands all over our bodies, increasingly passionate touches, kisses, i can't restrain myself any longer, i need to touch the huge bulge in his pants, oh my god i knew it he's a big guy, another look, he nods, with a dirty smirk, i get on my knees, lick over his pants, make it all wet, unbutton his fly, his 24cm circumcised cock jumps straight into my face, hard as steel, i can already see the first drop of precum from the opening, i lick it gently from his penis tip, now his huge glans in my mouth, deep, deeper, wider, his cock is covered with bulging veins, lick now along the shaft, play with his big balls, he moans, grunts, a deep voice, i try to get as much from his dick in my mouth as i could, more, deeper, i gag, deeper, his cock is dripping wet, oh i could do this for hours...

now i'm going to surprise him, i make my index finger moist, play with his very hairy asscrack, he pauses for a moment, a look, he nods, relax again, granted me admission, he is already wet and sweaty between his butt cheeks, that helps me get ahead, i put him my finger in the ass, deep, the middle finger follows, deeper, more, a deep hoarse moan, i stimulate his protata, faster, more, he seems to be getting insane, he has to cover his mouth with hss hand not to scream out his pleasure.
oh, while i procure his asshole lust with my fingers, i suck, of course, his stunning dick, deepthroating, chocking, slurping his huge amount of precum, my face is completely covered.
nothing holds him back now, he pulls me up, throws me over the desk in my office, rips off the pants from ass and kneels behind me, starts to lick my asshole, gently at first, he holds back, but not for long, he's getting intense, spits, wilder and even deeper, oh my god he rimms me like there's no tomorrow, i wish this never has to end, i turn mad.

he comes up, he kisses me passionately from behind, we sharing the taste of my arse and his dick, he pushes his cock up and down my asscrack, all moist, i can stand it any longer, grab behind me, find his cock and shove it up my waiting hole, holy shit, he's so big, but i need him so much...

bit by bit he slides into me, the feeling is amazing, pleasure and pain, but the lust is victorious, it seems to me as he fucks me for hours, i can't get enough from my hairy, turkish doctor, he pushes his cock all the way into my ass, his hairy big balls hit at every wild kick against mine, he pulls his cock again and again completely out of my asshole, licks my gaping hole, then he pokes his hairy dick with full f***e back in the ass..., please let this never end, but finally..., we're shoot our loads at the same time, i besmirching my desk even without touching myself, he shoots his load deep into my waiting hole, giving me a great creampie, he pulls his dick out of me, he says...

he sticks his still hard cock back into my hole and starts pissing, filling me up with his urin, i barely can hold the filling, then he gets on his knees, behind my hole, telling me to let it all out, i do as i told, shooting his sperm/piss mixture allover his face and body, we're totaly exhausted, kissing passionately, licking allover each others bodys...

with love
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3 years ago
HOT and sexy story!
3 years ago
you have combined several of my favorite things. first a hairy ass crack with my tounge..second a good fucking from a stud..third ive always wanted to try a piss enema...hell ive been interested in piss since i was a little boy..your story made me think..thanks for that.

michael t.
3 years ago
Wooow Lunatic...Really hot. I like your story. I've had a wonderfull masturbation!!!
3 years ago
herrliche geschichte, danke fuer's teilen!
3 years ago
The Wolf Man was made flesh with the full moon.