Filthy milfs night out

I was on a work night out on Sat and ended up having alot to drink and getting quite close to the dirty secretary. She is your average blonde, mid thirties, filthy slut. Great big bust, nice curvy round ass and pout lips that just beg to be fucked. I ended up getting it on with her on the dance floor and being pulled to the side. Before I knew it my cock was in her hands through my zip and she was wanking me off with plenty of spit getting slapped on with her other hand. My tongue getting sucked off like a prick and my bottom lip biten hard... We were being seen by loads of people passing by but she just didnt care! Married and obiously hadn't been out or getting any in a while so she was just gagging for it.

I soon pulled her outside and found a quiet lane as quick as possible.
I pushed her hard against the wall and pulled her down to her knees so she could take me all in her mouth. She got straight down and started teasing my tip with her tongue while cupping my balls and spitting all over my member. Stroking me hard with her other hand before finally taking me inch by inch into her sopping wet gob. She sucked me hard and slow, teething my tip as it came out before shoving it deep back in her gullet. My hands pulling her hair and giving her the occasional slap to let her feel my tension.
I let her suck hard and fast, all the time staring straight up at me with those fuck me eyes as she gobbled my cock deep down her throat, her spit drooling down her chin onto the dirty ground as she continued slurping me down. My precum ozzing out all the time as my cock twitched more and more as my cum started flowing faster and faster to my tip, she could feel it and stopped, she wanked me slowly as she stood up.

I grabbed her by her waist, picked her up the floor and rammed her into the wall, her legs wrapped around my waist as I pulled her tight top down to expose her massive tits bouncing out before me, i got deep between them and starting licking, sucking, squeezing, kneading and slapping her awesome bust.
I pulled her skirt up and ripped her dirty wet panties in 2. I could see how fucking wet she was and smell her sweet pussy juices all over her sopping cunt. I slid straight inside her and began slowly thrusting my hard fat throbbing cock in and out her pussy lips. Her skirt up by her waist, her top below her bouncing tits and her legs with nice long heels wrapped around me, her arms now locked around my neck as I quickened the pace and started to really fuck her deep and hard. Her moans getting louder and louder as her long nails started digging into my back and she started to scream fuck me, fuck me
I started pumping her more and more but couldnt get the speed I desired, I pulled her over onto a car bonnet and rammed her onto it, I could now fuck her ass off and go as fast as i fuckin wanted. I grabbed her hair and f***ed her to watch my prick firing into her wet sopping cunt faster and faster.
I started pumping her harder, faster, harder, faster, deep, deep, deep, her moans and screams quickening with my thrusts. My ass bucking like a bronco as her tits bounced all over the bonnet

MMm fuck that turned her on, she spanked me so fucking hard before screaming as she creamed all over me and the bonnet
Fuck I was so taken by it that I was seconds away too
She grabbed my cock, pulled it out and pushed me onto the bonnet
She climbed on top and straddled me, She shoved it straight in and started riding me sooo fucking hard, my cock was sooo deep, and soo fucking hot from the friction, my hands placed by her on her tits and ass as i spanked them and squeezed hard. Fuck yes yes yes, I screamed, people walking by the alley clealy hearing our moans and screams of sheer pleasure, I was soo close
she jumped off and took me all in her mouth licking my tip and sucking me sooo fuckin hard, my hands pulling her hair again and my eyes fixated on her mouth gobbling my cock up, my cum started shooting up my tip, she pulled it out her mouth and wanked me as hard and fast as I have ever had, my cum shooting all over her face hair and tits as she then placed it back in her mouth and sucked the last drops out of me.... Fuck I was exhausted but sooooo satisfied. She stood up, sorted herself out and walked me to a cab, we shared it back to mine where she wanked me off again in the back seat before seeing me off and going home to her husband, fuckin slut, but what a slut!!! xxxx

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2 years ago
Wham bam, thank you slut. Great story
4 years ago
I like...what a dirty slut she was! x
4 years ago
nice hot sexy