Dirty Boss and Secretary. (Could be you next x)

hornyasfcuk25: soo, I call u in one day
hornyasfcuk25: you strut in wearing
hornyasfcuk25: ..........
hornyasfcuk25: im in a tight tailored suit, sitting behind my desk eyes fixated on your curves
jen: short skirt with a tight shirt
jen: heels
jen: and stockings
hornyasfcuk25: mmm veery nice any panties on??
jen: mmmm guess u'll have to wait and see....
hornyasfcuk25: mmm nice
hornyasfcuk25: so u strut in and sit in front of me
jen: Sir I've got the report you asked for
hornyasfcuk25: across the table, I glance at you holding the report
jen: legs crossed skirt riding up slightly too high
hornyasfcuk25: I can see ever so slightly through your buttons at your heaving bra
hornyasfcuk25: mmm, my eyes gaze down at your leg to your hold up stockings as i adjust myself
hornyasfcuk25: as my cock starts to twitch
hornyasfcuk25: yes Jen, I am needing that report
hornyasfcuk25: how are u gettin on with it?
jen: its done pretty much
hornyasfcuk25: mmm perfect, can u come round here and sign a few things for me please?
jen: sure I stand walk around the desk stopping beside your chair and leaning over the desk
jen: what do you need signed
hornyasfcuk25: mmmmm my eyes stare at your perfect tight ass as u bend over
hornyasfcuk25: my cock is semi errect now as my mind starts to rush through every desire i wish to do to u
hornyasfcuk25: yeah, just these papers here as I lean over and put an arm past ur ass to pull them over
jen: Sir? what is it you need ?
hornyasfcuk25: my hand brushing lightly against your skirt and tights as I pull them slowly towards u
jen: I pretend not to notice
hornyasfcuk25: yeah can u just sign them and also those there as I point to the the bottom drawer by your heels
jen: I sign and then lean over to get the others
hornyasfcuk25: my eyes gaze at your ass again as ur skirt rides up and I see your not wearing any panties
hornyasfcuk25: my cock now nearly fully errect as I adjust myself again and re position myself on the chair
hornyasfcuk25: trying to hide my modesty from u
jen: I sign on the dotted line
hornyasfcuk25: ohh and just this last one here
hornyasfcuk25: i lean down to pull out the last document
hornyasfcuk25: my face at your feet as I look up ur skirt and see your nice tight pussy lips
jen: u cant resist and your hand rubs along the top of my stocking
hornyasfcuk25: i cant help myself anymore as I start to
jen: what;re u doing I ask
hornyasfcuk25: touch your stockings feeling the smooth fabric and
hornyasfcuk25: u are a very attractive lady Jen, I cant help it anymore
hornyasfcuk25: i want u on my desk right here right now
hornyasfcuk25: as my hand starts to slip up your supple thigh and towards your ass
jen: I stand and spread my legs a little - not saying anything
hornyasfcuk25: my hand dissapears up your skirt and I squeeze ur ass nice and hard
hornyasfcuk25: before releasing and giving it a firm spank
jen: aaahhh you hear me gasp as I feel your touch
hornyasfcuk25: my cock now fully erect as I let u see the bulge in my tight trousers
hornyasfcuk25: mmm
jen: I turn to face u leaning against the table
hornyasfcuk25: what a nice firm ass u have
jen: u want me do u?!
hornyasfcuk25: as I slap it again
hornyasfcuk25: mmm u first jen, so I want
hornyasfcuk25: u to sit on that table right now
hornyasfcuk25: legs astride my chair
jen: I do exactly as u tell me
jen: resting my feet either side of your chair on the arm rests
hornyasfcuk25: as i see your pussy lips in all its glory as
hornyasfcuk25: ur skirt pushes up your waist
hornyasfcuk25: mmm i can smell your juices u dirty lil bitch
hornyasfcuk25: as i start to run my hands up your thighs
hornyasfcuk25: stroking them
jen: I smile at u
hornyasfcuk25: before moving closer
hornyasfcuk25: and closer to your unt
hornyasfcuk25: cunt
hornyasfcuk25: i pull one out
hornyasfcuk25: lick my finger tips
hornyasfcuk25: and then start to rub your wet pussy lips
jen: mmmm u really do want me
hornyasfcuk25: with my wet hand
jen: I lean back elbows on the table
hornyasfcuk25: my other holding your leg tight
hornyasfcuk25: my hand all over your pussy lips
hornyasfcuk25: playing with them
hornyasfcuk25: pushing them together
hornyasfcuk25: pulling them
hornyasfcuk25: fingering ur clit
hornyasfcuk25: as i lick them again
hornyasfcuk25: and start to play with u faster
hornyasfcuk25: i lick my lips and
jen: oh you're a naughty boss
hornyasfcuk25: move my head towards your waist
hornyasfcuk25: i start to sensually kiss your inner thigh
jen: mmmmm
hornyasfcuk25: moving up towards ur cunt lips
hornyasfcuk25: mmm i smell ur sweetness more
hornyasfcuk25: as i get very close
jen: you better make this good I moan
hornyasfcuk25: u feel my hair brushing against ur lips as u squirm from the sensation
hornyasfcuk25: ur hand moves to my head and u push me in
hornyasfcuk25: my lips all over ur pussy
jen: heels resting on the chair
jen: pushing u into my pussy
hornyasfcuk25: as i kiss and knaw ur pussy lips and clit
hornyasfcuk25: my tongue not out as i start to lick you all over
hornyasfcuk25: tasting ur sweet juice as i moan in pleasure
hornyasfcuk25: mmmm
hornyasfcuk25: soooo yummy
hornyasfcuk25: licking u harder
hornyasfcuk25: faster
jen: moaning as u do
hornyasfcuk25: my tongue slips inside past ur lips and inside ur cunt
hornyasfcuk25: mmm i slip twoi fingers in next
hornyasfcuk25: my mouth now concentrated on your clit and
jen: laying back hands in my hair total pleasure
hornyasfcuk25: my fingers penetrating deep inside
hornyasfcuk25: as i flick them up and around inside ur walls
hornyasfcuk25: toying with your cunt
jen: oh fuck that feels good
hornyasfcuk25: biting ur clit softly
hornyasfcuk25: and sucking it
hornyasfcuk25: flicking it with my bottom lip and tongue
hornyasfcuk25: mmm sooo nice
hornyasfcuk25: i slip a third finger i
hornyasfcuk25: in
hornyasfcuk25: yes
hornyasfcuk25: i moan as i start to finger fuck u hard
jen: aahhhhh
hornyasfcuk25: sliding them in and out quicker and quicker as u writhe
hornyasfcuk25: and moan in pleasure on my desk
jen: my breast heaving up and down as u finger fuck me
hornyasfcuk25: mmm yes
hornyasfcuk25: i look up from your pussy juices and watch ur heaving breasts bouncing everywhere
hornyasfcuk25: im sooo turned on as I continue to finger fuck u hard
hornyasfcuk25: my other hand moves to ur ass and plays with your hole
hornyasfcuk25: not entering but just flicking over it
hornyasfcuk25: as I get more and more excited at your delicous pussy on my hand
hornyasfcuk25: mmm i lick u more
jen: moaning and panting in total enjoyment
hornyasfcuk25: concentrating more and more on your clit
hornyasfcuk25: flicking it more and more
hornyasfcuk25: my hand moves from your ass and starts to rub over ur clit
hornyasfcuk25: faster and faster
hornyasfcuk25: as fast as u have ever had it
hornyasfcuk25: my 3 fingers still diving deep inside u
hornyasfcuk25: my hand finger fucking ur cunt sooo hard and fast
hornyasfcuk25: my other rubbing ur wet clit
hornyasfcuk25: ur juices sliding down all over ur skirt and
hornyasfcuk25: my desk as u start to slide on my spit and your juice
hornyasfcuk25: i spit on your cunt and fuck u harder
hornyasfcuk25: faster
jen: oh fuck I keep moaning
hornyasfcuk25: sooo sooo deep
hornyasfcuk25: ur body writhing in exctasy as u feel me deep inside u
hornyasfcuk25: hitting everything in there
hornyasfcuk25: as they wonder around inside u
hornyasfcuk25: mmm
hornyasfcuk25: yes
hornyasfcuk25: i pull u off the desk
hornyasfcuk25: bend u over it
hornyasfcuk25: and spank ur wet ass hard
hornyasfcuk25: and again
hornyasfcuk25: ur hands
hornyasfcuk25: spread hard and wide across the desk
hornyasfcuk25: my fingers now fucking u from the back
hornyasfcuk25: my face deep in ur ass crack
hornyasfcuk25: licking ur ass hole and toying with u
hornyasfcuk25: ur legs shaking as u stand there
hornyasfcuk25: getting finger fucked and rimmed at the same time
hornyasfcuk25: mm yes
hornyasfcuk25: i spit on your ass hole
hornyasfcuk25: and slide one finger from my other hand
hornyasfcuk25: inside aswell
hornyasfcuk25: your now bent over my desk being dp'd
hornyasfcuk25: mm yes
hornyasfcuk25: my eyes watching ur breasts falling out ur bra
hornyasfcuk25: through ur shirt i can see them bouncing everywhere
hornyasfcuk25: as u hold one and squeeze it tight as
hornyasfcuk25: u bounce hard against my fingers
hornyasfcuk25: my pussy hand flicking upwards inside u as they dissapear
hornyasfcuk25: deep inside u
hornyasfcuk25: mmm yes
hornyasfcuk25: i moan as I watch ur ass
hornyasfcuk25: gettin pounded
hornyasfcuk25: yr stockings and heels looking so fuckin hot as u stand astride my desk
hornyasfcuk25: mm yes
hornyasfcuk25: i pull out ur ass
hornyasfcuk25: spank u agin hard
hornyasfcuk25: frig ur cunt faster than ever before
hornyasfcuk25: squeeze your clit and watch u gush and cum all over my
hornyasfcuk25: floor as your legs fail u
hornyasfcuk25: and u struggle to stand.
hornyasfcuk25: mmmm yes
hornyasfcuk25: perfect xxx
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4 years ago
interestingly good start for a story